Director Ulrich Kromer

Here, only the topic of customer relationship management is present on a stage on all days of the fair. On 25 October the trend topic of social CRM revolves around. Experts will explain fundamentals and trends presentations and user examples convey impulses around on the efficient management of customer relationships. The live comparison of CRM […]


Unlike water, antifreeze does not freeze down to -40 C to 65 C and the temperature of its boiling point above, as well as antifreeze has anticorrosive and lubricating properties. As stated above, the main task of the cooling system – cooling the engine. This is so but not quite. To be more precise – […]


Mexico, a country where the majority of its population is Catholic with a percentage of 92% according to statistics from the 2000 INEGI. The Mexican population has built an identity attached to their religion because of the power that this institution has gained with the passage of time. The Catholic Church has marked the Mexicans […]

One Night

Mercedes Castro collaborates as well with the event organized by the center of information a. Muller because tamen told us. The event will take place on Saturday at 2100 hours in the Plaza of Fonte de Ramos of Sanxenxo and will feature the selfless performance of various groups. The information centre to the women of […]

Travel To New Orleans

When in the summer of 1963 he traveled to New Orleans is employed by the firm Reilly Coffee Company. It is owned by Jack Reilly, known ultra rightist guerillas sponsor of Cuban exiles. Oswald shortly start distributing pro-Castro leaflets (the beginning of his “bath sheep” to make it look like a communist pro-castro) the address […]

Bolchevique Revolution

Who already had that to work in group it knows how much this can be, if not it worse, one of the worse experiences. Happily, the opposite also is possible. When one has equipped functions, if it understands the satisfaction resultant to share with other people the confrontation of a challenge, being surpassed it or […]