Damson Saulo

It answered: Here it is me here, Gentleman. 11 He commanded you to it: He raises you, he goes to the called street Right and looks in house of Judas a man of called Tarso Saulo; therefore here it is that it is praying; This above-mentioned and rich text in details, when Saulo fell for […]


' We go to think about the things from above ' ' Colossensses 3 1 – Therefore, if already you revived with Christ, you search the things that are from above, where Christ is seated to the right hand of God. 2 – You think about the things that are from above, and about that […]

Family Devices

Today, all buildings are required to have some type of fire prevention system in place to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building in case of a fire. These fire prevention systems must be capable of detecting a fire inside the building until it extends. This task is assigned to the devices of […]

The Visuals

The dialogues can also be used for further oral practice (choral, individual, pair). To give more scope to the role play, 'much' and 'many' can be introduced in the next lesson. A suitable exchange (using visuals) might be: A: I'd like some. B: How much? / How many? A: (3 1 / 2 a pound, […]