Whether Dr. Ulrich Maly is launched and even at the start of Munich/Nuremberg, 24.07.2013: tomorrow Thursday there will be an impressive image before the stone grandstand: 16,200 registered runners lace up the shoes and go together for more team spirit and the memorable finish in the Grundig Stadium at the start. After Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly is sent by kick-off all runners in the race, he also dealt with the six kilometres. Over 580 companies in Nuremberg and surroundings send their staff this year again at the B2RUN at the start. The next record of attendance was 16,200 applications cracked this mainly companies such as Schaeffler AG with 500, the DATEV eG with around 900 and Siemens AG with over 1,600 participants contribute. “As the 1st will be FC Nuremberg a team and the finish line in his own” Stadium experience.

The expected high temperatures B2RUN is prepared, the runners are optimally supplied: not only in the target, the participants sufficiently in water and others can Serve drinks, also at the start all get through the B2RUN beverage partner Christinen enough liquid. On the track, there will be water sprinkler, which should make for a cool refreshment. The organisers appeal also to the participants not to fast to start, not to overextend themselves and most importantly: to drink throughout the day so much! Also launch donor and patron Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly precedes by example. Mr Dr.

Maly also puts together the running shoes and is city of Nuremberg with his team”six kilometers to strengthen the team spirit, but while taking it can. Allow a smooth run all athletes, there is a new starting block arrangement with staggered starting times this year. The distance of six kilometers is chosen so that even little trained runners without too much difficulty can reach our goal. And this not only football fans will experience a great feeling of goose bumps. Grundig subsequent Stadium with the finish line in the After run party and atmospheric award ceremony will be surely unforgettable the assets and their supporters. There are downloads all information about the route and the grid. We will ask locally on the B2RUN info stand at Grundig be Stadium, the press accreditation for prior registration under or. Information about the B2RUN in Nuremberg, visit about the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has given a new face to the companies running and created a unique corporate run series: the German company cross country Championships. “In ten major cities qualify company for the great B2RUN final in Berlin and ran money for Charitypartner RTL together we help children”. This B2RUN is aimed at companies of any size and provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a length of six kilometres. More information about B2RUN, see or B2RUN.

Rehearsal Recording Hostess

Several event agency website directly online show the portfolio of professional figures, so that the companies can choose the best.A new trend or a genuine renewal? Almost all the hostess and model agency have a more or less satisfactory portfolio so that the companies can make a preselection, as well as do the model casting directly or select the fair hostesses, which fits to your claims for this estimate fair job. In this way the companies can count on only the images and short descriptions, often describing not the real properties and inclinations of the model or the hostess. That’s the usual service, a trade fair agency should guarantee. Today, finally, thanks to the video conference service which is offered to the clients of some hostess and model pages, can do on line companies webcasting and test shot, to assess the best properties and inclinations of the model or the hostess. Although jetztz such service only for some hostess and model pages is available, this service already has a huge success with the operators and the boys and the girls. So, now some promotion agencies offer modern service a new ud. The main advantages coming from the use of the service of auditions online are the following: selection times, to a significant reduction of general costs, that move, you can do the casting and rehearsal recordings, without, the ability to create a direct connection between the company, the models and the hostess of the promoter. Apparently, casting and Probeaufnahmenonline are very suitable for the companies that need to make catalogues, calendars, websites and such work, as well as for the companies, because they want to participate in a fair or at a meeting, seeking special hostess to do real trade fair hostess, i.e. not only beautiful girls, but also professionally excellent people, because they consider very important, a haunting promotion fair.

Federal Supreme Court

a new Web service known online-TV-recorder party OTR to legal music download Berlin, the 5.12.2011 – under (OMR) today a new variant of the cloud recordings for music files before. Per day, 2000 new Mp3 songs recorded by about 40 online radio stations. Within a few days a wide range of MP3 files is the new user this free available. So far, Internet-radio stations were recorded with PC software. Many PCs are overloaded with more than 10 simultaneous recordings. Then the user must to online storage space and upload his music collection, to mobile and other PCs to have available.

These steps are eliminated now that is recorded directly in the cloud, so on its online store. Since 2005, this principle in the TV is applied area for movies and series, which the user can download for free at. The market leader in the field of online TV recordings applies this procedure now also for music. The Federal Supreme Court had in his decision by mid-July (Judgment of 12.07.2011 – AZ.: 14 U 801/07) made it clear that no infringement of the reproduction right is given, as long as the recording process is fully automated.

Czech Government Republic

The construction of agricultural biogas plant in Prilozany, in the South of the Czech Republic, was carried out in four months. Biomass in the Czech Republic the most important source for renewable energy should be up to the year 2015. The demand of Czech investors and operators for biogas plants is correspondingly high. Equipment from manufacturers who have experience abroad and offer a nationwide service. WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH, Vechta belongs in the tenth year of existence of the experienced German bio-gas plants manufacturers and has already built the fifth facility in the Czech Republic during the summer. The construction of agricultural biogas plant in Prilozany, in the South of the Czech Republic, was carried out in four months.

After pouring the concrete of sole in March vertical feeder could begin in the same month with the construction of 2500 cubic metres-large stainless steel fermenters, the cogeneration (CHP) and the 35 cubic meters large. The construction of the biogas equipment was completed in May. Beginning of June already poured the first gas through the pipes. The final approval of the test operation was carried out in June. The WELTEC biogas plant contains a bio gas emergency flare and does not Hygienisierungs – and separation unit. In the CHP, a gas engine unit with 366 kilowatt performance ensures the electricity which is fed into the network. The energy efficiency of the plant is high, because the heat generated in the operation sheds and stables is used. The plant is fed with substrates and manure of the operator, as well as surrounding farms: pig manure, silage, corn silage, GPS and crop waste.

For the construction of biogas plants in the Czech Republic, the EU and the Czech Government use targeted incentives. A key reason: The carbon dioxide emissions per capita is high in a worldwide country comparison. From an EU environmental fund and an EU fund for the development of rural areas, Czech farmers will receive financial support for the construction of biogas plants. The feed-in Act ensures decentralised green electricity in the Czech Republic since 2005 for an increase in the production of energy from renewable Sources. In 2010, around 10 percent of energy from alternative sources were produced; in 2008, the ratio was four per cent.