Housethat House

Be at peace with oneself is synonymous with being at peace with others, to achieve this our life always has to be full of love, through the love we can see the fullness of God. One of the goals of every human being must be experiencing love in its entirety: the couple, with nature, with others, with the arts, discoveries, etc. In fact with everything around us even things that we don’t understand at some point. The big secret to experience love is knowing that the world is a personal creation, in that idea Andrew Corentt teaches the fundamental principles of the creative forces of the universe in his book I am happy, I am rich, through reading this book you will understand the universe and know that you should always love because every being is an expression of your own world, by studying this free you can rid of worries, guilt and feelings that make you feel bad, you will begin to take control of his life and thus can realize all your wishes and achieve true fullness, exceed the illusion of pain. To the extent that you can see manifest life itself in others will know that you can not afford to have bad feelings for anyone, because you can not hate himself. Andrew Corentt explains to us that one of the ways of achieving peace, freedom, love, health and prosperity is wishing for others, everytime you help or something only heals itself is healing is.

Should always wish the best for others, or can happen to us as this anecdote: at a fairly large company worked an engineer in charge of construction projects, it happened that this engineer liked to steal without that owners should give account, he did it very subtly, because once the owner of the company said unto him: look you have worked here for many years and the truth I am very confidentso that you DatTable a special project, I want to make me an excellent house with all kinds of luxuries, using the best materials, you cannot skimp on costs, then the engineer said, very well, I will build it in a way excellent. Then the constructor engineer said this is my opportunity to achieve something good and started to do a bad job to steal, but at first glance he looked well internally had many shortcomings, finished him work the owner told him, look, you are now done an excellent job for your dedication to this company I give the keys to your Housethat House you just build is your home, the man cried and complained to be done badly for himself. This small anecdote shows us that many times so we act with feelings of selfishness, that should not be, everything we see is our world so want and deliver the best.

Cristobal Colon

Then highlight the most important qualities which led Columbus to embark on their journey, and that can help them to undertake their own heading for success: take the perpendicular Colon was so successful because he had the courage to sail directly to unexplored waters sailing with the wind at his back, and also giving back to the safety of the coast. He sailed in direction perpendicular to it without knowing that you would find, if it is that it was something. Vision, power of persuasion and contagious optimism as well as being a great sailor, were an excellent writer and cartographer. He learned to speak with the accent and dialect of the aristocracy in order to improve its relations with intermediaries of the Royal Court. His persuasive vision and contagious optimism, gave him the opportunity to influence those who had the position and authority to sponsor his adventure. Leadership and boldness Columbus was able to stimulate and motivate his crew for more than forty days to you not desist. Often questions were around as we find land?, we will eventually fall by the edge of the Earth?, etc. It wasn’t easy to be in command of three caravels in the middle of nowhere. I finally leave with a self-assessment that will drive them to take the course of his life: I have a vision or dream that determined the course of my life? Do I have the courage to pursue new ideas and carry out new projects? Do I use my knowledge to develop my ideas? I think that my dreams will come true? I am willing to experience discomfort in the pursuit of my dream? Can I convince others that share my dream or vision? I communicate my ideas clearly to others? Do I have the ability to dispel the fears of the people? I research my plans to fund and develop a strategy to carry them out? I am optimistic and positive against mishaps, misfortunes and mistakes? I take the word impossible as a challenge? History does not know another man who has done the same (inscription in the tomb of Cristobal Colon in the Cathedral of Seville) want to know what won Cristobal Colon in addition to the glory and be remembered throughout history? He won the title of Don and Admiral in the ocean and the viceroy and Governor of the bare land, and such rights may inherit them their eldest son and hence in front from generation to generation, and if outside little, received 10% of species, gold and other riches. BLOG (related topics): original author and source of the article