Guard Inside

The judicial separation, the divorce and the dissolution of the steady union of the couple do not modify, in thesis, the familiar power of the genitor who not alive in company of the minor children. Art. 1.632 of the CC foresee that ‘ ‘ the judicial separation, the divorce and the dissolution of steady union do not modify the relations between parents and children seno how much to the right, that to the first ones fits, to have in its company segundos’ ‘. The guard of the children does not complain greaters difficulties when the familiar rupture to occur of form consensual because the genitors, in this hypothesis, deliberate in set how much the guard.

The guard estimates incited dispute enters the parents when the dissolution will be litigious. In one in another one in case that, it will fit to the judge, pronouncing sentence, deciding on the guard of the children. However, the sentences on the guard do not have definitividade character being able to be modified to any time, in case that some harmful fact to the minor occurs. The sentence of concession of guard does not make considered thing. It has provisory character, it wants to say, it can be modified to any time, and how many times will be necessary, to adjust itself to the interests of the minor, who has priority in relation to the conveniences of its parents. For a reason or purpose illustration, the jurisprudence of the mining Court of Justice: SUMMARY: CIVILIAN AND FAMILY LAW PROCEDURAL KEEPS.

PREVALENCE OF THE INTEREST OF THE CHILD. RESTRAINING OF ACCESS. INOCORRNCIA. In the litigations where the children are involved relative interests, notadamente in whom they involve asked for of modification of guard, the judge must have in sight, always and primordially, the interest of the minor .

The Conclusion

Spirituality does not seek to enjoy, or enjoy the pleasure of certain experiences, nor seeks to find, develop, cultivate or achieve anything, either inside or outside one’s self. It is true that spiritual life is the greatest adventure in which a person can embark and which represents an integral development, but when you want something, such as reach or experience something, the very essence of spirituality is lost. Nor can exist rules, laws or moral or spiritual doctrines because what is appropriate in a situation may be inappropriate in another and what is true today tomorrow may be absent from it. Spirituality only requires to be aware, here and now, and to act appropriately. We must be alert, awake in all things that we interrelacionamos, to evaluate in our behavior, actions, ponder them, determine that such correct are, as they are imbued with values, morals, ethics, everything, which ensures its dynamism, as these help us towards our growth, experience that we are so firm in what is required to consolidate the strength of our spirit in our security to proceed correctly, in favour of our spiritual growth.

It also reminds us proyectopv. org/1-truth/1marcoshigieneespirirual, some topics that we consider interesting and that for example, interpret that life is an infinite movement, a movement, and to investigate this extraordinary thing called life, with all its myriad aspects, manifestations, one must ask fundamental questions that not only involves the physical, but spiritual in all its scope, and not be never satisfied with responsessatisfactory as they may be, because as soon we have a response, the mind has come to a conclusion, and the conclusion is not life, is just a static condition. Therefore, important thing is ask the correct question and not met ever with the response, by witty, logic that is, because the truth of something is more beyond of the conclusion, regardless of the response, beyond verbal expression.

Alexander Ermolaevskiy

In the first volumes of printed notes of society have been working on Siberian resorts. Growing popularity Kavminvod increased arrival of patients, and sources have not yet been sufficiently studied. In order to produce serious design and finishing sources in accordance with the requirements of hydraulic engineering, on the initiative of the Smirnov was invited by a French engineer hydrogeologist Jules Francois, who was previously involved in the improvement of many well-known European spas. Jean Francois arrived in 1874, and already the first acquaintance with the sources allowed him to write: "In all Europe there is no such a happy combination of a variety of keys so the relatively small space. Without a doubt, the implementation of proposed technical work Caucasian water should be among the best European waters. " Under the leadership of Jean Francois were conducted large-scale geological survey and balneotehnicheskie erected buildings.

In Pyatigorsk, founded the Alexander Ermolaevskiy tunnel, which gave the hot sulfuric water. In gallery number 1 and 2 are also given to 50 000 buckets of hot mineral water. But of particular importance were by Jean Francois in on the sources number 17 and 18, which is rightly called the pearl of the Caucasus waters. The main outcome of the work Jean Francois were scientifically sound principles of planning and capping prospecting of mineral waters. All Mail 60-year-old spa community work provides a basis to assert that the Russian resort science was born and matured in the waters of the Caucasian and had an exceptional influence on the development of other resorts.

Modern Management Tools

Administrative science in recent years has led to new approaches, scope of modern management topics which are decisive for those identified with them know, especially management. To work with stakeholders on these topics have been designed in such supplies a questionnaire covering 10 questions answered one on each delivery, and its total 10. We trust, something they work with the information needed to enter what is relevant to each topic. Those interested can with the information provided further investigated and increasing its content Question Discuss the use of outsourcing in the Venezuelan company, set it and highlight its history, scope, implications and obstacles. In what way could be used Response Definition The term "outsourcing" translated into Spanish means outsourcing, supply of services that can range from hiring cleaning services to a specialized company, through the tendering of works by of a public body until the transfer of a process or a complete business area of an organization. Under this usage was adopted by the managerial world: the situation where a company gives to a third party management processes that were previously performed internally (sub-contracting). Background outsourcing or sub-contracting is a practice dating from the beginning of the modern era. This concept is not new in Latin America, as many competitive companies is done as a business strategy. At the beginning of the post – industrial competition starts in global markets, and that's when companies decide to let others take responsibility, as it did not seem sufficient service capacity to accompany growth strategies.

Managerial Training

During this time I managed to bypass the managers and ask them all interested in my information. As well (sorry guys) helped me eavesdropping strangers telephone conversations, I learned: how to construct speech, how to respond to any issues as to bypass secretaries and how to recognize the information of interest to those who do not want to share it. Another incentive for me was the fact that the table is the head of our department was placed under my back and do the sweet idleness, he did not give me. I still remember his voice: ‘Come on, call! “,’ Go on, ring up, and in its absence in the workplace, I had to respond to its customers. Books also helped me. Frank I learned the psychology of negotiation and approach to clients in person, but the book Lail Laundes taught me how to communicate. Openness, the natural replacement of my reticence and shyness. I became more attentive to negotiations was to analyze and listen to what was said by my clients.

At the end of the second month, the company was contracted to conduct sales training. The training was held at the weekend, two days in a row, with 10-18. Great desire to kill off, and trudge somewhere I did not have (well, and for good reason). Trainings have been built as the business game, something is recorded on camera and then view, but something ongoing in real time, right there on the spot. I was not an active participant, but I listened and remembered, and not just in the future, returning to their records. Sometimes training is not just to help sell and promote people in the service, or even change their entire life. Jumping to a different region say that the desire to increase retirement savings have opened my world of investment and finance, while presenting a lot of good friends. Sometimes a trifle, changing the lives of 360 degrees and you’re coming back on there, but with renewed vigor and a new understanding of both 414 Request-URI Too Large

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Richard Koch

A lesser known method is the thinking according to the principle of 80/20. It helps us to do constantly a thorough analysis of our decisions, activities and relationships. For that we have to learn to distinguish between those things that are valuable for those that make us lose time. According to Richard Koch (r. Koch, The 80/20 Principle.) Doubleday, USA, 1998. (p. 161-162), there are fairly accurate ways to determine the extraneous activities in our lives: 10 examples of activities that will surely make you waste your time: things that others want you to do things that have always done a certain way things which does not have many skills things you don’t enjoy things that are always interrupted things that are of interest to few people things that were already delayed twice while you expect things in which collaborators are mediocre or not reliable things that have a predictable cycle to answer the phone and write emails 10 things they normally give much value: things that promote the purpose for your life.

Things that has always wanted to do. Things that are already at 20% it gives 80%. Innovations that will enable you to be more efficient. Things that others say that they can not be. Things that others have done successfully in a different area. Things that use their own creativity things others can do for you with little investment of time from his own party.

Things in which collaborators are of high quality and work with excellence things you need to do now or never. Analyze their activities and determine which are what make you lose time. Also discover those that will transform it into a more efficient, productive and competitive person.

Styles In Landscape Design

The appearance of your garden depends primarily on your personal preferences, as well as the needs of your family. Most often, a garden plan so that it was combined with pleasure. However, the final the result will depend on what path you choose. An important aspect is the choice of style for the landscape object. Selected style garden – is embodied in the life of taste and desires of the owner of the site.

In general style garden expressed in the establishment at the site of the atmosphere of a place or any time. Already depending on the style used in landscape design or another plant, architectural details, which call the appropriate association. In this case, the designer uses his personal observations, illustrations and descriptions. Perhaps even deeper into the pages of history by studying the emergence of styles from different eras. Of course, the basic style of landscape design architecture defines the building, the location of the site and view the surrounding area. Today in the landscape design, there are many styles in which there two basic styles – a regular and landscape. In the establishment of modern landscape using these two basic styles, in a mixed or pure form. Regular style.

For this style characteristic geometric construction of the grid plan, including straight-line tracing of roads, the geometric shape of the stalls and flower beds, a symmetrical design of compositional axis, architecturally treated, terraced landscape, underline the dominance of the main building, sharp contours of reservoirs, ordinary trees and shrubs and mowing. A good example of a regular plan are the gardens of Peterhof. Landscape style. Unlike the regular, the beauty of natural nature. This style is also called the landscape. It is characterized by free net plan, winding roads, natural topography, the contours of the free water, freely growing tree with beautiful forms of crowns. Japanese and Chinese style. Backyard landscaping areas in medieval China and Japan fundamentally different from European methods organization of landscape protection. It was based on a special relationship to nature, associated with the philosophy and religion. In contrast to the regular methods of planning used in Western countries, is developing landscape and landscape techniques. In creating the garden put to artistic goal – to show the nature untouched by man. Landscaped garden created on the basis of principles of Japanese gardens and Chinese culture. Everything here is subject to the law of harmony, this garden is fused with nature. The general impression of silence, tranquility and harmony in the exhibition provides an opportunity to relax, contemplate the beauty of the landscape. All materials used in the garden only natural. One the most important principles – naturally. Garden looks as if it was not created by human hands, but nature itself. Modern style. Modern styles of small garden only contact with the stylistics of the gardens of the past. Gardens created in this style should match the style of life of our time. This garden is inscribed into the urban environment, because Life in modern cities is a new trend and aesthetics. Materials, shapes, styles, techniques – everything rapidly changing. Changing and the garden. In this garden, it is appropriate to use "non-living" materials: glass, metal, plastic and other modern garden can combine several styles, thus creating something new, unusual, creating a unique environment for human life.