Division Development

Dficits had diminished, increasing the transport, even so not in the speed that the country needed to take care of to the development. Towns had appeared the side of the railway line, bringing economic development, coming of immigrants for the state, given of census of the time where the development is mentioned to it, agricultural establishments in great amount if install destining a farming growth and in agriculture, sprouting of small properties with land appropriation, but in the majority it was of great properties, were of high values the properties that passed the railway lines. The advantages of the installation of the railway line were of the activities in the urban way, numerous urban population, deal, in the city of Campo Grande where it had the highest urban growth, other city as Aquidauana, Miranda, Ribas of the Medium brown River, Clear Water, Terenos and Three Lagoons, Sidrolndia that had appeared in function of the Railway line. Bad luck of the Northwest in Mato Grosso were the character politician therefore prepare interests politicians whom they determined, the rapidity of its construction, distance of the dynamic polar regions (SP, RIO DE JANEIRO), large state (properties) the colonists who came in diamond search. In 1969 the RFFSA grouped its railroads in regional systems, being the renomeada Northwest 10 Division the Northwest, tied with the Regional System Center-South, with headquarters in So Paulo, SP. In 1976 important reorganization occurred new, being 10 renomeada Division the Northwest SP – Supervision of Bauru Production, still integrated to the SR4, with headquarters in So Paulo, but later desmembrada as 4,2 SR10 – Regional Supervision Bauru, with the headquarters in Bauru. When at the beginning of the decade of 1990 the federal government included the RFFSA in the desestatizao process, dividing it in meshes, the SR10 started to constitute the Mesh West, being been the first one to be auctionzed, in day 5 of March of 1996.