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Ramon Gallegos) etc. All the dialogues with the holistas thinkers, philosophers, writers, educators, scientists and mystics have the same goal that the awakening of the consciousness of human beings, is to seek, improve education, seek to carry out sustainable development on our planet. The dialog of Dr. Ramon Gallegos with Atsuhiko Yoshida has a great similarity because it is focused to the development of both Mexico and Japan holistic education, sharing the experiences of each country; so distant geographically, but nearby in her holistic vision. Yes there is similarity between the two cultures, because Mexico has always been traditional in their customs, is moving towards modernity.

In Mexico we have an educational system centered on ideas that the quality, procedures, records is more relevant to have a better education and not true because cultivating humanity, integrity, nature is the most important thing for each person. The objectives of each of the participants in these dialogues are transcend, seeking unity among people, living together in communities, preserve values, promote respect, tolerance, accept diversity, find the relation subject subject nature, adopt an attitude of human consciousness, the awakening of the spiritual in every human being throughout the cosmos. We as educators holistic must make the change in the evolution of human consciousness, in the sense that we are a model Integrator for the educational process from the individual conscience to the spiritual. To become spiritual we must first know the principles that we must do as whole school aware of our actions: twelve principles as educators holistas must implement to develop our inner consciousness and so that it can be applied with those around us, working on peace and universal compassion. -Learning communities – intelligences multiple – learning – epistemological pluralism – curriculum holistic – transdisciplinarity – styles integral society – integrity – dialogue holistic – practice Integral – compassion – spirituality human beings living in spirituality is a person who respects the diversity, is a be non violent, responsible, live successfully in a learning communities because here are educational spaces where throughout society, family, children, teachers come together in a process muto of learning where we all have the same interestthe evolution of consciousness, its objective is learning is live and live is to be, are communities where thrive on harmony, educate for life go beyond academic training, i.e.

Purchase Tinted Glass

Tinted glass currently are in fashion in the cars of teenagers and also for those who like to remain anonymous. In reality, polarized glasses have a very important role and it is protecting you and your car against the Sun’s harmful rays. The film used in manufacturing for tinted glass is a polyester substrate with coating resistant to scratches on one side and an adhesive for mounting clear on the other. Having tinted glass installed, there are many factors to consider. The concept of manufacture films polarized glasses and Windows was first introduced in the 1960s. Since that time, darken the Windows and glass has become a large market, with a wide range of colors and tones available.

There are two basic types of tinted Windows: metallic performance films, that provide a reflective surface, and traditional non-reflective film. In the market there are tinted glasses that come in bronze, gray amber, gold, and many other colors. The benefits of tinted Windows are enormous. They block 65% of the Sun’s heat and 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV). Not only protects the interior and upholstery of the vehicle, but it also protects your eyes against glare and eye fatigue and your skin from sun damage. Blade for Windows also makes the glass for your vehicle safer in situations where the glass from cracking or breaking. To select tones and the sheets for your vehicle, you must first investigate whether their use is legal in your city. In all the American Union in each of its States there are different laws as the tinted Windows. Many countries around the world have banned Windows polarized completely for the sake of public safety. The majority of professional companies in the tinted Windows installation must be familiar with the laws in their cities and these same companies can provide certificates of compliance where necessary.

President Juan Manuel Santos

When I met with President Juan Manuel Santos, gave me the impression of being willing to invest in quality education, I wish to do so. What is the first step that must be taken to put education on the political agenda? Have peripheral vision and blindness not peripheral, look at what they are doing the countries with similar conditions, adopt what works and discard what doesn’t. Furthermore, we must recognize that the teacher has to be the backbone of society, which should be a professional trained and well paid. Nearby is the change in Latin America against the education? I am optimistic, countries can be turned with impressive speed. If you look at what was South Korea 50 years ago, you salias running, but today they are inside the world’s richest economies. We have a very important opportunity of generating the change that is needed, of the step and convince us that education is the key.

Then the? is key to encourage education in the civil mobilization? Everyone must include us, the media should start to talk about education, the opinion columnists, citizens, employers. I am skeptical to think that politicians on their own will solve this problem, they think in terms of four years and why is that they send you to do everything what comes out in the photo, but the real processes that are 20 and 30 years do not go into the photos. But you have to include the Government, put education on the agenda so that together with them forge change. Colombia has focused more on boosting its economic growth that education, we walk the wrong way? That is one of our major fallacies of our time, media, journalists, politicians, we are all obsessed with economic growth. But economic growth without the growth of the quality of education is not going to help eliminate poverty. Now our economies grow but they benefit only those who integrate the formal economy, who we work in a company, but the lady who sells lemons in the street, who never studied, she does not benefit from the growth. Taken from: the spectator original author and source of the article


Other voices: Patricia Godes: ‘I remember the acting of Alan Vega as one of the best. It was a mixture of spoken word with music pre-recorded, while passing around pictures of their presentations, very abstract and very rubbish, among which were inverted crosses. It said this much detail. ” Rafa Cervera: ‘Following the program dedicated to John Cale’s when I realized that it was Paloma that erecting a monument. For the occasion, had bought the film rights to see her at that time was a miracle: ‘Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable’ by Ronald Nameth (a short 22 minutes filmed in 1966). Propose to include in this section of the policy WP: EE with section 8 would be the following:
8.No is link to forums, and that anyone has access to these and can say false
Saludos David0811 (I help) 02:10 23 December 2008 (UTC)
And if these are going, or blogs. The truth is that it is included, but not so special about this. Netito777 02:12 23 December 2008 (UTC)
Very supportive only be giving my opinion, an improvement to the editor. Saloca your comments 02:14 23 December 2008 (UTC)
What you seem to move to point 3:
Are not acceptable autopublicadas links to websites, fanzines, personal websites, open wikis, blogs, discussion forums, among others, except those written by a recognized authority, or those which are cited to verify information about themselves.
I have based a little on an existing proposal for changes in the policy of verifiability, but details as to unreliable sources. Saludos ) wikisilki iklisikiw 02:33 23 December 2008 (UTC)
So much for avoiding much discussion due to a misunderstanding as I had recently. Netito surely remember who told him. Well, I repeat: I feel very good idea. Yo! Do you forgot my ’03:21 23 December 2008 (UTC).
I agree with Wikisiliki.Saludos David0811 (I help) 20:47 24 December 2008 (UTC)
Too. We must wait to open the vote. Bucho / Disc. / Email 18:06 26 December 2008 (UTC)
Okay, except the subject of blogs. In this regard, an observation: When you mention “written by a recognized authority” What do you mean exactly ‘at least in Peru, there are very serious blogs on politics, journalism, sociology and even films, which contain articles investigations and interpretations of recognized professionals (journalists, lawyers, psychologists, etc..) properly referenced and credible, which are far from personal blogs. (eg, etc) from whom I obtained information to expand serious articles of various kinds) as well as scientists from other blogs http:// (Spanish I think) and one other group of blogs belonging to media as El Comercio (Peru), which publishes articles and research as a blog comment to enrich the same items. In that sense could be Do not link to them ‘so far used the common sense and link to their sources and in other cases to them (for my serious, verifiable and reliable) blogs, but now is left in black and white referenced this forbidden, I think a front end to over half (blogs) are growing more and more acceptance and dissemination as they become more media and more reliable and more and more logs are no longer issues individuals. Salu2. The Mithen (talk) 20:58 26 December 2008 (UTC)
One exception would be precisely those people with some blogs reputation or experience on the topic covered. In these cases, to become valid sources questioned by some users mentioning WP: EE, just to prove the reputation of the author, showing or publishing information about its trajectory. But blogs, entry no. In general, blogs are personal autopublicaciones and can not be considered a reliable source, since any user can maintain a blog in order to support their views on wikipedia, sidelong violating WP: NFPs. Saludos ) wikisilki iklisikiw 21:19 26 December 2008 (UTC) PS: would be interesting to create a whitelist of trusted sites and blogs, as opposed to the blacklist.
MediaWiki: Spam-whitelist. Hey! Hey! Jarisleif! (Paal Hakkaa Pohja Poike!) 22:29 26 December 2008 (UTC)
The wording proposed by Wikisilki seems right … the truth is we can not afford to keep linking. Netito777 00:58 27 December 2008 (UTC)
We are very much against a world where Web 2.0 is making progress, dedicated sites, as well as many forums, blogs or provide specialized information, where dedicated or section. It has to be applied without a say not just the links. If one side can be a Self on the other hand are professionals in the field, taking a comprehensive and advanced conociento to treat some specific points.
It is important to understand that many of these professionals are involved in Wikipedia, by the fact, that their texts or works, lose interest in the material they taken time to investigate and / or develop, so they prefer to build a custom site. nabbage (talk) 17:24 27 December 2008 (UTC)
Nabbage, these sites are acceptable or not depending on whether it is the professionalism, experience or authority on the subject of their authors may be established, as with any other source in wikipedia, is a question of verifiability.

Lloyd Blankfein

Banks remain with their worst practices now is Greece going back to put in evidence. They are functional to themselves rather than their clients. Is blame regulators (or lack thereof) or entities? Many times I wonder if the people were not vista or accused, if not steal millions from a bank if you have paved access to the treasure. Global States have saved the banks to avoid more serious than the financial disasters. Or at least it is what have us believe.

But bankers have returned to their bad practices: more unscrupulous speculation and more awards and wages more equivalent to times of extreme bonanza than at times of adjustment, especially when they have been saved by taxpayers pockets, and that if not for them, their banks had probably disappeared, as well as their jobs. It seemed the more pure Hollywood film. Bankers taking oath as defendants in court, vowing that they said truth, their own, who do not always agree with the actual, written in books (not accounting). The Presidents of Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM), Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) standing before the Commission of inquiry on the financial crisis in Washington. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse ruled out accusations, blame economic cycles, to the imponderables of crises, to the inevitable, almost to the misfortune of the stars. Do not speak of acts of God, rebuked him the President of the Commission, Phil Angelides, already tired of the economic misticismos of Lloyd Blankfein, head of Goldman Sachs, addressing the accusations. The crisis is the result of the actions committed by men and women, Angelides lectured him. The same thought of the street, local and international with regard to these bankers who have not learned nor seem to have valued the effort both taxpayers and Governments, Governments that now carry heavy debts, partly caused by cheating investors and States, make-up accounting and legal scams.

Work Abroad

What you should know when searching for work in the foreign countries in Latin America currently young people tried to find a job that fits the studies we have undertaken or that fit with our previous work experience, but this work can be a very difficult task, if we add to this that can that presented wages will not be as competitive or as notable in comparison to the work already carried out are talking about a much more serious problem. For this type of cases is an option that should not leave behind the travel and seek employment abroad, in most cases the pay and the work environment are being much more rewarding. The possibilities when seeking work comes, for all kinds of people, starting with college students, who can take advantage of to be able to travel and get their first work experiences for the holiday season. Usually, the main universities in each country have this kind of agreements as companies, generally, United States. This is how you can begin working in Disneyland or in a resort between snow-capped mountains, without doubt an experience that will be remembered of lifetime and that can bring very profitable economic benefits compared to what can be achieved in a local workspace.

A good option is to investigate in the pages to look for work and offers of jobs or the same embassies websites, many countries tend to present a list of job opportunities for people interested in working abroad per year. Usually this is usually given by low demand for certain jobs in these countries, having to resort to the embassies for that is encargen look abroad. The curriculum to work abroad most important 1.Lo to seek employment in another different country is to speak the language of that country and its curriculum is translated into the language of the country to which it applied, remember that you are trying to enter into that society therefore must adapt to her. 2.Su resume should be specific, recommended two pages, no more than three, must contain your work experience, your education and related courses, their awards and their strengths, their personal data with telephones where really can be contacted 3 place a references section and place a note where expresses that they are available upon request if you don’t want to display directly. 4. If you want to add your photo to do so using a good digital compression format (jpg) for your resume can be easily sent via email, attach your photograph is not mandatory, in the majority of countries there are laws against discrimination so that your request is uncommon. Source: Press release sent by vannesakol.