Chief Customer Officer

In many cases, it is precisely the other way around. When namely the companies deal extensively with their customers, often in such a way, how managers prefer do this: data structure, optimize processes, study indicators. The so-called hardware’, so the insertion of control instruments and the associated technologies are in the foreground. The so-called software’, […]

German SparkassenVerlag

ebills & more committed Wolfgang Stier as Sales Director of key accounts, the April 21, 2010 acts since mid-April Wolfgang Stier as the Sales Division Manager of key accounts with the eBilling provider ebills & more GmbH. In the newly created position, he is responsible for attracting new customers from the industry, supports existing and […]


Commercial insurance free compare business insurance comparison you are well insured? As an entrepreneur, you deal every day with risks – specifically can cover many of these dangers. The insurance needs of your operations is determined by type of business, legal form, size, financial stability and other factors. It is important to recognize the specific […]

GmbH Payment

The Web-based real-time system makes a variety of useful functions around the clock available: Standardized or individualized reports as well as the transaction history of the cards can be recalled. Minor modifications of the POS systems were required to enable the types of transaction charge, redemption and status of each checkout. They were carried out […]

Giving Away One

German national team travels to South Africa Berlin, April 21, 2010. The World Cup in South Africa is fast approaching, and the tension rises: early May will announce head coach Joachim Low, who belongs to the German team for the World Cup to the preliminary squad. With a little luck, German football fans can convince […]

Virtual Worlds Starts

“Berlin: boom town for educational – theme of virtual worlds”, the founder, Berliner platform launches portrait series Berlin 3D worlds. Panfu, Smeet or Twinity, more and more providers sit with their network-based parallel dimensions in Berlin. The portraits of the different educational to concept, approach, benefits and the target groups, explain the differences and […]

Nicole Korber

The project started 2005 in may gradually the individual modules were implemented and all tested for compliance with strict quality assurance and pension Bank security guidelines before their rollout. Until now, the Rentenbank solution has processed already approximately 35,000 bills. Roughly 700,000 documents have been archived so far in the form of print lists and […]

National Administration

Mars Observer is a space probe constructed by the Americans to throw a look to him to Mars. After arduous days, the scientists of the National Administration of Aeronautics and the Space (NASA) put in path to Mars Observer they released and it to the sky with a precise mission: to watch at Mars of […]

Ulm Group

The integrated scoring approach ensures that they are engaged in the important customers and these present exactly the appropriate proposals. All relevant data of the customer and of the family unit can be used to prepare for a consultation. In addition, the built-in ToDo list shows which measures for the next 12 months are. With […]

Peshawar Carpets

Afghan carpet producers combine tradition and craft with a modern and attractive patterns and shapes. In Afghanistan, there are known areas where for centuries handmade carpets in different patterns and qualities are produced. In the areas around in the capital Kabul in the East and in and around the cities of Herat in the West […]