Ham in Spain Main articles: Jamon Serrano ham from Spain and 2 hams on display for sale. Factories Trev lez hams (province of Granada) This product is traditionally consumed in Spain, so they are different elaborations and names him there. Broadly speaking there are two types of ham as the breed of pig from which it derives, is the Iberian pig (Iberian ham) or some variety of white pigs ( “ham” or “ham”). Iberico ham comes from the Iberian pig.

The main features that distinguish it in its capacity derived from the purity of the breed of animal breeding in extensive regime of freedom of the Iberian pig in wooded pastures where they can move, feed and cure the ham, which usually extended from 8 to 36 months.Iberian ham is distinguished from others by its texture, aroma and unique flavor and distinct taste but varies with the degree of acorn who has eaten pork, and exercise he has done. Is generally classified according to how much you have consumed acorns before slaughtering. The official classification allowed for the Iberian hams grouped into:

Grape Wine

Grape wine – an ancient drink of mankind, which has passed a difficult way home from grapes to high-tech production. Today it is difficult to say how many names, brands and varieties of wines. This amount is measured in hundreds of thousands. Which wines are? Guilt devoted a lot of stories, legends, treatises and books. List all the aspects of winemaking in one article is impossible, consider only the key points that are useful for choice of the drink. So, on what general categories can be divided all wines? As a rule, the classification is performed according to certain criteria. – In terms of aging of the wine are distinguished: seasoned (at least 6 months), fine (not less than 1,5 years) and collectibles (3 years).

– On the sugar content: dry table wine (complete absence of sugar and low in alcohol), eating moist (3-8% sugar), fortified wine (when in the fermenting wort is added to alcohol), spirits of wine (7-14% sugar, these include port, sherry, Madeira). Wine, rich in the process of fermentation, carbon dioxide, called bubbly. The most famous sparkling wine – Champagne. – On the alcohol content – table or in-kind (containing 8-14% alcohol derived from natural fermentation), fortified or special (produced by incomplete digestion). Fortified in turn are divided into strong (17-20% alcohol) and sweet (12-17% alcohol). Dessert wines are very fragrant and sweet, may be filed as aperetivy or digestive. For example, a very original plum wine – the Japanese national drink, the recipe, drain the mind together with bone insist on some fruit syrups six months and then bottled in butyki.

Economic Crisis

In the past if a nation entered crisis, only it was itself affected of gravity, in the decade the past Argentina fell in a bankruptcy due to her dependency by the foreigner, nevertheless her crisis was contained in her own policy and economy, nevertheless we have lived during the past few years in a system-world where the hegemony has the United States and all we have become employees to him, especially our Mexico country, where not only our economy and policy employee also sees itself, but it has become a sociological phenomenon in which million of Mexican cross the border in search of better situations to live. Nevertheless now that the world-wide police is weak, the chaos crosses each nation that comprises of the present system-world: Capitalism. As a result of the previous thing, the transformation of the parties must completely be sensible to these changes to offer solutions. Nevertheless we have a State with a power that is underestimated in comparison with the one of the market, now are not the international governors that commands, but companies and all those supranational agreements that grant to external personages strong amounts to him of being able and influences within our territory, begin to be they the most important actors within the decision making in the country. The political parties are debilitated before such changes and they do not respond with effective proposals and solutions before the crisis that is approached and many others. The previous ones can be considered like external factors of the crisis that the political parties reflect, like internal factors we can recognize that these organizations, although in theory must respond to the demands of the town and to be representing of their voice and vote before the State, the political parties are seen more and more remote of the society, they have become parties apparatus, electoral machines whose unique function is to organize the process of selection of candidates, to make propaganda and to obtain to votes, have forgotten its social function and dedicated exclusively to exert its political function, they have stopped propagating and defending ideologies between the town and summary to only look for its citizen participation when this means to vote by the candidates that they same choose, the citizens lose their qualitative quality and they become mere percentage related to the results of the elections or surveys of opinion..

The Economist

2010′ ‘ Welinton Dos Santos is economist From 1 of May the State of the Paran will have a new state minimum wage, the highest wage floor of the country. Approved in the end of March for the State legislature and sancionada by the former-governor Mr. Robert Requio (currently the governor of the Paran is Mr. Orlando Pessuti). With values divided in 4 wage bands, leaving of R$ 663,00 until R$ 765,00. He confers the table with the previous values and the ones that will be practised from May of 2010. Of the current one of R$ 605,52 he goes for R$ 663,00, workers of agriculture, workers in the farming, forest activities and of he fishes. Of the current one of R$ 615,10 he goes for R$ 688,50, administrative, domestic, selling and diligent workers of repairing and maintenance.

Of the current one of R$ 625,06 he goes for R$ 714,00, workers in the production of industrial goods and services. Of the current one of R$ 629,45 he goes for R$ 765,00, workers level technician medium. The new state minimum wage will go to directly contemplate 350 a thousand workers not attended for collective conventions of work. The unions had helped the Government of the State in the approval of the project, which had to the support of these entities in the meeting of justifications to sancionar the law. The wages of the terceirizados employees of old licitations (as maids, faxineiras and copeiras) not yet contemplate the state minimum wage, already the recent contracts already foresee the new floor regional. The unions are fighting for unamimity of the wages. The regional minimum wage was created in 2006, for the former-governor Robert Requio, with support of the unions and central offices of workers, taking care of diligent wage-earners who do not possess agreement or collective convention of work. The importance of the regional floor reflects mainly in the reduction of the level of poverty of the State.

Economic Cooperation

Dropped in the ranking of the Novosibirsk Region, Amur Region, the Omsk region. The worst environmental rating has Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk region. The European Parliament began to doubt the feasibility of using biofuels European deputies intend to limit the role of first generation biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol) in the development program in favor of renewable energy, in particular, wind, solar and hydrogen power. Production of first generation biofuels currently stands at 15 million tons. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development announced this summer that the economic feasibility of environmentally friendly fuel will be doubtful if to deprive him of public support enjoyed by the manufacturers. For a long time it was considered less harmful to the environment than the fuel, derived from oil. Now scientists are skeptical.

The European Parliament is concerned about the high prices of first generation biofuels, which are no longer considered safe for the environment, members also expressed doubts about its economic viability. MEPs voted for a reduction in the use of biofuels. Thus, the share of bioethanol accounted for by the transport sector of EU countries in 2020, is 5%. Earlier expected to increase biofuel use to 10%. According to the UN, the spread of biofuels is one of the reasons for the increase in food prices around the world, since forcing farmers to reduce area under food crops and to redistribute them in favor of fuel. More than half the EU one way or another fight against climate change According to a survey of European sociological agency Eurobarometer, a majority of the EU personally take action to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is one of the causes of climate change.

Progressive Implementation Of Home Economics

The progressive implementation of Home Economics should be marked by creativity and decentralization. Each family lives in a landscape that determines their possibilities and limitations. There is no place without possibilities, the problem is, when looking for accurate possibility, where this is not possible. It is the same as the domestic economy in a megalopolis that in a small town in Mesopotamia, which in the Pampean West. One aspect of this type of economy, as they conceive it to be differentiated from other similar arrangements. The production of the domestic economy is predominantly for the consumption of each family.

For example, if there is surplus, it can be shared by neighbors or friends, and if there is surplus, can be fed poultry and small livestock, pigs and goats. This means that at least initially, does not include marketing processes are very complex and undermine the priority of family self-sufficiency. Voucher appropriate to move the concept of a domestic economy, few past to the present, brings new dimensions. On one side the time has virtually eliminated the culture of “home”, and therefore need to learn. The good news is that the level of education of the population is vastly superior to what it was in previous eras. This implies that the People are better able to perceive and implement the Domestic Economy. It is also a pull factor, the degree of technological development achieved. With appropriate technology and educated people the possibilities of local economies are strengthened. It is therefore raised the issue, as a tool to address future pitfalls of living standards.