Others One

In the research field carried through in the city of Caracara, interviewed 70% of are Simple optionees for the National one, however, in accordance with the same research, the interviewed ones when questioned on that it analyzes they they made of a Law 123/2006, about 40% of the interviewed ones had demonstrated a certain dissatisfaction […]

Partner Gmb

Tobias Faulkner, responsible for communication of REDNET AG: As a service provider we occupy an important bridging function between the customers and vendors of IT products. While we continue beside the local independent store on local regional presence. This is of particular importance to our clients and is a priority for us. Is important to […]

Today It Hunted

The Dreams of the Tati: DAY OF HUNTER When the unoticed sun already for Is lying the Tati candy For its deserved rest Well more than deserved! After one day, without very understanding Only leaves the smile to be valid As business card Leaves its message of love, good received Already with the closed eyes […]

Ecoville Urban

The infrastructure incorporation and the imaginary one on the nature placed for the real estate speculation satisfy the desires of that they possess economic conditions to consume, materialize its dreams of, in an only space, to have security, comfort and a nature that one provides ' ' good quality of vida' ' , thus not […]