Press Steel

Slats (profiles), aluminum and steel, come in different thicknesses and densities, depending on the method of manufacture. For example, take two thin sheets of aluminum (steel) and between paving foam, and then fasten it all special device, reminiscent of Press. Incidentally, the polyurethane foam used as heat and sound insulation. So the shutters are made in this way shall retain 30 – 40% of the heat in the room. There is another method manufacture of roller shutters. Profiles made with this technology, called extruded.

Their production process similar to cooking meat. Profile of the desired form of "creeps" from a special machine – extruder, as of meat grinder. Slats are obtained thin, but more stringent than those made by the previous method. As I have demonstrated specialists "Radian", the panel can withstand more than 50 blows with a sledgehammer. The service life of aluminum extruded roller shutters – 4 – 5 years, and steel – 2 – 3 years. And again, shutters, made of steel, is much heavier and more expensive than aluminum. After all, heavy construction, a more powerful electric motor, which of course, not cheap. In addition, the steel shutters require a perfect installation – the slightest misalignment during installation construction will entail the load on the slats.

This, in turn, affect the ease of opening and closing the shutters. So it is possible that not once have to use the services of repair and technical service. It is no coincidence, according to specialists in the last five years in Russia, mainly bought aluminum shutters, rather than steel. There are two types of automatic control over the construction of wooden window: push-button and remote. Push-button control is easier and cheaper (15 – $ 30). External buttons control switch recalls, and it is the same as the switch is mounted to the wall. By clicking, you can omit or raise blinds. If desired, click equipped with lock. In this case, simply touch the switch to design went up or down. If you choose to push-button switch in the "bezfiksatornom" performance, in order to lower or raise the blinds, it should hold up as long as the blade is not rises or falls not to the end. To stop it, simply remove your finger from the button. Remote control – the "cool" and convenient way to control the shutters. But it is also the most expensive (350 – $ 400). You probably already guessed that the shutters are served with a command console that resembles the TV remote. Just press a button – and the shutters immediately set in motion. Remote control is reasonable to apply where the set several shutters: to raise the security shutters in several rooms on different floors. Of course, if you do not forget to connect them to the control center. Automatic control, as well as wooden windows glass on request can be completed with a combined alarm system electric motor. If you have an urgent need to constantly open and close the blinds in the house, and electricity cut off very often, this system will be for you just magic wand. In this case, close or open the shutters can be manually, using Cardano, which is installed next to the box: just twist the knob, and the shutters come in motion. It is true that emergency management is a 1.5 – 2 times more expensive than electric. To lock the system, you need to spend extra and put the automatic or mechanical lock at the bottom of the canvas.

BETHGE Protection

Special protection against dismissal has been strengthened considerably for supervisor of amendment II of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in force on the 1st of September 2009 the legal position of the information Commissioner. In addition to the already before the amendment be night stranding ban and the limited possibility of revocation, the new regulation in 4 f now also a special protection against dismissal of the information Commissioner envisages para 3 BDSG. This is then cancelled during his tenure, as well as for an acting for period of one year only for important reasons. An ordinary termination of the information Commissioner is therefore comparable to”practically no longer possible with the legal situation of Works Council members, explained Stephanie Musiol lawyer of the law firm of Baker.REIMANN.STARI in Berlin. Rather reasons must exist, which entitle the employer to the dictum of an extraordinary termination”. However, because latter is tied to strict conditions, he should according to Lawyer be allowed the termination of the information Commissioner in practice regularly only in rare cases. An exception to this applies according to Malappuram only the voluntary assignment: the legal ban on dismissal concerns the wording after private companies only if they are obliged to appoint a data protection officer. A further expansion of employment protection is eliminated”.

The prohibition of ordinary termination applies, not related to the duties of the employee as a data protection officer also in contrast to the old legal situation – also on layoffs. “Also the involuntary termination of a part time supervisor is so”, where the Administration is only a very small part of his entire work, prohibited “, explains the Arbeitsrechtlerin. Due to the special protection against dismissal the supervisor not participate also in the social selection. Against this background, the unlimited should Setting or order internal data protection officer be well-planned”recommends lawyer Musiol. Because the advantage in the use of external, which expressly allows the BDSG, lie on the hand: the special dismissal protection does not apply in addition to the potential cost savings in this case due to lack of employment. While a revocation of appointment only for important reasons is possible here, but can a certain period be arranged with a company-independent data protection officer, the order automatically ends with the expiry. Such a time limitation is possible with the hiring of an employee only under narrow conditions and maximum up to a period of two years.” Answer technical questions: lawyer Stephanie Musiol, LL.M lawyer Glenn Dammann – lawyer specializing in labour law – BETHGE.REIMANN.STARI lawyers Kurfurstendamm 67 10707 Berlin Tel + 49 (0) 30 89 04 92 – 15 fax + 49 (0) 30 89 04 92 – 10

Home Office

Working from home has many benefits. A good organization, easy work and invest in the right equipment make it even more profitable. The pros and cons of working from home is often discussed. In addition to the positive, practical reasons there are to overcome many obstacles. If you work from home, you should work in any case make so, that you feel well and can work well. The study is a mess, messy and disorganized, it is much harder to do the daily work. You wasted much time on searching of important documents and records time, reflected negatively on productivity and sales. First of all, the most important elements in the Office and its function should be identified.

You will certainly need a desk where you work every day. Does it correspond to your needs and requirements? Is he cleaned up? Is there anything you would change? Even if you already from your Office work, it is worth to check always the workplace from time to time. The current facility can serve their purpose, but things change, and small changes can have a big impact. A good example is the computer accessories. If a computer belongs to your workplace, you have fastened probably hardware. Everything is easily accessible, you need not ever stand up and walk around. If you need to write lots of data on a CD, you should ensure that a stack of blanks is close at hand and not on the other end of the room. A tidy work room is just as important as good organization.

The Office is anything other than purpose-oriented, if everything at hand is, but is buried under mountains of paper, documents and notepads. Take time periodically to clean up, so that you can work in a relaxed environment. In short, an organized Home Office, or Home Office, increases productivity, prevents stress and makes daily work more pleasant. No matter how messed up her Office may seem at the moment, you want all points can be gradually down, as long as you know what. Better equipment can also more easily make working. Filing cabinets for document storage, a new and more powerful laser printer and possibly even a brand new desk all this can your home office more efficient make and worth it in the long run.

Investment Funds

In recent days, the world economy has been reflecting in a general way, a balance that was over 3 years was not noticed. These results, according to experts are among other things, the excellent performance of the financial markets of fixed income and equities. He already passed January, investment funds subscriptions reached more than 4 million euros, while reimbursements for the same investment funds totalled almost EUR 5 million. Both amounts have resulted in refunds net of approximately 675 million euros, which represents 65% of the investment funds carried out in December. This result coupled with investors increased to 42 000 participants, reflects a significant improvement in the global economy for investors. The amount of assets of investment funds, increased nearly 448 million euros, reflecting an increase of the. 3% compared to the previous month. The increase of participants is approximately a.

8% compared to the previous month. The statistics speak for themselves, is currently a season perfect for investing in mutual funds. In this way you encourage that you do and that you decide once and for all to pay off all your debts. A. Verastegui hold.

Press Office Anne Willenberg George

For more information see. About the CallCenterWorld the CallCenterWorld is Europe’s largest international Congress fair for call center management. The unique combination of Conference and exhibition has established itself as a call center flagship event in Europe. 2009 250 exhibitors on current and future industry trends and technologies and 7,500 visitors informed themselves. The Convention and trade show held annually in the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin. For representatives of the press, the possibility of free participation at the CallCenterWorld.

Their accreditation request we take under de /… counter. About management circle, the management circle AG is the largest, independently owned company for vocational education and training of specialists and managers in German-speaking countries. As future researchers the management circle AG provides new and fundamental principles for the qualification of managers and employees in companies. The management circle AG was founded in 1989 by the Board of directors Chairman Sigrid Bauschert.

Today, over 220 employees realize a year 3 000 events with more than 40 000 participants from all sectors. Thus, the company fills a gap in the State education supply. The management circle AG held their conferences and congresses accompanying trade fairs and exhibitions. The knowledge practical mediated in the events is supplemented by complementary product and service offerings. In addition the independent division of Webacad in the areas of online training has established itself and E-learning consulting. Contact: Compaas Group GmbH Press Office Anne Willenberg George str. 22, d-10117 Berlin Tel: +49.(0)30.200 591-990 fax: +49.(0)30.200 591-999 E-mail: Jessica Dorr press officer management circle AG main street 129 D-65760 Eschborn tel / fax: 06196 / 47 22-801/-655 email:

Chief Executive Officer

So, the GWA President is also sure that the WEFRA was often an object of desire. Leonhard but essential belief in the strength of the company’s own brand, as well as the ability to justify this belief by entrepreneurial success, vibration-free succeeded the holders and members of the family h clearly and convincingly”, emphasized in his speech. “Advertising agency FRAnkfurt: our name is location and program at the same time”, said Ariane Haack in short, committed as a shareholder of WEFRA especially for Frankfurt as a city of culture. The family Haack known to art lovers and supporters had therefore asked the guests of their anniversary celebration expressly for donations instead of gifts. They should double from WEFRA initiative of the Freien Deutsche Hochstift and the Frankfurt Goethe House come to good, to support the construction of the German romantic Museum. German advertising history writes a piece in 1933, when product advertising was still in its infancy”Frankfurt Agency, as Markus Weinbrenner, Chief Executive Officer of Industrie – und Handelskammer Offenbach am Main, put it, the WEFRA was founded by Gunther Toepfer. After the war, Rudolf Haack joined the Agency and laid the foundation stone for a close connection to the healthcare market in 1946 with the acquisition of the ad management of medical specialist publisher Georg Thieme. in 1970 she could start including the founding of LA MED Arbeitsgemeinschaft reader analysis of medical journals by initiative of Dieter Haack.

The Agency was realigned around the turn of the Millennium: within five years, the WEFRA with the establishment of six daughters of Agency in the areas of classical communication, media, PR, digital, publishing, and consulting concerning the performance range for many customers and was more transparent and above all more powerful”, so Matthias Haack. And with the creation of the world’s leading network of owner-managed healthcare agencies HEAL”became international. The most recent coup of the WEFRA that recently witness called joint venture WEFRA MediPlus group / MediPlus in life with the Munich-based service plan of vision, emphasized in his speech Mayor Hunkel. Advertising regards the lifeline of the economy of GWA President Leonhard advertising agencies an indispensable link in the chain of value creation, resulting from competition in the free market economy.” “Matthias Haack is convinced: advertising is the lifeblood of the economy, even though in business and politics like its value contribution is disputed.” And for Leonhard promotional engagements are inexpensive instruments to achieve social objectives.” As these are more or less implemented at European level, guest speakers Udo von Kampen, head of ZDF Studio Brussels in his Brussels speech betrayed inside”with a look behind the scenes of the political life in Europe. About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt integrated strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt. Eight specialized agencies brings together under one roof, are the guarantee for its sustainable implementation. The world’s leading network of owner-managed healthcare agencies HEAL as well as recently with the Munich-based service plan group / MediPlus in life called joint venture WEFRA MediPlus are also over 75 communication specialists in the six subsidiaries WEFRA classic, WEFRA PR, WEFRA media, WEFRA digital WEFRA publishing.

Chief Executive Officer

Regional portal allows easy entry into online marketing and mobile card payment Sambasivan, October 28, 2013; The demand local information on the Internet. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs still leverage the potential of the digital business: too complex the issues, to small budgets. simplifies the entry now and brings together offerings for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in online and mobile marketing, as well as adjacent areas. The new Web platform Appunto entrepreneurs control their online marketing activities centrally on the main pages. The mobile card payment provider’s premier iZettle, Europe, has developed a range that makes it easy and cheap mobile card payment acceptance company. We are the ideal partner for those who want to support the success of their business on the spot digital”as Georg Konjovic, Chief Executive Officer of iZettle is a strategic partner for us in this context. In our many years of experience in the local and regional Internet flows a.

Appunto designed facing entrepreneurs, who have little time and want to professionally Act.” With Appunto companies control their activities on the major platforms: Facebook, Google + Twitter and my town. Companies can not only centrally manage online-tool contact info about that. You can also contact their customers in dialog, control actions, and check the results. The service was for use on Tablet PCs and Smartphones are optimized. So, E.g. dealers can set spontaneous promotions directly in a retail shop on the Smartphone and publish.

Online marketing is the daily tool of entrepreneurs. Yet at the beginning of the theme is in Germany against mobile card payment. Mobile card payments have many advantages for trade and local services. IZettle won a strategic partner here. How it works simple and mobile acceptance of card payments: the mini smart card reader from iZettle, the its customers under offers izettle at special rates, suitable both for iOS – Android powered devices.

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The existing limits and existing controls seem to be insufficient. May be harmful consequences for infants and young children. However, conventional water dispenser remove the coarse fabrics usually only superficially. For this old problem, therefore the proven AQAPUR water dispenser offer the easiest solution, because AQAPUR molecular filter systems can purify water at the molecular level based on the principle of reverse osmosis and remove up to 99% of unwanted pollutants. This concept of water treatment has continuously AQAPUR along the lines of nature in almost 20 years. About the thorough water filtration and purification of water, pure water is also finished with natural atmospheric oxygen and energizing – without the use of electricity. Thanks to the patented AQAPUR water technology can be omitted contrary to all conventional water filter systems on water tanks made of steel and plastic with plastic or rubber membrane.

Practically in the Kitchen installed, is always pure AQAPUR premium water, such as from a natural water source, is available. And also taste the superbly cleaned and refined premium is superior to the usual water water from an AQAPUR water dispenser. Thanks to the AQAPUR water filter it is self-evident, that at the end of the day also lime problems, sodium loading and crate dragging thing of the past. With AQAPUR molecular filter systems based on reverse osmosis it feels safe, guaranteed pure and healthy water to drink always. AQAPUR water dispenser thanks to the unique natural triad offer always best quality of drinking water for a drink of pure pleasure and pure well-being. Because pure AQAPUR water is good, do good and tastes better! Detailed information about water source AQAPUR drinking water finishing GmbH Press Office – team media Kaiserleistr. 43. 63067 Offenbach Tel.: 069 / 94 19 85 50 Fax: 069 / 94 19 85 55

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Starting point for a long-term commitment at the beginning of the commitment presented a cheque in the amount of 5.000 euro Lorenz representatives of SOS Children’s villages worldwide. Lorenz want new subscribers to move an action to donate. So the customers can contribute in the future, by they waive their premium when ordering a gift subscription or premium subscriptions. Instead an amount will be donated depending on the chosen magazine subscription worldwide up to 85 euros at the SOS Children’s villages of 5 and the new reader receives a donation receipt for the respective amount of the SOS Children’s villages worldwide. This form of engagement is to underline the persistence of help and at the same time to draw attention to the work of SOS Children’s villages. Lorenz hopes that as many Subscribers opt for this unoriginal in favour of children in Lhasa, to present another check in the amount of 5.000 euro and to be able to look into as many smiling children’s faces on his next trip to Tibet.

About the reader service Lorenz of Lorenz reader service was founded in 1975 and is now one of the first addresses when it comes to attractive Around the subscription goes offers and optimal service. First provider of magazine subscriptions of Lorenz reader service received the safer shopping in June 2009 of TuV Sud “certificate as proof of the ease of use of the online – ABO – shops and the security of the ordering process.” The Lorenz reader service is the customer in the first place. The service team in Starnberg is a freephone number and has an ear for everything: If have any questions about an order, placing an order, change requests or questions about the subscription. On weekdays from 8:30 to 17:30 the staff by the Lorenz reader the service stand. Contact information Press Office: Kurt Lorenz GmbH & Co KG book and magazine sales Press Office Kaiser-Wilhelm-str. 8 82319 Starnberg Tel.: 08151 / 2609-28 fax: 08151 / 78004 E-Mail: Internet: service/news contact details company: Kurt Lorenz GmbH & Co KG book and magazine sales-Kaiser-Wilhelm-str. 8 82319 Starnberg phone: 08151 / 2609-28 fax: 08151 / 78004 E-Mail: Internet:

Depression, The Inner Dungeon

How courage to live find again affected enamel Hutter village. Depression is a serious ailment, more and more people in our society are today affected by the. Existential fears, unemployment and short-time working with enormous loss of money drop many in an emotional hole. The fear of not properly to be able to feed their families, has grown enormously in the people – many fighting for bare survival. Depression is manifested in a feeling of inner emptiness, everything seems bleak and sufferers can feel no more joy. In addition, that depressed people are internally paralyzed: already smallest everyday tasks can be to a seemingly insurmountable hurdle.

There are many types of depression such as age depression, alternating year depression, seasonal affective disorder, etc. but those affected suffer equally. While people with lighter depression can still cope with their everyday life with increased effort, this is for more severe depression no longer possible those affected feel crushed by an internal load. While some depressed by intense feelings of guilt are tortured and feel like a failure, because they are not so powerful, others are taken by an inner indifference and emptiness. The inner suffering, Lebensdurck and pressure for depression is enormous. A patient once put it: I want though, but I just can’t.

Living with depression is like driving a car with Handbrake on. You just progress difficult. Patients with depression can no longer withstand the everyday life and the stress of life. It’s a feeling of inner disintegrating in a seemingly hopeless situation. Their inner suffering is still that depression sufferers often encounter little understanding for their fellow human beings. You’re just lazy!\”, now you still don’t make a scene!\” or stop time then uberwind you! \”are common phrases, get the person concerned to hear and this only be driven deeper into feelings of guilt and inner loneliness. \”\” For people with depression, more understanding must be applied, because it is not only a Sichhangenlassen \”or a no matter attitude\”.