Business Intelligence

Conclusions Management without a structuralized guide of pointers are as dirigirum car I only hoist myself for the retrovisores, sees everything what it passed and alone oque passed. The methodology of the BSC (Marking balanced) of Norton eKaplan proclaims that for each one of the goals searched in the atingimento of umobjetivo, a pointer must […]

Repair Water

Inside the canvas will be put on a special adhesive basis, and the outside edge zaplavyat to remain a small seam. True, it is worth to note that on plain glossy textures such repair of stretch ceilings will be noticeable. Of course, there are ways zadekorirovat site of the former section: do applique, for example. […]

Five Rules

I think each of us have had, ever feel a sense of hopelessness. At such moments it seems that if you are in a closed trap, where there is no escape. And in his mind flashed a desire to leave! Spit up and let the unattended! And there, perhaps, somehow everything will be resolved … […]

PHP: Updating Your Status On Twitter With CURL

Today we look at how you can remotely update your status in twitter. To implement, we need the cURL api and Twitter. Address api, which is necessary for us to update status -. Before you begin, make sure you have installed and enabled cURL! Let's begin. / / Set the username and password $ username […]