Guard Inside

The judicial separation, the divorce and the dissolution of the steady union of the couple do not modify, in thesis, the familiar power of the genitor who not alive in company of the minor children. Art. 1.632 of the CC foresee that ‘ ‘ the judicial separation, the divorce and the dissolution of steady union […]

The Conclusion

Spirituality does not seek to enjoy, or enjoy the pleasure of certain experiences, nor seeks to find, develop, cultivate or achieve anything, either inside or outside one’s self. It is true that spiritual life is the greatest adventure in which a person can embark and which represents an integral development, but when you want something, […]

Discounts, Promotions, Bonuses

Just low prices of today's sophisticated buyer can not be surprised. So marketers have to think how to attract people into the store and owners, with clenched teeth, to give good discounts. And, apparently, to the fledgling mentality of the Russian consumer is valid. What should be the reaction, for example, the slogan "100% festive […]

Alexander Ermolaevskiy

In the first volumes of printed notes of society have been working on Siberian resorts. Growing popularity Kavminvod increased arrival of patients, and sources have not yet been sufficiently studied. In order to produce serious design and finishing sources in accordance with the requirements of hydraulic engineering, on the initiative of the Smirnov was invited […]

Modern Management Tools

Administrative science in recent years has led to new approaches, scope of modern management topics which are decisive for those identified with them know, especially management. To work with stakeholders on these topics have been designed in such supplies a questionnaire covering 10 questions answered one on each delivery, and its total 10. We trust, […]

Richard Koch

A lesser known method is the thinking according to the principle of 80/20. It helps us to do constantly a thorough analysis of our decisions, activities and relationships. For that we have to learn to distinguish between those things that are valuable for those that make us lose time. According to Richard Koch (r. Koch, […]