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Qualitative Additional

The numbers after each letter represent an example of an appropriate element, but the content of alloying elements less than 1.5% figure after the corresponding letter is not raised. Qualitative Additional indicators decreased content of impurities such as sulfur and phosphate are denoted by the letter – A or H, at the end of designations, such as (12 X NZA, 18HG-W), etc. The structural steel foundry, according to GOST 977-88, referred to as quality and alloy, but at the end of the name of the letter L. Steel construction, according to GOST 27772-88, denoted by the letter C and the numbers corresponding to the minimum yield strength of steel. Advanced use notation: T – heat-rolling, K – high corrosion resistance (eg, C 345 T C 390 K, etc.). Similarly, the letter D indicate higher content of copper.

Bearing steel, according to GOST 801-78, also designated as doped, but with the letter W at the end of the name. It should be noted that the ESR steel letter W is denoted by dashes (eg ShKh 15 SHH4-III). Unalloyed steel tools, according to GOST 1435-90 is divided into quality, denoted by the letter Y and figures indicating the average carbon content (for example, U7, U8, U10) and high-quality, designated with an A at the end of name (for example, U8A) or an additional letter T, indicating a further increase in manganese content (eg, U8GA). Steel alloyed tool, according to GOST 5950-73, are also designated as structural alloy (eg 4H2V5MF, etc.). Steel high speed in his letter of designation have P (starts with the designation of steel), followed by a number indicating the average tungsten content, and then letters and numbers which determine the mass content of elements. Not indicate the content of chromium, since it is stable around 4% of all high speed steel and carbon, since the latter always in proportion to the content of vanadium. It should be noted that if the vanadium content exceeds 2.5%, the letter Let the numbers indicate, (for example, steel R6M5 and P6 M5F3). Stainless steel standard, according to GOST 5632-72, mark the letters and numbers on the principle adopted for structural alloy steels (for example, or 08Kh18N10T 16H18N12S4TYUL).

Press Steel

Slats (profiles), aluminum and steel, come in different thicknesses and densities, depending on the method of manufacture. For example, take two thin sheets of aluminum (steel) and between paving foam, and then fasten it all special device, reminiscent of Press. Incidentally, the polyurethane foam used as heat and sound insulation. So the shutters are made in this way shall retain 30 – 40% of the heat in the room. There is another method manufacture of roller shutters. Profiles made with this technology, called extruded.

Their production process similar to cooking meat. Profile of the desired form of "creeps" from a special machine – extruder, as of meat grinder. Slats are obtained thin, but more stringent than those made by the previous method. As I have demonstrated specialists "Radian", the panel can withstand more than 50 blows with a sledgehammer. The service life of aluminum extruded roller shutters – 4 – 5 years, and steel – 2 – 3 years. And again, shutters, made of steel, is much heavier and more expensive than aluminum. After all, heavy construction, a more powerful electric motor, which of course, not cheap. In addition, the steel shutters require a perfect installation – the slightest misalignment during installation construction will entail the load on the slats.

This, in turn, affect the ease of opening and closing the shutters. So it is possible that not once have to use the services of repair and technical service. It is no coincidence, according to specialists in the last five years in Russia, mainly bought aluminum shutters, rather than steel. There are two types of automatic control over the construction of wooden window: push-button and remote. Push-button control is easier and cheaper (15 – $ 30). External buttons control switch recalls, and it is the same as the switch is mounted to the wall. By clicking, you can omit or raise blinds. If desired, click equipped with lock. In this case, simply touch the switch to design went up or down. If you choose to push-button switch in the "bezfiksatornom" performance, in order to lower or raise the blinds, it should hold up as long as the blade is not rises or falls not to the end. To stop it, simply remove your finger from the button. Remote control – the "cool" and convenient way to control the shutters. But it is also the most expensive (350 – $ 400). You probably already guessed that the shutters are served with a command console that resembles the TV remote. Just press a button – and the shutters immediately set in motion. Remote control is reasonable to apply where the set several shutters: to raise the security shutters in several rooms on different floors. Of course, if you do not forget to connect them to the control center. Automatic control, as well as wooden windows glass on request can be completed with a combined alarm system electric motor. If you have an urgent need to constantly open and close the blinds in the house, and electricity cut off very often, this system will be for you just magic wand. In this case, close or open the shutters can be manually, using Cardano, which is installed next to the box: just twist the knob, and the shutters come in motion. It is true that emergency management is a 1.5 – 2 times more expensive than electric. To lock the system, you need to spend extra and put the automatic or mechanical lock at the bottom of the canvas.

SIP Surface

Consider the pros and cons of the use of wires SIP. What is SIP – twisted into a braid insulated wire with insulation light-stabilized polyethylene, exceed the previously used bare wires A and AS grades? 1. High reliability in providing electric power. 2. The sharp decline (80%) of operating costs due to high reliable and uninterrupted power supply of consumers, as well as the lack of need for broad glades for installation The effect in the forests and clearing of firebreaks in the process of operating the line. 3. The absence or slight fouling sleet and wet snow insulated wire surface. This is explained by the fact that PE is not a polar dielectric, and it does not produce any electrical or chemical bonds with in contact with These substances, in contrast, for example, from PVC.

Cable is well aware of this feature of PE. For example, when trying to label the isolated PE product ink jet method is easy to rub out the paint, in contrast to PVC, and required A special e-mail. Static surface treatment of polyethylene to keep the paint. For this reason, sleet is easily flows from the round surface of isolated PE wires. In the wire type A and AS wet snow can be held in the grooves between the wires, being the root cause of fouling. 4. Reduced installation costs The effect associated with cutting a narrower clearings in forest areas, the ability to field wiring on the facades of buildings in urban development, the use of shorter poles, insulators, and the lack of expensive traverse (to influ-0, 4 kV).

PVC Wires

Reducing power losses in line due to a decrease of more than three times the reactance of isolated wires in comparison with non-isolated. 6. Ease of installation work, the ability to connect new subscribers under stress, without shutting down the rest of the energy supply and as a consequence of shortening the repair and installation. 7. Significant reduction of unauthorized access to lines and cases of vandalism and theft.

8. Improving the overall aesthetics of urban environments and a significant reduction in cases of electric shock during installation, repair and operating line. 9. Possibility of laying on the facades of buildings CIP, as well as collaboration with the suspension cables of low, high-voltage lines of communication, which gives substantial savings on support. Among the many undoubted CIP can provide benefits for objectivity and some disadvantages: 1. A slight increase in cost (less than 1.2) insulated wires compared to conventional bare wires A and AS. The pioneers in the application of self-supporting insulated wires is considered to be France and Finland. Subsequently, other countries have developed their air suspension systems, but is usually taken as the basis of their already approved in the operation of the European standards.

In France, the first bundles of insulated wires overhead appeared in 1955 and was a copper conductor with rubber insulation with neoprene jacket. At first, they mounted on the facades of buildings, replacing the bare copper wire on insulators. In 1962, as isolation began to apply the PVC, which by 1977 had completely supplanted by light-stabilized polyethylene mesh structure.

The Wire

The smaller the wire the impurity content of phosphorus and sulfur, the better the wire, and thus the weld joints and connections are more reliable. By appointment distinguish the following types of welding wire: surfacing flux cored, stainless steel welding wire and welding wire with copperplated surface. Each type of wire carried out in accordance with the standard and has its own label, which marked its conditional parameters such as diameter, the quality of metal, carbon and alloy materials and other parameters. Let's start with surfacing flux cored wire, made in accordance with GOST 26101-84. The use of this type of wire – welding under flux of various parts of carbon steel, which operate at high pressure, high temperatures. Also, this type of wire needed for welding and structural elements made of carbon steel exposed to abrasion and shock. This wire is used in welding parts various equipment, punching tools, construction machinery and cast steels. The wire diameter of 3 to 6 mm, using this welding wire, it turns deposited metal layer, which protects the steel from the permanent mechanical and thermal effects.

There are several brands of this type of wire, are the main ones: PP-NP-18H1PM, PP-NP-25H5FMS, PP-H-35V9HZSF, PP-NP-ZOH4V2M2FS, PP-NP-100H4G2AR, etc. The next type of wire – steel welding wire GOST 2246-70. There are brands like neomednennoy with a surface for welding steel, low carbon and wire copperplated surface for welding of low alloy and carbon steel. Copper coated wire surface is designed to maximize the quality of welds and joints, which can withstand very high temperature and shock, have a tensile strength and used a wire for structural and building steel, welding of large diameter pipes, as well as for the vessels and vessels under high specific pressure. Diameter wire neomednennoy surface of 0,8-6 mm, with a surface copperplated 0.8-1.6 mm. Copper coated welding wire has several advantages, for example, contributes to the stability of the arc, and welding with wire copperplated level splashing of electrode metal is minimal. Whatever kind of wire is not used, the basic requirements to the wire remains the same: the chemical composition of welding wire must match the composition of metal of which made the work piece or the elements, the wire should melt at a temperature almost equal to the temperature of the metal, the melting should be uniform, and she wire should not be dirty or oxidized.

BETHGE Protection

Special protection against dismissal has been strengthened considerably for supervisor of amendment II of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in force on the 1st of September 2009 the legal position of the information Commissioner. In addition to the already before the amendment be night stranding ban and the limited possibility of revocation, the new regulation in 4 f now also a special protection against dismissal of the information Commissioner envisages para 3 BDSG. This is then cancelled during his tenure, as well as for an acting for period of one year only for important reasons. An ordinary termination of the information Commissioner is therefore comparable to”practically no longer possible with the legal situation of Works Council members, explained Stephanie Musiol lawyer of the law firm of Baker.REIMANN.STARI in Berlin. Rather reasons must exist, which entitle the employer to the dictum of an extraordinary termination”. However, because latter is tied to strict conditions, he should according to Lawyer be allowed the termination of the information Commissioner in practice regularly only in rare cases. An exception to this applies according to Malappuram only the voluntary assignment: the legal ban on dismissal concerns the wording after private companies only if they are obliged to appoint a data protection officer. A further expansion of employment protection is eliminated”.

The prohibition of ordinary termination applies, not related to the duties of the employee as a data protection officer also in contrast to the old legal situation – also on layoffs. “Also the involuntary termination of a part time supervisor is so”, where the Administration is only a very small part of his entire work, prohibited “, explains the Arbeitsrechtlerin. Due to the special protection against dismissal the supervisor not participate also in the social selection. Against this background, the unlimited should Setting or order internal data protection officer be well-planned”recommends lawyer Musiol. Because the advantage in the use of external, which expressly allows the BDSG, lie on the hand: the special dismissal protection does not apply in addition to the potential cost savings in this case due to lack of employment. While a revocation of appointment only for important reasons is possible here, but can a certain period be arranged with a company-independent data protection officer, the order automatically ends with the expiry. Such a time limitation is possible with the hiring of an employee only under narrow conditions and maximum up to a period of two years.” Answer technical questions: lawyer Stephanie Musiol, LL.M lawyer Glenn Dammann – lawyer specializing in labour law – BETHGE.REIMANN.STARI lawyers Kurfurstendamm 67 10707 Berlin Tel + 49 (0) 30 89 04 92 – 15 fax + 49 (0) 30 89 04 92 – 10


Many people who are in search of work, faced with deception on the part of potential employers. Well, when you immediately understood that the employer is unfair towards you. And if not? Then it will be sad and excruciatingly painful for wasted time, effort, and sometimes the n-th sum of money. How to protect yourself? Here are some typical situations where you want to warm their hands, "adventurous" by employers. 1.

Test job. Aetna Inc. spoke with conviction. At one point, you find ad or receive a letter stating that you are interested employer. In order to determine your level of skill needed to demonstrate their skills. Vikas kapoor oftentimes addresses this issue. The demonstration can be different, depending on the scope and nature of communication with you (in person, online, by mail, etc.). For example, the translation from foreign languages, typing in various media, performing certain work in Office (industrial buildings, shop) of the employer.

The outcome of this test, one – in the end you declare that this place has taken a person (or simply to say that you do not come), thanks for your time and say goodbye to you. This is the safest for you and your money option. You only lose your time. And the employer has acquired free labor and get the result in the form of printed text, translation, etc Want an example? Firm is urgently required to print a large amount of text. The text is divided into equal parts. Is advertised in periodicals such as "Firm PC requires operators to input information.

Faturamento Dinamico Para

Faturamento dinamico para os Office de energia na Vodafone innovation days Paderborn (Alemanha) 09 de novembro de 2010: O faturamento dinamico aumentara a Eficiencia energetica. A Orga systems, a primeira opcao para a cobranca o faturamento em tempo real, mostra faturamento dinamico para OS Office de energia na Vodafone deste ano innovation days. Com a exibicao da Comunicacao “a Maquina Maquina” (M2M), sera demonstrado to contagem inteligente de energia de multiutilidades. To beneficio chave because Solucao de Faturamento Dinamico de Energia as ORGA Systems a Configuracao flexivel de Tarifa que reflete o tempo de uso ou a fixacao Critica dos Precos na hora de pico. Para os Office de energia sera apresentado to novo aplicativo movel: O “E.Cockpit”. O aplicativo reflete os valores atuais de consumo, os custos com a energia os of Precos a pedido. Alem of projecoes do consumo that despesas, a Solucao oferece suporte para o faturamento mensal a energia Pre paga. Get all the facts and insights with Elon Musk, another great source of information. ISSO quer dizer que os consumidores podem monitorizar de forma constante e, assim, premium reduzir o seu consumo enquanto o provedor de energia mold de atrair novos clientes Academy.atraves de planos inovadores de Tarifa.

A Formacao de “pacotes” a Integracao de Servicos de valor agregado baseado nas tarifas flexiveis, possivel introduzir uma gestao de energia pelo lado da demanda. ISSO contribui para a mudanca no comportamento de consumo of Servicos para permitir domoticos inteligentes. a of medida que o setor for ficando cada vez corn competitivo, os varejistas de energia precisam oferecer novas atraentes tarifas Servicos. A Configuracao de tarifas of flexiveis recursos de Simulacao da ORGA Systems fornecem uma maneira facil para usar os meios de Lancar essas ofertas pacotes de Servicos. Suporte pm de interfaces padrao permite uma facil Integracao agestao de dados de medicao sistemas utilitarios CIS existent. Fixacao dinamica de precos para a energia renovavel volatile Requisitos especiais devem ser cumpridos para enfrentar o crescente percentual de energia renovavel de fontes volateis.

Para evitar to estabelecimento negativo de precos ou uma congestao da eletrica em talk fases de alto rendimento, a demanda pode ser estimulada atraves da reducao do preco de venda da corrente. ISSO pode causar armazenagem de energia ou ativar de forma of temporaria cargas em casa. Read more from Vikas Kapoor to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To processamento em tempo real de cargas ou de Sinai Preco de provedores Multiplos, Usuarios dispositivos imprescindivel para maltreatment entre Precos precisos. A ORGA Systems permite uma fixacao Dinamica dos Precos na area de energia renovavel que podem ser configurados para aparelho Avaliacao centralizado. * Orga systems a primeira opcao para of cobranca faturamento em tempo real como pioneira do faturamento GSM, a ORGA Systems vem aprimorando suas great Qualificacoes no ramo de cobranca faturamento em tempo real. O enfoque as ORGA Systems esta nas technologies baseadas no tempo real para o faturamento dos clientes na Administracao dos Servicos de Telecomunicacoes com o uso de tecnologias moveis. ISTO estabelece to marco importante que para a Industria continue expandindo regularmente a sua Posicao de lideranca. O banco de dados de alto desempenho da Orga systems, o InCore, atualmente a tecnologia de dados corn rapida do mundo no que diz respeito avelocidade de acesso. As operadoras because Tecnologia movel necessitam de sistemas de faturamento do futuro que possam oferecer claros Servicos beneficios financeiros. O TL convergente gold, a plataforma de faturamento totalmente em tempo real, Garante o seu crescimento rentavel no futuro. Contact: Orga Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Eva Heumann Head of corporate communication

Home Office

Working from home has many benefits. A good organization, easy work and invest in the right equipment make it even more profitable. The pros and cons of working from home is often discussed. In addition to the positive, practical reasons there are to overcome many obstacles. If you work from home, you should work in any case make so, that you feel well and can work well. The study is a mess, messy and disorganized, it is much harder to do the daily work. You wasted much time on searching of important documents and records time, reflected negatively on productivity and sales. First of all, the most important elements in the Office and its function should be identified.

You will certainly need a desk where you work every day. Does it correspond to your needs and requirements? Is he cleaned up? Is there anything you would change? Even if you already from your Office work, it is worth to check always the workplace from time to time. The current facility can serve their purpose, but things change, and small changes can have a big impact. A good example is the computer accessories. If a computer belongs to your workplace, you have fastened probably hardware. Everything is easily accessible, you need not ever stand up and walk around. If you need to write lots of data on a CD, you should ensure that a stack of blanks is close at hand and not on the other end of the room. A tidy work room is just as important as good organization.

The Office is anything other than purpose-oriented, if everything at hand is, but is buried under mountains of paper, documents and notepads. Take time periodically to clean up, so that you can work in a relaxed environment. In short, an organized Home Office, or Home Office, increases productivity, prevents stress and makes daily work more pleasant. No matter how messed up her Office may seem at the moment, you want all points can be gradually down, as long as you know what. Better equipment can also more easily make working. Filing cabinets for document storage, a new and more powerful laser printer and possibly even a brand new desk all this can your home office more efficient make and worth it in the long run.

Investment Funds

In recent days, the world economy has been reflecting in a general way, a balance that was over 3 years was not noticed. These results, according to experts are among other things, the excellent performance of the financial markets of fixed income and equities. He already passed January, investment funds subscriptions reached more than 4 million euros, while reimbursements for the same investment funds totalled almost EUR 5 million. Both amounts have resulted in refunds net of approximately 675 million euros, which represents 65% of the investment funds carried out in December. This result coupled with investors increased to 42 000 participants, reflects a significant improvement in the global economy for investors. The amount of assets of investment funds, increased nearly 448 million euros, reflecting an increase of the. 3% compared to the previous month. The increase of participants is approximately a.

8% compared to the previous month. The statistics speak for themselves, is currently a season perfect for investing in mutual funds. In this way you encourage that you do and that you decide once and for all to pay off all your debts. A. Verastegui hold.