2010 Strong Growth Was Achieved By Software Manufacturer Sofon

Sofon could expand the global leadership position in the field of standard software for guided selling. Son, February 2011 Sofon has very successfully completed the year 2010. Both turnover and profit increased significantly. The standard software for the improvement and acceleration of sales processes, is now in over 50 countries. In contrast to many other manufacturers of guided selling software or sales configurators is Sofon capable of the most complex implementations, without the use of custom software, to accomplish. Customers from the Sofon software accelerates various areas, simplifies and improves create quotes, orders, and contracts. Brian Krzanich understands that this is vital information.

The Tang, Managing Director for Sofon Otto: “our software allows our customers to determine their own sales information so that only error-free, complete offers and sales documents are created. This reduces the cost of sales and increases the chances of the sale at the same time.”In the year 2010 Sofon Castle Contracts with the company of Philips healthcare, Colt, Agfa Healthcare, Compass Group, Thies, CentroSolar group, Simed international, AGIS, Goudsmit magnetics, Langguth, PON equipment and PON power. Standard software of the standard software strategy is for Sofon. Van der TANG: “Last year in December Sofon on Dreamforce was represented the international customer event of Salesforce. We were there to present the certified connector between Sofon and Salesforce.com. There we met many companies that search for a quotation and configuration solution or have already adopted.

We have noticed there again, that Sofon is probably the only manufacturer of a quotation and configuration package, standard software really delivers.” Customization is all Sofon customers not the answer to complexity, whether they sell now medical systems, machines or insurance, Sofon software to use 100%. Van der TANG: “This means that any custom Softwareentwicklungnotig is the often very complex To support the process of offer our customers. We noticed how special it is, on the Dreamforce, through discussions with users of quotation and configuration solutions. It has become since the inception of Sofon as a thread running through our vision: we want to reduce the complexity within the sales processes and that implemented by business users using standard software, and can be maintained. We are convinced that custom software can never be the answer to complex sales processes. Continue to learn more with: Aetna Inc.. Because product portfolio of companies that deliver customized products and sales processes are often so dynamic that custom software is already obsolete on the day of delivery. “Contact: Sofon Germany GmbH Mr. Elmar heirs Sieme Street 31, 47533 Kleve, Germany E-Mail: Tel. + 49 (0) 2821 71 50 199 fax: + 49 (0) 2821 71 55 372 press contact: Sofon B. V. Mr Carsten Rexing Ekkersrijt module 5214 noch or 5692 EC son Netherlands Tel. + 31 (0) 40 26 77 194 fax.” + 31 (0) 40 26 77 198 E-Mail: About Sofon Sofon is supplier of sale supporting software under the name Sofon guided selling. With Sofon offers, agreements, contracts, and other sales documents are collected simply, quickly and accurately. Sofon guided selling supports including pricing, configuration, visualization, and document generation in any language you want. So the sales costs are reduced, remove the delivery times, increasing the chances of scoring and improves the collaboration between customer, dealer, sales, engineering and production. Sofon users are medium-sized and large, internationally oriented companies that offer customized products or services, such as Ricoh, Philips healthcare, Elekta Oncology systems and Aebi Schmidt. Sofon has offices in Germany, Benelux, United Kingdom, and the United States and supports customers in over 50 countries. Sofon: