The announcement of a minimal change in the retirement age was enough to get unions to the streets and provoke the anger of the majority of citizens. What is more serious, however, is that a cautious, unnerved Government has crumpled at the first opportunity. Is this a Government with temple to get us out of the crisis? So unwilling it seems to grab the stoppage by the horns which after threaten to freeze the salary of officials, immediately proposes as a way to reduce the deficit not to replace nine of every ten civil servants who retire. Or: more unemployment. Both Rodriguez Zapatero fears the unpopularity, which prefer to keep us in the crisis to ask for shared sacrifice to overcome it. You’ve already seen the marimorena which has assembled in Greece with the harsh measures anti-crisis and nobody is going to catch on something not remotely similar. The trouble is that to create jobs should modify the labour market and of course, put an end to the Golden retirement and salary and millions of dollars compensation of executives.

Also, even if it is hard, reducing benefits in the short term including, even, the so-called co-payment of healthcare in order to preserve them within thirty years. Clear that our political the only thing that matters to them are the upcoming elections: the problem of the next generation brings them without care. Not tie us, therefore, males, not can endure indefinitely that 22 or 23 percent of the population in unemployment that some economists, as a catalan Professor Santiago Nino, expected that unfortunately we shall soon reach. Original author and source of the article.


Either the construction industry or the high-speed rail, highways and other construction, they are all the basic construction of the country, and they can not do without the use of gravel in the construction of each item, so the development of these industries also contributed to the invisible sand and gravel industrydevelopment, and community development. Mountain climbers in heavy industry insiders analysis, future development, use of gravel will gradually increase, and sand making production line requirements become increasingly high, not the demand of different industries on the same gravel. In order to meet the needs of different types of gravel, sand making production line machinery and equipment requirements have become more sophisticated, more stringent each gravel equipment manufacturers are constantly on these machines to be updated updating in order to keep up with the trend of the times, to catch up with consumer demand, but even in the pursuit, constantly updated, and each company s technical support, production of the machine s various performance and the use of life etc. aspects are not the same. As we all know, the crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors.

Common crushing machines are winnowing mill, hammer breaker, breaker, roll crusher, crusher compound impact. Jaw breaker (jaw breaker), having large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, operating costs and economic characteristics. PF-I series impact crusher can process materials side length is 100 to 500 mm, the compressive strength is up to 350 MPa, great crushing ratio, cubic particles advantages of material was broken; PF-II series impact crusher machine, suitable for crushing hard materials, such as cement crusher, with a production capacity of the material advantages of small particle size. As china s advanced the gravel equipment manufacturers, both production technology or product quality of our company walk in the forefront of the country, and we will continue to develop and experiments on sand production line. Independent research and development of various products used in the manufacture of machine wear-resistant materials, enhanced continuous improvements in various parts of the service life of the equipment, and increase the total system of sand in a certain period of time, to achieve the advanced level in China, no longer need a cumbersome process, reducing the time and energy wasted during maintenance and easy maintenance, allow consumers to create a higher profit in the same period of time. Which has also accelerated the construction of our infrastructure. original link: rock crushers: Sand maker: