Venezuelan Organization

Remember, the entire organization in its minimum organizational, departmental structures and teams, is characterized by the creative pursuit of excellence and total quality by all its members. In this case we could ensure the comprehensive collective creativity in an absolute manner across the enterprise. It’s a company with a humanistic, creative, expressive and exploitative sense […]

Hamburg Account

Line managers get used to the fact that they are responsible for the process and outcome of labor for their employees. And if someone is working bad, then, first of all, it’s their vina.Ustranenie “narrow” places and inefficient use of labor resources, improving the organizational structure. Office for the KPI does not give the desired […]

Optimize Server Infrastructure

Nowadays, more and more companies use information systems to automate their core business processes. In the fight for consumer companies are trying to offer its customers a higher level service, which ultimately results in a significant increase in the number of used business applications in the company. For their effective functioning requires a powerful server […]

Budgetary Execution

The Court of Accounts, after to conciliate the information of the reports of Budgetary Execution and Fiscal Management, will make the relative calculations? the debts consolidated and movable, alerting the State will be above of 90% of the respective limits (Art.59, paragraph 1, III of the LRF). In case that the limits determined for the […]

Marco Kainhuber

Via the connected MCP Jobboards jobs be optimally distributed on the Web and thus achieve a high number of applicants, potential applicants and interested parties; at a fraction of the cost that must otherwise be spent on publishing job advertisements. PeRsy technology and the connected multi channel-posting channels (MCP channels) is the so-called peRsy effect; […]

Biological Sciences

Two teros of the Planet Land are constituted of water and Brazil is an immense reservoir, has 12% of all the water available candy in the world. This represents 53% of the water of Latin America. Each Brazilian makes use of 34 million liters per year, a fantastic volume, therefore according to ONU (Organization of […]