Public Budgets

The simple evidenciao is not enough, is necessary that this is directed, if adjusting to each user, allowing it real understanding of the evidenced information and the accompaniment of the performance of the public administrator. Although this classification, the Budget was before everything an inventory of the half ones as which the State and City consisted to take the handle its tasks, therefore still Cities in some rinces of this country exist that they insist on this traditionalistic vision of the Public Budget, this it is, still is seen only as an inventory of the ways used for this. MODERN BUDGET Before the end of century XIX, the State started to have a more modern vision of the Public Budgets, what faire characterized in the phases laissez, starting to intervene as corrector of distortions of the economic system and as of development program, and passed to be seen as a plan that express in money terms, for a period of times defined, the program of operations of the government and the ways of financings of this program. Giacomoni (2000, p.67) detaches that from the decade of 30 with the Keynesiana doctrine, it is that the Public Budget systematically passed to be used as instrument of tax policy of the governments, therefore is of its action that aims at to the stabilization or magnifying of the levels of economic activity. Valley to stand out that in accordance with the importance of the public sector in the general context of the economic activity private public and, that the degree of influence of the Budget can suffer variations from a country for the other. After all, the budget reflects and molds at the same time the economic activities of a nation, is not passive instrument, is much more that a simple plan of the sector of Administration. Therefore the power of abrangncia of prescriptions and expenditures of the public sector provokes specific effect in the income levels.

Brazilian Development Bank

The increase of the credit uncontrols, it budgetary and the consumistas impulses are preoccupying factors for the Brazilian economy. The research of domestic budget search to improve and to stimulate the familiar control of the expenditures and prescriptions. To facilitate to the visualization and the control the program of electronic spread sheets Microsoft Office Excel was used. The budget must be organized searching the control of the indebtedness and the contigent fund creation of, identifying expenses to be cancelled or reduced and stimulating the saving as alternative to reach the financial balance. Word-key: Budget, domestic servant deep indebtedness and. 1 INTRODUCTION 1,1 Contextualizao the control of the domestic expenditures is essential for the financial planning of the families.

She is necessary to review consumption habits, to search always to increase the income and to keep a good control of the expenses to reach the balance. The dialogue with the relatives for the establishment of goals of consumption and saving is very important. As to develop a domestic budget through the control of prescriptions and expenditures to reach one definitive financial balance? The current economic situation of Brazil, with the increase of the income and the credit, is fully favorable for the expansion of the consumption of the families and consequence improves in the quality of life. In 2006 the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), launched the Index of Desenvolvimento Social (IDS) to evaluate the social differences between some Brazilian regions states being folloied the annual evolution of pointers in the education area, health and income. The indicating income, according to research, increased between 2005 and 2006 10.2%. The research concludes affirming that the growth of the income and the investment is a to be kept trend. Although these optimistical projections for the future, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) presented given favorable on the capacity of saving in its last Research of Familiar Budgets (POF), carried through between June of 2002 and July of 2003.

Ronald Paul Hill

For example, for detrs of one ‘ ‘ veil of ignorncia’ ‘ , where an imperfection to know if it/it is the trader or the consumer, who it/it to choose to be forgotten, ignorant, or restricted? The reply he is clearly ‘ ‘ no’ ‘ from the perspective of any person looking at for its better interest, and who has the capacity to exert its exempts will is one high priority. Unhappyly, the public auto-regulation and politics are delayed in current practical and the future chances. Many inside of the academic and professional community can suggest that the natural skepticism of the consumers developed throughout the centuries, business-oriented in the market will provide a natural barrier for the potential damages. However, the diffidence is activated only of form that is excellent for the experiences accumulated, and in this ‘ ‘ wonderful world novo’ ‘ , the concerns with the transparency that can have insidiosos effect, as well as unknown consequences. These principles are constructed around five ideal central offices. The first one is the acknowledgment/sensitization and is central for the remaining norms.

Protected from this principle, the consumers must be informed on who are following and collecting the data, its possible uses, and all the beneficiary potentials. Second assent is the choice/, what it is consistent with our previous quarrel on neuromarketing. The consumers have the chance to know the results of the information and also he has the capacity to adjust the nature of its data and its use. Third participation is the access/, where the consumer is worried about the capacity to visualize, to verify and to contest the completeness and exactness of the information on them in an opportune way efficient. Fourth security is the integrity/, that demands of the traders and its companies, to guarantee that the data are brought up to date and protected against the not authorized access or manipulation.

The fifth principle involves execution/repairing. Given ours premise voluntarily, professional traders must be waited to communicate the results of the neuroimagens and which will be the technology used before the exposition, to allow to the participants the aspects of the process of collection of data to easily supply and accessible and understandable way feedback on the personal information, and to guarantee you safeguard that them appropriate are in the place to prevent indesejada exposition of third. The first line of defense is the auto-regulation and would demand a group to interdisciplinar of studious and professional that if congregated to elaborate norms, mechanisms of evaluation and sanctions. If this not to decide the problems most serious, through court, the system of private solutions can establish the criteria in which neuromarketing and its activities will be judged and that they will lead the legislative solutions and controls. These possibilities represent that it will go to need a combination of voluntary fulfilment and regulation and supervision, in order to prevent some of the quandaries denoted here. A crucial paper for the decisores politicians, academics and consumer are to inform, through the accompaniment of the neurocincia and its last conclusions and to evaluate its ethical implications for commercial usage.

Crisis Tendencies

The world of music MGP seems pawned on reviving a return of aesthetic of the pin up that the surroundings of the fashion had accepted with the same speed with which soon it get ready to bury it, as it does with the majority of the new features every four months. But singing of MGP easy, like Katy Perry, or with pretensions disc, like Lady Gaga, they seem to persist in the idea that not only the pin up has not died but waits for one long life to him, although some precursors of this Renaissance, as the eccentric artist of burlesque Bond von Teese no longer is indeed fashionable. This nostalgia of the pin up is not an exclusive phenomenon of the Anglo-Saxon world. In Spain there are similar cases, as those of the presenter of television To pound Blonde or the singer Sara give Pin Up, of the Moloco group. The pin up is the girl of illustration of calendar of the Forties in the United States. Basically it is born from the hand of illustrators, most outstanding of who it is Gil Elvgren, the equivalent to Norman Rockwell and that reflects the same type of optimistic North America innocent, only who in the case of Elvgren was clear that in addition she thought about sex. America de Rockwell was totally lacking of eroticism, whereas the one of Elvgren it was impregnated deeply of sensuality. The return of the pin up takes place in any case of the hand of the musical industry, and not as much of the fashion.

It will be necessary to consider, seeing the persistence if in the era of Internet myspace is trendy more than It rows. The Californian Katy Perry runs the risk of being the typical artist of a single song, with its I kissed to girl. Its aesthetic one, as much in disc covers as in the celebrations in which he is habitual vindicates the most classic image of the pin up. More far from the canon, Lady Gaga, that the industry of the disc has wanted to send like a new Madonna, seems a revision of the girls of calendar in futurist key. In the Forties this type of explosive girl, of full curves and innocent attitude already was an impossible model.

Retention Service

Therefore, the enterprise support assures a quality product and, simultaneously, it contributes for economic and social development of the community, promoting a healthful environment in a steady society. Destarte, support is the result of the perfect tunning between the ambient one, economic and the social one. To have a socially responsible position is not a task with marked date and hour. It is a daily, daily, routine activity. 11 1,3 Retention of Customers: challenge in the enterprise world the marketing technology generates a vital tool for the organizacionais consumers, purchasers and the public in general. According to executive (coach), Carlos Cross (2009) affirms that, ' ' ' feedback' it is one old and simple technique, but, little explored. The employees must have ' viso' of the company; which are its goals, missions and to be become involved in the intentions of the institution which offer its services.

In the truth, they are the people who make to the company acontecer' '. The companies who obtain to supply service of high quality are efficient in the listening of its customers and its employees, particularly those that are in direct contact with the customers. The mensurao of the productivity, however, can difficult have to the intangible character of the service performances. Unhappyly, many traditional measures of production of the service ignore variations in the quality deliver and of the value perceived for the customers. (Lovelock, 2002). Cases exist where the consumer continues giving preference in a company, not only for the reason of the mark of the product, but, also for presenting substantial values, that construct the firm choice of the customer. This option can be created by some factors, as the knowledge, the perceived quality and situations that allow to establish a relationship of long stated period with the users of a service or product. Thus, it is possible to consolidate a strong emotional bond, that will be determinative for the retention of the customer and the comprometimento of the consumer.

Rio De Janeiro

The Device Castle enters in this also contests and it feels the crisis of close, therefore already she was being difficult to more export its product to the Bahia and not vendia to Rio De Janeiro. The production starts to fall and starts to reflect in the resignations of the employees. The crisis affected Luzia Saint of the Itanhi in this new period to the few, and passing this crisis of the sugar sugar cane that occurred in the year of 1960, after to have last this bad commercial time the producers of the sugar cane start to substitute this activity for that they were giving good profits that she was the cattle one and the cocoicultura. It was evidenced that in the year of 1980 when the coconut was in high, was transferred to give space to it and to produce the citricultura, thus brightening up the fall in the production of the sugar sugar cane. As it was observed, they are some natural competitors who appear to compete and to take the space of the sugar cane.

The consequence of this was that the device owners who not yet had closed the plants start to see that the sugar is not more viable for they and starts to abandon this negotiates and changes the device for the cattle one, for citricultura for the plantation of coconuts visualizing more profits and little work that to plant to cut, to manufacture and to vender the sugar. Moreover, with this new enterprise it would diminish the number of employees. The Device Castle was not different, also it adjusted itself to the new businesses of this period and its new proprietor started to use lands for the cattle one. in the end of century XIX the economy of the sugar sugar cane starts to fall and to be without value each time more, and was this product that made the city to evolve economically in the city of Luzia Saint.