Periodical Economic Value

For the Ceramic company Rich Village, the dollar below of 2,00 R$ ‘ ‘ zerou’ ‘ its yield and the company if prepare to still more reduce the participation of the exportations in its invoicing. The slice of the external sales in the sales already had fallen of 65% in the passed year, for 50% this year. The executive account that the sales for Russia ‘ ‘ practically pararam’ ‘ since the beginning of the crisis – the fall of the embarkments for this destination arrives 70%. For Argentina, the exportations had withdrawn 20% in this beginning of year. Sgundo the Sindiceram-SC the impact of the exchange is not so strong how much one year behind on account of the gradual reduction of the exportations. The volume exported for the catarinenses companies it fell 36% between February and April of this year compared with 2008, year that already had not been so strong. Without obtaining to raise the sales in the domestic market, the ceramic coating production already is 10% inferior of the last year.

General Brands, who exports ready juices, has negotiated price with the customers in the exterior to keep volume of exportations the same: ‘ ‘ When the Real values, is more difficult to export. To keep the customers the company finishes arcando with prejuzo’ ‘. Part of this loss with prescription, says, is compensated by the reduction of the expenses with raw materials that also are imported. General Brands, whom she exports to 20 countries, waits to commercialize in the external market between 8% and 10% of its production, but this depends on a stabilization of the exchange between R$ 2 and R$ 2,40. To counterbalance the valuation of the Real, the Moura Batteries go to readjust the prices around 10%. The manufacturer is keeping the plain tracings at the beginning of year to export about 20% of the production in 2009, what it is equivalent the US$ 40 million. Others two factors also help in the maintenance of the goals: the company does not export to the United States and more than the half of the production costs also is atrelados to the dollar. Thus if the valuation of the Real brings losses of prescription, another one, it reduces the expenses.