AIDS Mistake

If for the implemented circumstances of the life conscientiously or not. To be sad, desolate with the loss of the job, to make what? If feels enfadonho therefore left it. to make what? If the foods had lost the flavor, to make what? If it was not approved in that one so waited competition, to […]

Familiar Budget

Amongst the several other concerns that the Brazilian government possesss, the inflation is certainly one where the attentions always are come back to prevent it or at least attenuating it. Given the decades where the increase of prices was constant and in sped up rhythm, all the cares of the authorities objectifying to control this […]

Helena Aramendia

Without intention: we bought cattle tenders who enchant to us, and soon we must return to change them by a celebration dress that we needed for the next week. With intention to be you practice: we go directly to by the celebration dress, and chose in addition the purse that has the most discreet label […]