Optimize Server Infrastructure

Nowadays, more and more companies use information systems to automate their core business processes. In the fight for consumer companies are trying to offer its customers a higher level service, which ultimately results in a significant increase in the number of used business applications in the company. For their effective functioning requires a powerful server infrastructure, which able to optimize the company's operations, internal and external communications, increase staff efficiency, etc. That's why the challenge of improving efficiency (utilization) server infrastructure today is a top priority. The problem of rational use of the server infrastructure is complicated by the fact that, often, the information system the company is built on equipment from different manufacturers, which greatly increases the cost of its administration and support.

One of their technology, which allows to solve this problem is virtualization. Server virtualization Infrastructure refers to the process server isolation from each other, allowing to reduce the dependencies between them. In a traditional physical infrastructure on the same server establishes one server application that uses an average of 5% of the physical resource. Virtualization solutions allow you to place on a single physical server in parallel several of these applications. Thus, by creating, for example, 10 similar virtual machines on a single physical server, you can increase its load to 50-60%. You can still use the existing server hardware in the enterprise and thus avoid the cost of support and development of new equipment.

Worth Note also that the time to install and configure the virtual server is ten times less than installing a traditional server. Virtualization technology has several advantages. It allows you to create unified view of hardware resources through which polytypic physical servers with different I / O subsystems have become inseparable. This, in turn, allows administrators consolidate computing resources to provide IT services on demand. Through the use of virtual machines can achieve a high flexibility of your server infrastructure at the expense of operational load sharing between computer systems and migration of virtual machines between physical servers. In this case, all changes take place without interrupting the enterprise application that is extremely important feature for the business. We should also mention the possibility of reducing energy costs, air conditioning and maintenance, as well as the presence of loyal licensing programs that allow optimize software costs. All the above benefits of server virtualization are critical in the current economic situation as a whole contribute to lower total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure (an average of 4 times), and the quality of infrastructure and capacity problems to be solved not only decreases, but the opposite – increases significantly the flexibility of information systems, the reaction rate to changing business requirements, reliability and scalability.

Budgetary Execution

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Marco Kainhuber

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