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In the research field carried through in the city of Caracara, interviewed 70% of are Simple optionees for the National one, however, in accordance with the same research, the interviewed ones when questioned on that it analyzes they they made of a Law 123/2006, about 40% of the interviewed ones had demonstrated a certain dissatisfaction in relation to the Simple regimen of the National one, for they had believed that if they find wronged in what it refers to the appropriation and transference of relative credits the taxes contributions. However the research concluded that the choice for the adequate system of taxation depends on many factors, that must carefully be analyzed, so that it is possible to make the option most viable to contribuinte.REFERENCIA BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Federative Constitution of Brazil, site, 1988 – BRAZIL. Law 9317 of 05 of December of 1996. It makes use on the regimen tributary of the microcompanies and of the small business companies, it institutes the Integrated System of Payment of Taxes and Contributions of the Microcompanies and the Small business companies – SIMPLE and of the other steps. available in: Access in: 02/08/2010- Complementary Law 123/2007, site, 2007 – SPINETTI, Orlando, Simple National the More excellent Aspects, 2007 – BARBOSA, Fabiana Gragnani. Law n 9,317/1996 (SIMPLE) X Complementary Law n 123/2006 (SIMPLE National): comparative picture. Jus Navigandi, Teresina, year 11, N. 1461, 2 jul.

2007. Available in: . Access in: 30 jul. 2010. – BRAZIL. Internal revenue code.

31 ed. So Paulo: Hail, 2002. QUESTIONRIOPerguntas for the entrepreneurs who are optionees or not for the Simple NacionalPesquisador: Keitiane de Arajo CostEntrevistado: Company: 1) As the Company is fit: () ME () EPP () Outras2) Which segment the company works? () commerce () Service () Others the Especificar3) How many employees work in the company? () 1 4 () 4 10 () more than 104) the company is Simple optionee for the National one? () yes () no5) Has how much time to the company is Simple optionee for the National one? () 0 the 1 years () 1 2 years () 2 the 3 anos6) the company opted or migrou automatically for Simple the National one? () it opted () migrou () n.d.a7) You has doubts in relation to the new regimen of taxation, Simple the National one? () yes () no8) Under which system tributary the company was fit before law 123/2006 () Simple Federal () Profit Vain () Real9 Profit) That evaluation you makes of Simple the Federal one? () Bad () To regulate () Good () 10 Excellent) That evaluation you makes of Simple the National one? () Bad () To regulate () () timANEXO III Good – ComparativoO Picture picture to follow was extracted of an article of authorship of Fabiana Barbosa Gragnani and demonstrates in boldface the innovations and alterations that the advent of the Law n 123/2006 brought in relation the previous legislation.

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Tobias Faulkner, responsible for communication of REDNET AG: As a service provider we occupy an important bridging function between the customers and vendors of IT products. While we continue beside the local independent store on local regional presence. This is of particular importance to our clients and is a priority for us. Is important to us above all that our employee network is properly tensioned so that we can ensure future service and support in the whole country. Our set goal for the coming years is to increase the market shares with strategic alliances, as well as to open new distribution channels.” Brief description: REDNET AG of the founded in 2004 IT Outfitters REDNET AG with its headquarters in Mainz may refer to its customers as a reliable partner for the planning, delivery, installation and management of the entire IT infrastructure to the page.

REDNET offers as a trading partner of leading IT manufacturers such as Fujitsu Siemens computers, IBM, Kyocera, Lexmark, MAXDATA, Microsoft, NetApp and Samsung professional advice and favorable procurement conditions for the appropriate hardware and software. The portfolio also includes individual repair, relocation, rollout and installation services and provides support in financing. REDNET also focuses on system consulting in the areas of storage, Systemvirtualisierung, and Terminal Services/server based computing and offers special solutions for the small business use. The personal care by competent contact persons and the online market place round off the extensive range of services. The customer base includes numerous authorities and institutions as well as companies of medium-sized companies from diverse industries. More information: REDNET AG Carl-von-Linde-Strasse 12 D-55129 Mainz contact person: Tobias Freiwald Tel.: + 49 (0) 61 31-250 62-112 fax: + 49 (0) 61 31-250 62-199 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau Contact person: Svenja Saeed Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web:

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The Dreams of the Tati: DAY OF HUNTER When the unoticed sun already for Is lying the Tati candy For its deserved rest Well more than deserved! After one day, without very understanding Only leaves the smile to be valid As business card Leaves its message of love, good received Already with the closed eyes the way of the magic world Today it did not want beauties dresses or palaces Today It wanted a tent in the side of a lake wanted to be hunting of adventures That one that is eating fruits Going up in the twigs until up there In an adventure candy and amused hunted its hunted Its did not have to see with badness Nor much less wars was for the fruits That hunted Its thanks to the taste of it was for unknown treasures Treasure that was not gold did not belong nenhuns parents Nor little had enemy When she tired to jump, to dance To play Was for the hut to rest inside of the hut A treasure Inside of the treasure A book That one that it more liked to give to read Underneath of ‘ ‘ foot of livro’ ‘ (*) Reading, reading, reading. Adormeceu Dreaming in opening the eyes. It happened Waked up already it is Tati. Coated But it does not cry! I promise that it will come back, my beloved..

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The infrastructure incorporation and the imaginary one on the nature placed for the real estate speculation satisfy the desires of that they possess economic conditions to consume, materialize its dreams of, in an only space, to have security, comfort and a nature that one provides ' ' good quality of vida' ' , thus not having immediate concern how much to the convivncia with the problems of the city, disrespecting the existing connections, as it detaches Corra (2000, p.11): ' ' The urban space is broken up, therefore it possesss different types of use – commercial, industrial, residential areas or of urban expansion. However, these diverse areas meet articulated through the calls flows, that is, for the circulation of people, merchandises, investments or decises.' ' For this author, the capitalist urban space? broken up, articulated, reflected, condicionante social, full of symbols and field of fights? it is a social product, resulted of actions accumulated through the time, and produced for agents who produce and consume the space. This condition if materializes in Golden as in any another city with the same characteristics, the enterprises as the Ecoville thus reflects this dynamics. In this context this work, developed in the Laboratory of Physical Geography is part of the activities of the Group of Partner-economic-ambient Research of Mato Grosso of the South has as objective to understand the process of incorporation of the real estate concept of nature in enterprises, having as research object the condominium Ecoville Golden Residence & Resort. Fact of relevance that justifies its elaboration is the alienation of the people who incorporate in these closed spaces a false relation of ' ' man-nature and good estar' ' , proportionate by means of the consumption and of the purchasing power, in which, the relation man and nature and welfare, he is vendida by the real estate market, as a solution for the problematic socioambientais of the city.