Hemorrhoids Guaranteed

A diet many times helps it if you have some wrong, remember the proverb that says: you are what you eat. People are in the habit when you have a disease the first thing they do is go to drugs, without knowing the real cause which originates, to when you talk about hemorrhoids diet greatly […]

Maria Cortes Escat

There are aspects of attitudes and behaviors of communication generated entropy to within the group are: infantilism sentimentality hysteria egocentrism of the Johari window application allows and facilitates individual and group discovery of these and other problems that can lead to the deterioration of relations in the team. The foregoing shows that the art and […]

Health Organization

The information is the best recipe to prevent. Therefore, in 300 pharmacies in Madrid with ASEFARMA, the main consultancy of pharmacies of Spain, just to start an action that will relieve more than one. Our pharmacists will give information to any citizen who has doubts about what is this virus and what has to be […]