Damson Saulo

It answered: Here it is me here, Gentleman. 11 He commanded you to it: He raises you, he goes to the called street Right and looks in house of Judas a man of called Tarso Saulo; therefore here it is that it is praying; This above-mentioned and rich text in details, when Saulo fell for land when seeing the Gloria of God. In (the v. 4), say that it heard the voice of Christ calling for the proper name. No longer (v.5) Saulo calls Christ Sir, in (v.6) the Christ it of the one order and it obeys, (v.9) it says that already it had three days that Saulo was without eating and to drink liquid and in (v.11) the Christ said the Ananias that Saulo was praying. Ahead of these truths we can affirm that Saulo had a genuine conversion.

It not even had received Christ in the heart and Christ already said with it, Saulo answered calling Jesus Sir, not and as many evanglicos that when Christ mentions itself to it call it you forgetting that in all the Bible it and data the name Sir. How many singers gospel irreverent, whose your hymns you attribute to the word it Christ as if it was not deserving of all honor and all louvor. (AP 17. 14) These will fight against the Lamb, and it will win them to the Lamb, because he is you you and the King Dos Reis; Christ gave an order so that Saulo entered in the city and it obeyed. New converted, only some hours of new birth, but already were obedient, many Christians advocate for itself the label of a conversion genuine, but in it practises what we see are people needing to be born of new, therefore in contrast to Saulo are people whom the Christ in the things disobeys simplest, in the most complex brothers imagine.


' We go to think about the things from above ' ' Colossensses 3 1 – Therefore, if already you revived with Christ, you search the things that are from above, where Christ is seated to the right hand of God. 2 – You think about the things that are from above, and about that are not of the land; This text says of a very strong moment in the life of apstolo Pablo, because it had tried this, thinking about the things that are from above and not in that they are of the land. We are living a cleanness moment and when we allow to be clean for God, we do not imagine what It will go to make, we are branches, we are enxertados in the grapevine that is Jesus, but the Father is the agriculturist and is It whom he trims and he cuts, will be itself necessrio.' ' All branch that will be in me and not to give to fruit the Father will go cortar' ' , without half words, It cuts. The cleanness of God is daily. This cleanness reaches areas that people the little wait, most important are opening in them to be clean.

Ro 8:28 ' ' we know that all the things contribute together for the good of that they love the God, of that are called according to its propsito' '. In this time of organization it requires of us effort, desire, delivery and to launch in the arms of the Father all our limitations This necessary cleanness to start in our minds that are the target of the enemy, therefore its objective is to attack it, if not opening in them for this process of cleanness, we will leave that this enters in our hearts. ' ' The evil is not what it enters, but what it leaves our mouth of homem' ' (TM 15:11), because it enters in the mind, we store in our hearts and we liberate through words and attitudes.

Family Devices

Today, all buildings are required to have some type of fire prevention system in place to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building in case of a fire. These fire prevention systems must be capable of detecting a fire inside the building until it extends. This task is assigned to the devices of fire alarm, located in various parts of the building. Fire alarm devices are appliances designed to locate signs of fire inside the building. Fire alarm devices tell the system that sends an alarm if you recognize at least two of the following signs of fire in the same location: * smoke * increase in air temperature * important amount of these three signs of fire carbon monoxide are detected by three fire alarm devices. The smoke detector determined the presence of smoke in an area. Thermostat sensor identifies changes in the temperature of the air.

Finally, the detector of carbon monoxide, the system warns of the presence of poisonous gas. If two of these signals are detected by fire alarm devices, the area in question must be tested immediately to confirm if there really is a fire. Then, proper fire protocols should be followed in an orderly manner, using fire extinguishers of fire, evacuation of occupants of the building, if it is necessary. Apart from the detectors of the indicators that fire in the building, fire alarm devices are also used to monitor the status of implementation of many other components of the fire alarm system. For example, there are two fire alarm devices installed in the irrigation system, whose task is to track the execution of the irrigation system. These two fire alarm devices are valve position switch, which shows if irrigation valves are open or closed, and switch water flow, that shows if there is enough in the sprinkler system water. Fire alarm devices they can also help keep your system of fire prevention activated in case of failure of the automatic system. During a real fire, if something goes wrong with the connections from the main control, alarm devices of fire, such as the stations of lever allows you to activate the alarms and strobe lights that help maintain the orderly evacuation of the building. These lever stations tend to be located near the building emergency exits. Original author and source of the article.

The Visuals

The dialogues can also be used for further oral practice (choral, individual, pair). To give more scope to the role play, 'much' and 'many' can be introduced in the next lesson. A suitable exchange (using visuals) might be: A: I'd like some. B: How much? / How many? A: (3 1 / 2 a pound, etc.) B: Here you are. A: Thank you. After the initial class practice, the exchange can be practised in pairs, using the visuals. This phase is optional.

If the students are now producing dialogues reasonably quickly and correctly, it should be left out, or the class will become bored. The students work in pairs. Each pair is given a card, for example: Go into the grocer's and buy three things. Begin: A: Good morning, can I help you? B: I'd like_. These cards can be designed with students of differing abilities in mind.

A pair of 'good' students may be asked from the context, or example: 'What do you think' change 'means?'. A desk is turned into a 'shop'. The students suggest the kind of hop, and select and lay out the relevant goods. A reasonably confident student is given some English money, and is asked to be 'customer' while the teacher is 'shop assistant'. The student has no form of written help. The student buys a few things, goods and takes his purchases away. Students should be given a couple of minutes to write their own shopping list. This could include the shops they will go to, which goods they will buy there, and the amount they need.