Zone Metropolitan

In this direction, the study of the action human being in entrono of the River of the Salt dialogacom the metodolgicos theoretical beddings of ambient history. Historicizaras relations of the communities that live in this region densely degraded pelaao human being has, as intention to understand the process of urban expansion who seintensificou in last […]


And then it will take respective measures. So the small observed as mathematics is related to physical existence. This to the solid state. In addition the teacher may teach kids basic geometry from these games. To State liquid the teacher may request children to carry containers that handle a good measure cubic. In order to […]


If you are owner of an electronic Stimulator and have back pain, it is because you want to. You have the solution to your ailment in the drawer of the Cabinet but do not know how to use it? or nobody has explained you which programs get to remove that pain? From sport and physical […]

National Council

(d). dissemination of knowledge generated by research, teaching and the creative and artistic work in the local community and the national, and regional levels through programs related to education, health, culture, sports, recreation and other areas, contributing to the satisfaction of priority needs of these communities using all available media. (e). strengthen the permanent updating […]


This language used by Jesus indicates strong evidence. All will be whipped and shaken by mishaps, and will have plenty of problems, afflictions and tribulations of all kinds. Life is a test, a discipline, and a school of preparation. It is not surprising then these teachings of Jesus. Those who put in practice his teachings […]

ONGs Management

The good image of the organization in reference the increasing globalization of the markets started to be strategical factor of competitiveness, becoming basic them companies to add to the management system the management of the environment. For the displayed one, it is observed that in the globalizado world, the ability in taking care of to […]

Business Needs

The majority of companies in these days is based on a computer science network. Many computers realise thousands of tasks per second, from the control of lines of production, orders in existence, preparation of financial registries and communication with computers of other networks – often from another side of the world. The computers use only […]


If we came back to the times of Christ and of the apstolos we would see that one of the tonic of its lives was the eternity. The message that Christ announced was the inclusion of a perpetual intention in the life of the men, it said regarding the kingdom of God and its implications […]


This letter of the tarot describes the surprises to us which it will be had to face the consulting one that in the distance of letters counts on the luck of being represented with the death. Since we are speaking of renovation this letter of the tarot describes that the moment has arrived for freeing […]

Company Projects

For all the sides identify not motivated people, dragging daily the weight of the inadequao between its personal projects and of the company. Two groups with well distinct characteristics walk side by side: of that they had accepted the stagnation as form inevitable of life and of the talentos calls, people that shine and therefore […]