Ham in Spain Main articles: Jamon Serrano ham from Spain and 2 hams on display for sale. Factories Trev lez hams (province of Granada) This product is traditionally consumed in Spain, so they are different elaborations and names him there. Broadly speaking there are two types of ham as the breed of pig from which […]

Ecliptic Equinox

Because the astronomical position of his "Letter Astral" is linked to the precession of the equinoxes (ie, the slow and gradual decline over the point where the Ecliptic Equinox occurs in March), which already has a lag of more than 24 degrees to the celestial position of the zodiacal constellations . In other words, the […]

Grape Wine

Grape wine – an ancient drink of mankind, which has passed a difficult way home from grapes to high-tech production. Today it is difficult to say how many names, brands and varieties of wines. This amount is measured in hundreds of thousands. Which wines are? Guilt devoted a lot of stories, legends, treatises and books. […]

Economic Crisis

In the past if a nation entered crisis, only it was itself affected of gravity, in the decade the past Argentina fell in a bankruptcy due to her dependency by the foreigner, nevertheless her crisis was contained in her own policy and economy, nevertheless we have lived during the past few years in a system-world […]

The Economist

2010′ ‘ Welinton Dos Santos is economist From 1 of May the State of the Paran will have a new state minimum wage, the highest wage floor of the country. Approved in the end of March for the State legislature and sancionada by the former-governor Mr. Robert Requio (currently the governor of the Paran is […]

Economic Cooperation

Dropped in the ranking of the Novosibirsk Region, Amur Region, the Omsk region. The worst environmental rating has Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk region. The European Parliament began to doubt the feasibility of using biofuels European deputies intend to limit the role of first generation biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol) in the development program in favor […]

Economic Causes

Economic causes: it must exist a negative, real and present situation economic, that affects the company as a whole. This negative situation has to be reflected as losses in the annual accounts. It is not enough whereupon there is a diminution of the benefits with respect to the previous year, but it really must have […]

Progressive Implementation Of Home Economics

The progressive implementation of Home Economics should be marked by creativity and decentralization. Each family lives in a landscape that determines their possibilities and limitations. There is no place without possibilities, the problem is, when looking for accurate possibility, where this is not possible. It is the same as the domestic economy in a megalopolis […]