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It is said that President Uribe this signed up by the DEA, in a dossier number 82, labeled as Confidential, and is only three posts of Pablo Escobar Gaviria, the extinct boss of the Medellin Cartel, which bears the number 79. Colombia, has 450,000 troops in its armed forces and security. It also has five […]

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> Abrisud unveils its 2009 novelty! Pool Extra-Plana classic cover: this new deck is the ideal solution for pool owners looking for aesthetic, simple and effective protection. This product features the same advantages as the indoor classic Baja: safety, protection, heat and optimal maintenance of your pool as well as discretion! > Pool covers high […]

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C. concurrence of workers from several undertakings in a workplace where there is a main employer (one who contracts or subcontracts with other entrepreneurs or self-employed, the realization of works or services corresponding to the own activity from that). In this case, the main employer has the duty of ensuring compliance with preventive obligations, and […]

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They speak different languages – Switzerland is a multilingual country – so your child may understand caregivers, play for a while, and continue traveling more quiet. Kansai Airport: in modern life are all haste, and sometimes toothache reappears in full trip because there was not time to go to the dentist before. So in an […]