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Super Success

When you start the journey to success, something is calling you, you draw some mental images of what you want in your mind. You dream of big things, fine relations, contacts with nature and exploration of your inner world. You want to be a rich, successful and happy person. Gradually your mind is becoming more refined ideas about what you can and you must have. It is your right. You start to imagine what it would be to have your own business, make money while you sleep, travel the world be teammate of the spiritual masters of time, be a leader in your community, your company and your country. However, you have work to do.

Your mind lives in a home that you’ve built. And you want to move to a home better. A mansion of delights, delicacies and refining. But the mind needs a secure site where reside. You can not remain without a home, without security, without the comfort that provides what is known. What should you do? The same you would a constructor at the material level.

You must build your new home, your Castle, and as This new construction moves forward in its development can gradually move all your belongings. The move fully, a House to another better, is success. Move from one House to another is to modify the mental set, says Andrew Corentt in his book I’m happy, I’m RICO. When you manage to inhabit your new mental mansion, automatically your life will be transformed into what you’ve built. But, how do you build your new mental mansion? How do you build a new home for your subconscious mind? In his book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt presents powerful methods that allow anyone build everything what you wish in your life, redo mentally and get everything you want: wealth, power, better relationships, beauty, Personal magnetism, security. Method statements in reverse, among many that are presented in the book the power to transform our lives, is, by far, the most powerful method so people can obtain everything what they want. This method of Corentt, It consists of carry your wishes to the subconscious mind and that this produces a response personal, powerful and irresistible. The procedure is simple and truly the most powerful that exists on Earth. The results are spectacular. Your life will be catapulted to heights that you want. Are now well how much cost you success? How long will take you build a known new site for your mind, a new mental set? Success depends on how fast progress in the construction of the new home for the mind. If you use the method of claims in reverse, you will create this new home, this new mansion, very quickly. That means you’ll promptly get everything that you want and you desharas of what you don’t want. After practicing the methods (Yes, they are several, all powerful and unpublished) proposed in the book the power to transform our lives, you will notice how success follows you, the success will come to you unexpectedly. Everything you happen by, apparently, coincidence: you will know the love of your life in a walk through the Park, you encantaras you with the ideal partner in a supermarket, you will receive an email the book with the information you needed both, etc. These coincidences, as tells us Corentt, are not coincidence, but causality.

Director Ulrich Kromer

Here, only the topic of customer relationship management is present on a stage on all days of the fair. On 25 October the trend topic of social CRM revolves around. Experts will explain fundamentals and trends presentations and user examples convey impulses around on the efficient management of customer relationships. The live comparison of CRM systems promises tension this year. On two days of the fair CRM provider present headed the consultancy Stephan Bauriedel their solutions to practical problems. Also ERP vendors will show in Live compare on the IT & business, how they address challenges of everyday corporate life.

Before the eyes of the mass audience, the systems under management of the GPS must go through society for the testing of software mbH step by step preset scenarios. The live comparisons were last year”one of the crowd pullers, explains exhibition Director Ulrich Kromer. Reason enough for us, this concept to expand.” For The best for the end probably security experts “. For each day of the exhibition the IT & business is concluded with a live hacking event. Sebastian Schreiber, Managing Director of the SySS GmbH, will demonstrate how supposed safety barriers are to go to, and gives recommendations on how companies can protect themselves from hackers. IT & business and the DMS EXPO are open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. Due to the overarching concept, both trade fairs with a ticket can be visited. The ticket costs 25 euros at the box office (reduced 15). Who uses the comfortable online registration, will receive (reduced for ten euros) the card to the ticket price 15. You can find more information, press releases and photos of IT & business and DMS EXPO at: itandbusinessde dmsexpo net/itandbusiness your editorial contact: country fair Stuttgart GmbH Kerstin Lammel exhibition Piazza 1 70629 Stuttgart Phone: + 49 711 18560-2382 fax: + 49 711 18560-2440


Unlike water, antifreeze does not freeze down to -40 C to 65 C and the temperature of its boiling point above, as well as antifreeze has anticorrosive and lubricating properties. As stated above, the main task of the cooling system – cooling the engine. This is so but not quite. To be more precise – to maintain engine operating temperature, which is 90 – 110 C. After the initial phase of work, especially in winter, and the engine should be warmed. The main working element of the system Cooling is antifreeze.

Therefore, we consider liquid cooling system. Previously, as the fluid in the system flooded with water. It was not very convenient. In winter, long before parking the car in the cold water had to be drained from the system. Besides boiling point of water is low. As you know, when boiling liquid engine stops because it can overheat and malfunction.

In modern systems, engine cooling used antifreeze or antifreeze. This – a mixture of water and specialty chemicals – ethylene glycol. Freezing temperature of liquids up to – 40 C to 65 C. In addition, they have higher boiling point. Antifreeze in its composition have also lubricating and anticorrosive additives. there are still old), which is constantly rotating. The basic units of the cooling system – it is cooler and the so-called cooling jacket. Cooling jacket – it's a whole network of canals in engine. They, like a shirt, really wrap the engine cylinders. The fluid that circulates through these channels, assigns the operations of the engine heat from the cylinders. As you already know, the hottest parts of the engine – it's cylinders. Still, after they burned the working mixture, while stressing a lot of heat. Here are their what needs to be cooled in the first place. More fluid bathes all the other heated parts, which give it its warm. Hot coolant fluid through the hose goes into the radiator. The radiator consists of two containers – the top and bottom tanks, between which there is a lot of fine tubules. Liquid stream is divided into many streams, pass on these ducts and cooled. Heat through the thin walls of the tubes goes into the environment. The radiator is usually located in front of the car and intensively blown counter flow of air. If this flow is not enough, then comes to help a fan behind the radiator. Upon reaching the engine temperature limit special sensor includes a fan that blows a radiator, cooling liquid. Temperature liquid drops and the fan is turned off. The cooled liquid enters the water pump – full circle. But if you remember at the beginning of the story of the cooling system, we have focused on the fact that the cooling system not only cools the engine. To cool the engine warmed up quickly, a special device – the thermostat closes the fluid path to the radiator and opens it only when the engine reaches its operating temperature.


Mexico, a country where the majority of its population is Catholic with a percentage of 92% according to statistics from the 2000 INEGI. The Mexican population has built an identity attached to their religion because of the power that this institution has gained with the passage of time. The Catholic Church has marked the Mexicans a way of life full of values and commandments telling us what is good and bad. The media have benefited him to this shocking attachment of religion for his own commercial good. They use religious symbols as marketing tools. For example, the policy comes to mix religion: in various States of the Republic, mainly in Jalisco have been manipulated by politicians who used religious symbols to be able to identify with them and be liked by the people, such is the case of the former President Vicente Fox Quesada to kiss the hand of Pope Juan Pablo II during his last visit to MexicoWhen it is assumed that Government should be a secular stance, according to article 6 of the Mexican Constitution called freedom of religion and worship.

Television stations, especially televisa touching religious in most of its programs themes, such is the case of soap operas in that its main characters are caught up in problems solved low help him any religious figure, either the Virgin of Guadalupe, nuns or priests. A clear example of this is the program called La Rosa de Guadalupe where the main theme are the miracles of the Virgin. Another example is the television station Tv Azteca with its programme each who with his Holy showing miracles that unconsciously encourage the audience that all their problems are resolved through divine intervention according to the Saint for his devotion. This creates a consciousness of hope based on faith resulting in dreams and illusions on people, not letting them fight in a social reality in society. People need motivation to develop positive environments that help them out forward, and not with soap operas that have no utility. Original author and source of the article.


Most of us have read or heard about the importance of excellence both companies and individuals, but what must be done to make it really work? Through years of experience in the area of training I realized because the desire for implant excellence doesn’t work them, many things may include the following faults: stay only with theory: for any change without a doubt that you should begin with the information, but many training programs only have the role of being informative and if it is true that they may help to some extent only in short period and then work the idea dies. A plan structured to your compliance are indispensable for making ideas to become practical. Excellence must be a State of people: so that the ideas of quality work they must be fully integrated in the individual, based on many well organized efforts persons acquire the habits needed to become men and women of excellence. 3. Lack of persistence: being constant on an idea is one of the most difficult tasks mainly when the results are not presented and when you have to knock down a lot of barriers in order to achieve what you want. 4. Poor planning: sometimes people have the desire but there are no clearly defined plans that can support new ideas, that can cause despondency and negativism which causes that its implementation is more complex.

5. Poor communication: good communication is vital in all human activity, to accomplish objectives it is important to properly define the communication channels and all aware of them. 6. Inadequate evaluation and follow-up: in life all idea of change should be measured no matter if the measurement is qualitative or quantitative, the good thing is do it continuously and to remedy things that have not gone according to plan. Lack of commitment and accommodation: according to Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals more difficult to overcome in our mind part is accommodation, our life is a series of habits and change them involves pain and most people Dodge, by reading this book you will find techniques to strengthen positive habits and overcome the inertia of the mind that seeks to bring him always to the same place, achieved an extraordinary motivation capable of breaking all paradigms that are hindering internally, the power to manifest all their dreams accompany him at all times. Dozens of failures in the organizations and persons that prevent having a culture of excellence, we can mention the things you most need to highlight is that changes require a strong commitment and achieve what you want can take some time, but once the changes have become an integral part of individuals, i.e. ideas are engraved in people’s subconscious mindsall that awaits us is the resounding success and the price of sacrifice is worthwhile, please visit:

One Night

Mercedes Castro collaborates as well with the event organized by the center of information a. Muller because tamen told us. The event will take place on Saturday at 2100 hours in the Plaza of Fonte de Ramos of Sanxenxo and will feature the selfless performance of various groups. The information centre to the women of Sanxenxo is a resource of global intervention, through advice, information, comprehensive support and awareness of the community to enforce the equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. For this reason we continue year after year from our Center in activities against this type of violence. Specifically this year, counting on the collaboration of the FEMP and the INJUVE, have planned a small campaign I also tale of raising awareness of this issue among the male population younger and open to all ages. This has been designed to perform a velada-concierto on 11 September, that has as its main theme the awareness against gender-based violence. Activities that are going to develop are:-elaboration and dissemination of information, by way of advertising posters graphic material your pasted on the busiest points of the Town Hall, plates with the motto of the project, as well as the delivery of leaflets in strategic locations in the city and during the concert with information about what is gender-based violence and telephone numbers.

-Evening concert: Who shall bring the musical note and groups that collaborate selflessly: DELAHOJA, AID and POP MARVEL and backed by a public figure, Mercedes Castro, which presents the concert, the sympathetic dona Amelia’s father Casares TVG series. DELAHOJA, group of HIP HOP, based in Pontevedra. Its components have a unique style and refined that remains latent in his musical creations, where the Spanish and Arabic melt to flow quite naturally. The influences of individual components, derived from rap, reggae and dancehall, and the mixture of languages resulting from the interaction of cultures of its members, are the essential characteristics of the strong style that presented. AID, young artist but with great force that rejects the macarreo and rappers stereotypes and that bet by a clean rap and values.Telecommunications engineering student at City olivica, Aid began to delve into hip-hop at age twelve. Aid is also the newly-winner of a contest through MySpace. POP MARVEL, pop group from Pontevedra, which will perform an acoustic with two guitars.

Pop to listen to. Pop for storytelling. Music for fun. Music for us. Music for you. The godmother and presenter of the Act will be Mercedes Castro, natural Galician actress of As Pontes and that is well known for his role of Dona Amelia in the TVG father Casares series. Schedule of the concert I also tale against violence against women 21: 00 I start of the evento.presentacion of the project also tale by the godmother Mercedes Castro and acknowledgements in charge of the Director of the center of information to women: Diana Nazara 21: 15 reading manifest and presentation of musical performances, brief description of the hand of Mercedes Castro participating groups. do 21: 30 performance of the pop group of Pontevedra in acoustic Marvel Pop 22: 00 performance of AID Delahoja action 23: 00 24: 00 closing of the act more information: Silvia Bermudez (CEGAFOR) 986 104 092.*Visita our group on facebook and follow us: #! / group.php? gid = 144664442236712 original author and source of the article

Travel To New Orleans

When in the summer of 1963 he traveled to New Orleans is employed by the firm Reilly Coffee Company. It is owned by Jack Reilly, known ultra rightist guerillas sponsor of Cuban exiles. Oswald shortly start distributing pro-Castro leaflets (the beginning of his “bath sheep” to make it look like a communist pro-castro) the address indicated in the pamphlets as the office of “Fair Play For Cuba” coincides with the the office of Guy Banister, a former agent known the ONI and the FBI and funded right-wing anti-Castro guerrillas to mount an invasion of Cuba. That is, while a member of “Fair Play to Cuba” (Fair Play for Cuba Committee) is wicker plus the Caribbean Anti-Communist League (Anti-Communist League caribbean of the Caribbean) and Friends for a democratic Cuba (Friends of Democratic Cuba ).And his official control is the FBI agent Guy Bannister, the FBI’s Chicago office and former FBI officer of the Office of Naval Intelligence officer, whose office “Guy Bannister Associates, Inc.” is a known CIA front for training anti-Castro Cubans, was located in 544 Camp Street, New Orleans. Camp 544 was the location of Oswald’s pro-Communist organization “Fair Dominica Play for Cuba Committee.” the building of the Office of Naval Intelligence was in charge of 544 Camp. On the same street, just meters from this office are the offices of the ONI, the FBI and Secret Service in New Orleans. Funny place chosen to mount island a pro-Castro Marxist shed. . Losexiliados Many hard-liners pass by.

Grooming Dogs

We always must take care of that we do not give pulls him nor we do damage to him, since does not have to associate this moment with a stress situation or tortures. In order to obtain this what we will make sercomenzar to cepillar slowly from the root of the hair and we will go loosen to the knots and tangles that could have. It is necessary that always we are careful in taking hold the hair and cushioning the pulls in case they took place. We always must begin to comb to our dog from the head, that will be the first part in which we will repair. We must backwards begin from the root throwing the hair, although always it is important to respect the birth of the same and its route so that the cepillado one is more effective. Later we will happen through the back that the cepillaremos in the same way that the head, to finish by the legs and the belly. In all these parts we must take care of of cepillar all the hair, that is to say, if our dog has different levels from length which we will do will be to separate the longest hair to comb the first shortest one and finally the length.

Although the theory sounds very or, at the time of taking to these techniques to the practice not always everything he is so simple, since normally the Golden Delicious Dogs and of all the other races they resist or the state of the hair is not indicated, and therefore the pulls and other problems are at your service of the day. In order to avoid this we have a series of tricks to our disposition. In the first place we must know that for the most indicated long hair it is to make use of a comb of prongs will serve that us to avoid the pulls and to eliminate the tangles with more facility. One of the main problems at the time of cepillar a our dog is that the hair usually is gloomy and as soon as slides the brush with smoothness. In order to obtain that this does not take place and the brush slipping easily what we will do will be to avoid to wet the hair, that is a measurement that many adopt and is an error in all rule, since when it is dried it entangles more.

What there is to make esutilizar serum or substances that nourish the hair of ours animaly they give to smoothness and smoothness. We can find special products for them without we damage its hairy leather. To use before passing the brush a dryer if the dog has the very long hair is a good advice, since it will help us to eliminate much dirt and to manage to dissipate some enredones. This will make the task easier of passing the brush and of eliminating the knots and enredones. The dryer will be in charge to prepare the hair momentarily and to cause that more small change stays and without tangles. It is necessary that always, we do what we do, we are pending of our dog and its well-being, since in the end the one that can suffer is he.

Bolchevique Revolution

Who already had that to work in group it knows how much this can be, if not it worse, one of the worse experiences. Happily, the opposite also is possible. When one has equipped functions, if it understands the satisfaction resultant to share with other people the confrontation of a challenge, being surpassed it or not, it is very rewarding. Already if he is not so alone, to plan, to implement e, later, to commemorate or, in the worse one of the hypotheses, to assume the defeat. Makarenko (1985), in its workmanship on the developed pedagogical experience in the Gorki Colony, standed out the importance of the collective work.

More than what a strategy, it was a principle and thus the organizador axle of the educative activities. In the chapter ' ' Pedagogia de Comandante' ' , 4 told as the system was created of destacamentos and commanders, calling attention for the disdain and the irony, that it provoked in the bureaucrats of the State. The system was determinative in the form to work ' ' coletivo' ' in the colony. The starting point was the idea of that they did not have with who to count not to be they themselves, a time that the colony was distant of any urban center. This isolation was folloied of a strong playful sense, that allowed them, in way to the adversities, to search the pleasure. Some characteristics of the system of destacamentos deserve prominence, between them: ) the commander was treat as the commanded ones: without privileges; b) had a stimulaton to play some functions; c) the size of the group varied task according to or the challenge to be executed. The two last characteristics do not costumam to generate controversy, the first one nor in such a way. The absence of privileges for the commander, sharpened with the values of the partner-politician-economic system implanted with the Bolchevique Revolution 5, can be pointed as one of the causes of bankruptcy of the proper system.

Virtue Know Distinguish

On our walk everyday we hear numerous words whose meaning perhaps we do not know and therefore not interpret them and we take them properly. But this is only the beginning of the problem, since it could be justified from a thousand and one ways than at present, with so much flow of information in the media writings and especially in the audiovisual, accumulate us so much that you don’t know or what to start first resolve doubts, therefore, output more easy and unfortunately the most frequent is indifference to unknown situations that we face. Undoubtedly to mention just two of the words that we hear day after day, it is the value and virtue. As a preamble to the topic, if at this time someone asked us what we mean by these two concepts?, it is sure that we permaneceriamos not silent and say something based on what we know of them, as they are term than in major or minor grade have commented them on our closest relatives and friends circle. But on the basis of the replies frequently we hear you get the impression that the value and virtue are commonly confused with the morality of the person, the responsibility of the individual or civic of the citizen. Therefore, in the confusion that remains in most people, the fundamental question is, do really know the meaning of the value and virtue and as beyond in our lives? Do they depend on? Who is responsible for your study? Now, to increase the factors to be considered before such questions, other questions of interest would be do know what the relationship of the habit with virtue? Should be mentioned that there is undoubtedly a vast literature and bibliography with regard to these issues, but the primary objective of this article is the provide the basic definitions for a more accurate understanding, moreover the recognize the distinction and relationship that keep the values, virtues and habits.