Integrator Human

Ramon Gallegos) etc. All the dialogues with the holistas thinkers, philosophers, writers, educators, scientists and mystics have the same goal that the awakening of the consciousness of human beings, is to seek, improve education, seek to carry out sustainable development on our planet. The dialog of Dr. Ramon Gallegos with Atsuhiko Yoshida has a great […]

Purchase Tinted Glass

Tinted glass currently are in fashion in the cars of teenagers and also for those who like to remain anonymous. In reality, polarized glasses have a very important role and it is protecting you and your car against the Sun’s harmful rays. The film used in manufacturing for tinted glass is a polyester substrate with […]

President Juan Manuel Santos

When I met with President Juan Manuel Santos, gave me the impression of being willing to invest in quality education, I wish to do so. What is the first step that must be taken to put education on the political agenda? Have peripheral vision and blindness not peripheral, look at what they are doing the […]


Other voices: Patricia Godes: ‘I remember the acting of Alan Vega as one of the best. It was a mixture of spoken word with music pre-recorded, while passing around pictures of their presentations, very abstract and very rubbish, among which were inverted crosses. It said this much detail. ” Rafa Cervera: ‘Following the program dedicated […]

Lloyd Blankfein

Banks remain with their worst practices now is Greece going back to put in evidence. They are functional to themselves rather than their clients. Is blame regulators (or lack thereof) or entities? Many times I wonder if the people were not vista or accused, if not steal millions from a bank if you have paved […]

Work Abroad

What you should know when searching for work in the foreign countries in Latin America currently young people tried to find a job that fits the studies we have undertaken or that fit with our previous work experience, but this work can be a very difficult task, if we add to this that can that […]