Civil Code

Tenant of the land plot has the right to transfer the leased land for sublease within a period of the lease without the consent of the owner of land subject to the notification. At subtenants subject to all rights landholder. In addition to subletting the tenant may, with the consent of the lessor to transfer its rights and obligations under the lease to another person (transfer) to provide for free use, as well as to give leases as collateral and make it as a contribution to the charter capital of business partnerships and companies. The main land management documents are: 1. Surveying the land and receive executive survey. 2.

Development and coordination of the project boundaries. 3. Works on land surveying. 4. Making land use case.

5. Carrying out of cadastral registration. 6. Assign inventory numbers. 7. Conclusion of a treaty lease. All transactions with the land made in writing and in accordance with Article 164 of the Civil Code, in accordance with Federal law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it" are subject to state registration egrp On the sales contract, one party (seller) agrees to transfer land ownership to the other party, and the buyer agrees to take the land and uplastat for him certain amount of money (the price). By barter contract one party undertakes to transfer to the other side of the land in exchange for other land or other property. On the lease of the land plot the landlord agrees to give the tenant the land for payment for temporary possession and use or for temporary use.