You don’t need to be religious to know that the world is approaching the end of the world and with so many concerns, pressures and problems that we have human beings we forget that there is a possible Apocalypse, the year 2012 has gone unnoticed in our radar. However, many believe that all these things are connected, and that December 21 of 2012, will be the day that everything will reach its peak, giving rise to a rash of catastrophic events that are going to destroy our way of life and possibly lead us to a mass extinction. The year 2012 for many is the end of the world and what is happening in the world corrovora this fact as we have seen, that the world is not ready for many natural disasters: Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, the earthquake in Sumatra that caused a tsunami, floods and tornadoes unprecedented, the eruption of the volcano Tambora, the Haitian earthquake. All these natural disasters that happened was devastating. Caused panic, chaos and throughout the crisis, caused by the loss of so many lives.Imagine what would be in 2012 if all these things begin to happen one after the other or all at once. Imagine if our electricity networks go off for 2012 or forever. How many people in the industrialized countries would be able to survive without someone to give them control of the temperature, hot or cold water, drinking water, wastewater management, food stores? Do or do, if our streets and bridges are destroyed? If the buildings make implosion and left in ruins? We already know that our infrastructure cannot handle a global catastrophe or large scale, and many of us, we are not prepared for something as terrible as what they say the predictions for the year 2012: eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, floods, tsunamis, wars, hunger, intense radiation, and alarming climate change. Is there anything I can do to survive the Apocalypse of 2012?The first thing is to realize that once comes the year 2012, with all the disasters that accompany it, our way of life will have to change.

It will also be important to learn which supplies pick up, and how to survive without the standard comforts.The best way to do it, is part of groups of survival that interests them to survive the 2012y support us mutually.Like the elephants work together to support one another and protect themselves from the dangers of the outdoors. What you need to understand, is that, although the year 2012 seems daunting, if you can survive through the impact of the Apocalypse the storm will pass over time. With the preservation of human life and knowledge, things can return to something similar to what it was before the year 2012, but with a new vision, much more attentive, and with the understanding that we are not masters of this creation. The mayas, who are the only ones whose calendar ends on December 21, 2012, saw the cycle with the celebration next weekend, on the birth of a new era. How can people survive to the? 2012? You have only people chosen to survive the year 2012 may subsist after the year 2012?? Are you interested in the answers?