The Anvil

If you can not buy – do it yourself. Board table tops – at least 3 inches, it's better – 5. Surface that would have been better upholstered steel sheet, at least a millimeter thick. But that you could move it myself from the place – you sometimes between the bench and the wall will have something useful to fall. If space allows – to put it up so that we could all sides around. It should be easy for you, that is, him should be comfortable to stand (that would whittle planers or mark something) and sitting (that would be something minor tinkering).

Lighting. Bench should be well lit. Afternoon light should give the window – but better to the east and north, because in summer you can not sit in the sun, and direct sunlight is the best option for the job. And the morning sun on a couple of hours in summer and winter will be good. At night, ambient light, reading lamp and carrying – all needed. Location. There will be noisy, there will be a vibration (like a hammer on the anvil will begin to peel or cut piece of metal grinder – so soon and will you have vibration:).

Well ruzhishko experience where you, as not a favorite workshop? OTOH there. Therefore, the workshop should not be in the attic: gudezh will be around the house. You'll be there from time to time tinkering anything at night. Insomnia will visit you, just imagine. And, if you have at dedication middle of the night suddenly shmyaknetsya oxygen cylinder – do not let that be a disaster for family life;). That's why it's better that would shop was a separate building, part of the garage or at least an annex to the house – but not in the house.

Fox Mountain

According to Wiki Auriverde reporter in (24/04/2008), Squid delivered Roraima formal? who knows other regions of the Amaznia? in short term of time, when the lesser parcel of the population (8.7%) will be declared independent through legal steps, and it will get the obvious support of ONGs foreign there operating, the same ones they had congregated that them under the mineral reserves and are financed by the foreign governments. (Source: The delivery of the Amaznia started for Roraima! For Wiki it has reported Auriverde, RIO DE JANEIRO. 24/04/2008) and For Herman Glanz, (30/05/2008) in the column to CMI Brazil: This can imply in the creation of independent territories or an aboriginal country, losing Brazil the territory of aboriginal lands. The aboriginal reserve Fox Mountain range of the Sun, an area of 1 million and 700 a thousand hectares, in Roraima, the border of Brazil with Venezuela is where if they locate the biggest deposits of cassiterita and nibio of the country – beyond much gold, Uranian and until diamonds. The story below, written for journalist Juliana Moreira was extracted of the edition of 16 of October of 2004 of the magazine ' ' The Democrata' '.

One is about something very preoccupying: areas of the Amaznia, particularly in the state of Roraima, already are, in fact, controlled for foreign groups. Until where the Brazilian Government is responsible for this situation? That interests exist for bring of the facts told here? As to give one &#039 is enough in this; ' entreguismo' ' , that it is placed very next to the same condition of injure-native land or of treason? Tubix Kat questions. During the military dictatorship, enter years 1960 the 1970, after the great crime committed for U.S.A.? in Hiroshima and Nakasaki (in Japan) that it resulted in the death of until today 300 a thousand people – the Brazilian territory was inspected by the proper villain who if intitled captain America, to know the areas with bigger concentration of Uranian.