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Rio De Janeiro

The parassimptico nervous system has an performance here also promoting the easiness of the activities of the intestinal canal, promoting the flow, the mucous secretion, the peristaltismo, and other activities of the digestive process sanguineous. Chronic Diarria: it is a frequency state or abnormal flow of fecais discharges, in many times due the emotional cases, has cases where the people can have about 40 or 50 movements of the intestine per day. Some psychic manifestations in detriment of stress: Hiper-reactivity to the environment, irritability, sensation of expectation, pessimistic vision, difficulty of concentration, anxiety, depression, isolation, impulsiveneness, loss or excess of appetite and panic. Some mannering manifestations in detriment of stress: Alcoholism, bulimia, tobaccoism, consumption of illicit drugs, use of calmantes and ansiolticos, self-medication (to suppress symptoms specific), increase of coffee ingestion or drinks of the type glue and autodestrutivo behavior. It estresse it can have its effect potencializados for some elements that if cycle of exciting substances calls, are they: the tobacco, the alcohol, proper stress, sugar coffee, sedentarismo and foods; already in the attempt of if controlling the level of stress we have the cycle controlling of exciting substances, that is some behaviors as: balanced feeding, to drink sufficiently liquid, regular physical activity and to respect the biological rhythms (as to sleep well for example), that is a change in daily habits already would help to keep the level of stress to regulate. In December of 1996 a research was made, in a clinic of check-up doctor in Rio De Janeiro, between ten a thousand liberal executives and professionals in the band of 30 the 75 years, where it demonstrated: Unbalanced feeding …..

Brazilian Telephonic Company

The original organizativa configuration of the telecommunications in the country was characterized for the extreme spalling of the power to grant concessions, in the form of exploration of the services, in the lines of direction and goals of magnifying or territorial covering of the services and in the establishment of tariffs. It competed to the Union, the States and Cities guarantee of the installment of the service, wants through the direct exploration, wants by means of grant of concessions, as established in the Constitution of 1946. The participation of foreign companies was predominant in this period. The Brazilian Telephonic Company (CTB), subsidiary of the Canadian Traction Light and Power Company concentrated, in 1957, two teros of the existing telephones in Brazil, which were located mainly in the areas of the States of Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo. The remain was distributed between the National Telephonic Company, branch office of the ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph) in the municipal Rio Grande Do Sul, subsidiary of the CTB in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo and approximately the 900 existing concessionaires then. The fragmented organization of the sector at that moment in such a way reflected in the absence of coordination and common objectives of development and magnifying of the services, generating a situation of extreme precariousness not condizente with the forts governmental lines of direction of modernization of the infrastructure of the country, how much with the related concerns of territorial integration to the deepening of the iderio of the national security. This model remained until ends of years 60 despite, in the period that understands the decade, important alterations had been accomplished through the approval of the Brazilian Code of Telecommunications (1962) that it supplied to the bases normative actions (through the creation of the Contel) and executive of the State (with the creation of the Embratel, company that starts to operate part of the services of international linkings, what it characterized the first direct governmental intervention in the sector).

President Lloron

Like afraid swaggering boy who looks for his papa, so that one faces his amiguitos those who previously it was causing and intimidating; president Evo Morales went running to meet with his patoteros companions of the DAWN, to ask to them that they pronounce themselves against the autonomic referendum that is approached in Bolivia. For an individual without dignity, nor capacity, like he is the indigenous agent chief executive, the foreign interference is to the unique thing that he knows to play when agrees to him. Until he asked the American ambassador who pronounces itself on the subject, trying to involve it in the internal subject, to justify any maneuver that can be confabulando with its partners. The mediocre statesman, thinks that the North Americans are as foolish as he, and will fall in the trap to give arguments him so that the repression begins, and puts brake to popular desire. If the ambassador says that he is in agreement with the referendum, the Bolivian government will say that the United States is bringing about the division of the country.

If he says that he does not agree, he will say that until the States United they are against, and is illegal. The reasoning of the governing caricaturesco, is so foolishly infantile, that as everything what says and does, cause other people’s shame. In the few days that lack to arrive at the 4 from May – day established for the democratic consultation Morals it will use all the possible ruses, to neutralize the vote that will put aim to its inoperancia and despotism. The pedantic leader coca grower, managed to enemistar itself with practically all the sectors that compose the Bolivian social phantom, and the unique ones supports that it are their same types and maintained. The race is its main tool of cohesion against the rest of the population.