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United States School

But this emphasis that the Government gave to the house duty, was only one strategy to increase the pertaining to school productivity, because of the urgency to exceed the economic competitors. In 1976, the house duty would reproduce the social inaquality and considered that the professors assumed its supervision in the place of the parents (Rothstein, 2001) Moreover, it is important to stand out that the practical one of the house duty it does not re-echo distinguishing in the pertaining to school income only indirectly, when extending the study time: in many schools and you discipline (in the United States and Brazil) the house duty valley as note or counts for the final note. (Of Oak, 2000) the house duty could be seen as an incentive to the construction of habitus required by the pertaining to school success and visor empregabilidade, on the other hand, as they affirm Kralovec & Buell (2000), is a way to remodel lives to be adjusted to the corporativistas requirements. Also in relation to habitus Bourdieu it says that: ‘ ‘ (…) the relation of privacy with the things of the culture and the language alone reaches its maximum degree when produced by the familiar pedagogical action, remaining in incarnate lasting way because in the citizen in the form of habitus.’ ‘ (WALNUT apud Bourdieu, P. 90) Vision of the families regarding the school: Some families see the school not only as local where they transmit contents, but also as an institution that is responsible for formation of its children, being in the personal and professional direction, having as freedom to intervene on the familiar decisions. In a school of urban zone in the border of a quarter of can and a residential quarter of middle class in the line of Estoril/Cascais, a mother said that she went to the school to deliver its son thus to be rested, another one says that she goes to the school to know what the teacher desires to know or to communicate itself.

Physical Education

In the year of 2007, few students if had presented for registration in the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation, that is, only 23 if had registered, despite the minimum number of students demanded by the firmed Accord enters the Municipal City hall of Teixeiras and the State secretary of Sport and Youth was 105. In this year, amongst the enrolled students (n=23), 73% (n=17) were of masculine sex and 27% (n=6) of the feminine sex. The ages of the students involved they had varied between nine and fourteen years of age, being that it predominated students with the age of 14 years. The majority of the students, in this year, had up to three brothers. The income of the families of the enrolled students in the year of 2007 varied comparative little if to the income of the students whom if they had inscribed in the year of 2006, therefore oscillated between R$ 200,00 and R$ 800,00. But, it fits to detach that the more common familiar income between the students was of a minimum wage.

In this year all the participant students of the Program studied in urban public schools of the city of Teixeiras/MG. In the year of 2007, it changed the profile of the involved professionals in the execution of the Program, therefore they had been enclosed professionals in formation of other areas of knowledge. Thus, the coordinating one was graduated Physical Education, the trainees was graduandos in Physical Education, Pedagogia, Domestic Economy and Social Service. In the year of 2008, new alteration was introduced in the implementation of the actions of the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation in the city of Teixeiras/MG, that is, was firmed an accord enters the Municipal City hall of Teixeiras and the State School Antonio Moreira de Queiroz for execution of this Program. Therefore, the students who would participate of the Program had passed to be indicated by the director and the supervisor of this school.

Back Positions

Straight Ponte! How many times listens to a boy that phrase of the mouth his mother? In the Infantile Schools Nemomarlin they have been put firm and they have decided to put a great signal of Stop to all the problems and diseases of back that are derived from the bad positions that we acquired from very early age. ” If to a boy him standards a routine of how it must be placed, like realising a series of movements absorbs, it and begins to put it in practice without occurring as soon as it counts. According to it passes the time the creation of that habit is more complicated, since they have been created theirs propios” , it explains Ana Gamo, Coordinator of Centers of Nemomarlin Learning by stages Although the first cycle of infantile education is not determining for the acquisition of bad positions, if there is to look for bad habits and to follow the day day of each new movimiento.” In the case of the babies the supervision concentrates in the reptacin, I crawl, the way in which they feel or how they are put standing up. From there it is followed his evolution to detect some possible difficulty at the time of running, jumping with the together feet, a single foot or to raise and to lower escaleras” , Gamo comments. When the children arrive at the second cycle from infantile and the primary education, that customized pursuit becomes more necessary. ” This age they begin for example to draw or to write.

It is here where all the corrections that have been obstinate to them until arriving at this moment turn into essential, because they themselves when they begin to sit down in case single and to take it brings back to consciousness of the movements which they realise do, it on the base already assimilated, which smoothes the way to a great extent. At this moment their positions begin to be correct and if it is continued supervising equally to them, it will be still as” , it honors Ana Gamo. Continuous commitment and is that if there is a point differentiator in the Nemomarlin schools, that is the continuous preoccupation by each of its students. ” The base that lays the foundations our model is the security, which we as much transferred our facilities in which each minimum detail is care, until the feeding or in this case the health of its back. He is the main thing for the parents, therefore, also it is it for nosotros” , the coordinator finalizes. Cabinet of Press and RR.PP For the management of interviews, the extension of information or the shipment of graphical material you do not doubt in contacting to us. Tfno.