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Storytelling For Copywriting

Text training from the 9th-10th April in Berlin advertising copy reads anyway! Says your colleague. Most of it is bullshit anyway, says your ego. You write or assess product, advertising and sales? You want that your brochures, newsletters, emails, ads or letters be read again? 90 percent of the German advertising texts are bullshit lyrics are peppered with phrases, phrases and words, additionally enriched with cliches and jargon. The structure of the text is problematic and illogical. Promise and Embassy are unintelligible, vague and unconvincing. The design remains clueless. End of the history of advertising that is the desired effect of advertising copy maybe the beginning of something big is rarely achieved today.

Bullshit Bingo is a creative technique that is used to find phrases, words, and phrases. The game tests the extent of pollution of the text and offers solutions for new formulations. Story is good text tells a story. Dramatic advertising texts be better read and better remembered. The story meets the Buying motives of the target group and increases the fascination of the brand.

The story becomes the means of transport for the advertising message. Concrete, vivid and emotional slogans are a sales advantage. Good cheatsheet is an image enhancement. Tell and touch, rather than describe and explain is a way out of the crisis of the text. The drama works In the text practice storytelling for copywriting, you improve your writing style and your style customer. This opens up new text course. You will learn how to write a gripping story in the headline and the body text. Design story approach and text structure. You effect through dramatic design and invent new text perspectives. Improve the reasoning and plausibility of your stories. If you do not want to write or to the two-day training helps you evaluating texts. You get decisions and arguments and learn what matters in writing and assessing product, promotional and sales texts. Find solutions for the presentation of the text composition. Here you should check out twice find: corporate marketing and product management sales, sales promotion or promotional press and public relations advertising agency consultant copywriter and author editor Grafiker-and designer happy ending the two-day training gives you style customer, dramaturgy and creative techniques for effective copywriting. The training contents serve all industries and types of text, print and online. We will systematically guide you to the storytelling. Caution! The number of participants is limited to 12 people. In the training, product, advertising, and sales texts can be analyzed if you submit work samples in advance. In addition, you can work out your own copywriting training. For that, you get the briefing form with the confirmation of registration. Storytelling for copywriting, 9-10 April, Berlin. The price is 1.200,00 plus 19% VAT The training respectively will start at 9:00 and ends against 17:00. Her coach is Dr. phil. Albert Heiser.

Fund Financial Boosts Sales In The Area Of Investments 2011 To Nearly 60 Per Cent

The Munich financial broker pool Fund financial reports for the year 2011 revenue relating to investments by nearly 60 percent compared to the previous year. Munich, 07.03.2012 – the Munich financial broker pool Fund financial reports for the year 2011 revenue relating to investments by almost 60% compared to the prior year. While the overall market of closed-end funds garnered 2011 only a weak growth of just 0.2% (source VGF), financial significantly against the general trend can positioned the Fund. The Fund financial Broker service GmbH can announce 2011 already first figures for the fiscal year. All areas have a significantly double-digit growth over the previous year, so that 2011 arrives as the most successful year in the history of the broker pools. Particularly gratifying, the Division has developed investments. In comparison to 2010 revenues by almost 60% increased. The result in the field of investments is particularly pleased me, because here the challenges were just in the last year should not be underestimated.

Financial expands its strong position in the market of closed-end funds still the Fund thus. We are well prepared for the future”, says Markus Kiener, Managing Director of the Fund financial. There are many reasons for the growth of the business. Basis for the positive development of the 23,000 bound to partner of the Fund are financial, which have acted very carefully in a volatile market. Our success is based on a very simple fact: our broker trust us. As owner-managed pool of brokers, financial is the Fund regardless of external influences. Thus we provide absolutely neutral information of the highest quality, and feel that our intermediaries, especially in uncertain times of crisis”, says Anja Heyn, head of Department investments in the Fund financial.

Trust are also the numerous events of the broker pools. The Munich two Beteiligungs road shows, many days of participation and based on a fair in Munich (MMM fair), hold per year (KVK fair) and Berlin (capital of fair). All agents can personal contact with Beteiligungs-team record financial funds at all times and in all Germany and get first-hand information. As in all occupations, as all services are free of charge in the field of investments. Finance is the Fund as a financial broker pool operates in the fields of PKV, LV, property, investments, investment and banking products. The pool is one of the leading broker pools of in Germany and was awarded several times for his work. Only in January the German Fund Prize was awarded to the Fund Congress in Mannheim for outstanding service. The complete corporate balance sheet, including profit and loss account will be published according to the audit by the auditor until mid-year.

The Membrane

To get rid of most harmful bacteria, it takes a few seconds. And at an extremely low operational costs ultraviolet can handle thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. By the way, thanks to this safe method of cleaning the inhabitants of St. Petersburg has been enjoying since 2007, unlike other Russians drinking water. But here, do not relax. Once the water enters the water supply network, there are big water adventure. Through the old, sometimes rotten to the water pipe will be exposed to hazardous substances bacteria and viruses. Suffice it to recall, when an accident occurs or replacement of water pipes – the water from the tap for an hour passes smoothly from dark brown or black to transparent.

And that got into the pipe at their welding – no one knows. So anyway, tap water can not drink. And then the question arises of its purification and drinking water quality is entirely dependent on our choice. And that today the market offers for domestic use? At present, widely used various filters – Membrane and a coal-based. As a rule, they only clean water from chemical and mechanical contaminants.

Membrane filters. Membrane processes can be classified by size of delayed particles into the following types: microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), reverse osmosis (RO). In going from microfiltration to reverse osmosis membrane pore size decreases and, consequently, the minimum amount of delayed particles. In this case, the smaller the membrane pore size, the more resistance it provides to the flow and the greater the pressure required for the filtering process.

Brides Handbag

Many brides not wanting to burden excessively swollen and so much unnecessary spending budget wedding, prefer jewelry jewelry. While that can now be bought many options for jewelry in appearance are often inferior to even the most exquisite jewelry work. As a rule, the proposed wedding jewelry is a strass or pearl sets, necklaces, and where Earrings are made in the general style. Be sure to pay attention to quality jewelry, very often directly proportional to its value. Garter has recently become an important component of the dress the bride. This is a very playful and seductive accessory. That he is participating in the contest, when the groom removes the garter from the bride's leg and throws over his shoulder unmarried guests at the wedding.

Whoever catches it is traditionally marry next. Color Garter can be very different – red, gold and green. Very popular blue suspenders and a combination of white and blue, as is traditionally something blue will certainly be present in the attire of the bride. Brides Handbag optional, but very handy accessory, because it allows the bride to always have on hand things essentials – make-up and clean handkerchiefs, for example. When choosing a shoe should follow a few simple truths. To begin with, it comfort the bride. It is important to remember that the wedding day – a day in fact, a huge, full of trouble and strife. Should not be overestimated their strength and acquire great, but uncomfortable shoes for a huge heel, but then suffer the whole day because of uncomfortable shoes.

You can not sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of beauty. In addition, buying shoes, be guided by the length of your dress and your height and an increase groom is also very important. If you do not wear high heels in everyday life, and the growth of your husband allows you to 'grow' at 8-10 cm, then think about how to buy shoes with heels, because if you dress a little too long, every extra centimeter cut can take away the beauty of your dress. Keep in mind the basic rule of comfort. By the way, the height of the pad can be adjusted downwards to account for the high platform. In such shoes you will be feel much more confident. In addition to the bride's accessories are just a lot of mandatory wedding details that are required for the wedding. For example, wedding glasses. But not the ones that the bride and bride to be split for good luck, and those from which they drink at a gala banquet at the restaurant. By the way, wedding wine glasses look better with the suitor, because there are many styles and colors of this enhancement. It is necessary to consider both of your opinions. At first glance, one might think that all these wedding stuff is not so important, but it is the correct selection of wedding jewelry can create a miracle and make the image Brides resulting in delight as she herself and the wedding guests.


To be reached CONCLUSION, the sustainable development depends on planning and recognition of that the natural resources are not infinite. To invest in technological education, research, to start to think that the recycling is of basic importance in the search of the support and to make with that public politics give support to this fight, are only some of the attitudes that they need to be taken to continue in this way. Of this form, all have that to collaborate so that this type of development is adopted, mainly, as life style. As well as it was possible, during the history of the humanity, the implementation of some economic models until arriving at the capitalism, where the exaggerated consumption is stimulated, as nothing more it was important, the model of sustainable development has everything to give certain, and needs to be placed in practical fastest possible. When consuming with conscience, the people if become positive agents of transformation and each one donates a little of itself to improve the world its return. It is this what all the sectors of the society have that to make, to work so that the future generations have all the possibilities to usufruct a system socially just, ambiently balanced and economically prosperous, for a long period of time.