European Process

Of this form, the government could not only reduce expenses as well as to support the free choice. A document that says on the crisis of the public universities considered emergenciais measures as the payment of water, light, telephone, magnifying of the vacant number, increasing the amount of pupils for room, devotion bigger of professors […]

Bolivian Country

We have always been rich and nothing us has exceeded Simon Bolivar, before its death (in " The General in his laberinto" of Garci’a) " The MELGAREJO THAT WENT To HARVARD" (The history of an angel fallen of " United States") Man who began his race in a political party that had given the shoulder […]

Russian Society

In last the two decades, it had the development of a system of global commercial media dominated by some few megacorporaes, the majority with headquarters in United States. The control of the television and other medias, as well as of the industry advertising executive, all provides to these corporations the attainment of an enormous influence […]