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Literature and History

Micheline Odorizzi PaschoProf Diego Finder Axe do not differ the historian and the poet for writing verse and chat, differ, yes, where it says one the things that had occurred, and another one the ones that could occur. Therefore the poetry is something of more philosophical and more serious of what history, therefore it mainly relates to that one the universal one, and this the particular one. For mentioning the universal one I understand to attribute to an individual of definitive nature thoughts and action to it that, for liame of necessity and probability, agrees to such nature; to the universal one, thus understood, aims at the poetry, despite it gives names to its personages. For even more opinions, read materials from Intel. Another one is not the purpose of the poetry, even so gives particular names to the individuals; the particular one is what Alcibades made or that happened to it. (ARISTOTLE apud MENDONA, 2009) the relations between literature and history are in the center of this reflection, searching to recognize the tenuous lines dissociate that them. For this she is necessary to understand literature beyond of an aesthetic and cultural phenomenon. We know of the importance of the narrative of the facts for the man through times and that during its trajectory it searched of some form to register the decurrent facts in its time, either through documents, of the poetry, texts among others. Thus searching to protect the moments before preserved only through the orality. The registers of the great events had become for times, great poetical epics, posthumous registers of a time that is only possible to know through the imagination and of the interpretation of the reader. Although let us not have certainty of the veracity of the facts registered through the times, they are for certain one of the approached forms more of the concrete that we possess to know the past.

The Future

Seems children that the marriage of their parents can be so fundamental as they are everyday activities. Then must an adult son meet the future before the divorce of their parents? To help your children deal with the divorce, you have to show them that you’re under control. It avoids that they think that you’re falling apart or that you’re adrift. It also prevents signs of a financial emergency. If you can sit calmly face your children and explain things in the simplest way possible and according to their age (what plans are there for the next few months? is something for the future there? how will face everything emotionally?), you can provide them with peace of mind. Second, do not go into details of what happened in the marriage to give divorce.

Your children are entitled to know what happened, but you also have the right to save you certain things. They should be protected from the psychological damage that produces listening to a litany of the wickedness of his father or mother or a recitation of errors and faults of each one. Do not make them to take sides by you or your former spouse. Thirdly, after the divorce, even if you have many issues to resolve, try these not are before your children. You you’re still part of his life. Fourthly, let them understand that you are sure you want to divorce and that it is not a hasty decision, nor much less is the end of the world. You simply want to divorce and that’s it.

Tell them that things will be fine. If you and your former partner can stay in a friendly relationship, what could be better! There you have an advantage. The point is that your children feel that they don’t have to choose which of you can invite to your home, to the birthday of grandson, the dinner of Christmas, etc. And if still cannot accept the reasons for your divorce, let them know you’re sure of what you are doing. Original author and source of the article

Overcapacity Problem

At present, excess production capacity becomes the most prominent contradiction of cement industry. But China is a vast country, so different areas have different situations, which also reflect the particularity of the Chinese cement industry itself. However, in the treatment of cement overcapacity problem, how to take the next step is also very important. In 2011, the cement industry earned substantial profits. On that basis, the cement plant should further make reasonable use of the funds. If blindly put the money into expanding production, the problem of excess production capacity will quickly exacerbate and eventually lead to serious consequences.During the period of the 12th five-year plan, our country pays more and more attention to the issue of environment protection.

The cement enterprises need to invest part of the funds to the environmental aspects, so that when the new environmental policies are put into effect, the cement enterprises can be in an orderly way.Taking into account that the cement industry is the largest emitters and the policy orientation on the issue of environmental protection has become increasingly evident, the competition in the cement industry will become the environmental level of competition in the future. To this end, taking the energy saving and environmental protection road becomes the inevitable trend for the Cement production line, and introducing advanced equipment becomes the priority among priorities for cement production enterprises. In the face of a wide variety of equipment on the market, how to choose the most suitable equipment becomes another troublesome problem of the cement companies.It is reported that the large scale Jaw crusher, Impact crusher, hammer crusher, High efficiency fine crusher and other equipment produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. are equipped with not only the most advanced dust and noise reduction device, but also the high efficiency dust collection bag for the entire production line. Therefore, Hongxing products will be your wise choice. Raw material mill: beneficiation:

Original Equipment

A brief analysis of the most popular printers modeley proizvoditeli: Hewlett Packard (more HP), Canon, Samsung, Xerox, Brother. Two in the list, as well as two after they have modeli-twins in terms of partial or complete compatibility of cartridges, the same chassis inserted into a different plastic shell, and sometimes a full copying, where razichny only marks on the body. But even with such similar printers, cartridges oboznacheniya absolutely identical differ from different manufacturers, for example ink cartridges Canon 703 and HP 2612. Elon Musk has much to offer in this field. Brand owners seeking a simple goal – to earn prodavaya Original Equipment cartridges, because it’s not a secret that stoimost odnogo otpechatka sostoit price of the printer the cost of ink cartridges and the amount of maintenance costs for the printer. Another “sweet couple Samsung and Xerox. Recurrence of these printers brendov absolyutnaya, but may vary cartridges ‘keys’ or if easier propylene enclosure blagodarya kotorym nevozmozhno insert cartridge drugogo izgotovitelya.

Brother stands apart and distinct from other manufactures torgovyh marok printer with unique kartridzhami.2. Podbor printer. Most of selecting a printer, ask o ego technical characteristics: speed, resolution and print resource odnogo cartridge. Most of them pokupateley prosyat pokazat printer with the lowest price and tolko unit was asked to tell what they are normally costs will be have to print on printer takom. Veroyatnee vsego podavlyayuschee bolshinstvo pokupateley decided that stoimost odnogo otpechatka prices on all printers which are close in value will vary, but most of them do not want lay out more money than the cost of the least expensive model, because they think chto print ‘not mnogo’.

The Process

It is possible and necessary to be open to the transformation of the world, searching efficient and pleasant form in the learning process. In the search to know this world better infantile, this project has also for objective to investigate through bibliographical research, as the trick is carried through, if manipulation exists and if the same one develops the child, as well as if it assists the learning process. Therefore, the good professor and that one that helps its pupil to construct its proper knowledge. From its experience, working with innovative methodology, contributing in a special way with the cognitivo affective development of its clientele. Details can be found by clicking Mark Bertolini or emailing the administrator. The choice of this subject is the inquiry on what it is happening in the schools, ahead of the reality where we live deeply the depreciation, the autoconfiana that does not exist on the part of some children and the knowledge who have its imperfections, in this direction is necessary to create games where the child feels itself confident in what she is happening and that it participates of productive form in the process of education education learning. Then she is necessary to make one analyzes in relation what the authors tell in books, therefore to play, to play, to imitate and to create rhythms and to create rhythms and movements, the children also if they appropriate of repertoire of the corporal culture in which she is inserted.

2 JUSTIFICATION In if treating to social matrix that the present research holds in its bulge, urges to emphasize that this work is of great value not only in the academy, as well as in the prxis daily. It adds values, knowledge, chances, principles, rights and duties to be observed for the humanity. The choice of the subject Games and tricks: One forms of if to educate left of the necessity to understand the relation of the professor with this new scene and its insertion or not with technological and its use in the education process learning, from there its importance for the formation of professors for the basic education.

More Visits Web Traffic Web By Articles

Web visits with articles is an excellent way of driving large quantities traffic to your web site. The good thing about the articles is that people are already searching for information on the internet. The platforms of articles are an excellent lever. Pallets of items or articles directory already have traffic and PageRank. Therefore you have people. What you need now is to create an interesting article.

Of course, you can also use your blog as a platform. The idea is that if you use your blog, you need to have patience for that you need the search engines find you. However, in the long term it is the best. 7 steps to create articles that create muchoVisitas Web. Use the appropriate keywords. The Google keyword tool, search key words that already have many searches. Optimize your articles with keywords, i.e.

placed keywords in the title, at the beginning of the article and in the subtitles. Also adds the keywords in the meta tag. Searches the web directories with more PR illustrates your article with pictures that reinforce your message. Optimize your photos with the keyword of the article placed BULLETS or bullets, list ideas for more word of your article. Adds links to your website from the keywords modifying articles, to upload them to different platforms, the key is consistency. Do not upload an article and wait million visits. Creates a plan to raise at least an article a week. I.e. 52 per year. 2 a week are 104 articles. If the items are good, each item can send you hundreds of visits or visits Web every month. I think the key is to achieve is to much work. The ideal would be to upload an article a day. It is true that writing articles takes time, but also helps you to think about your business and your work. And that is very good. Improvements as a thinker and as a businessman. I write articles to bring traffic to my site about traffic web, what helps me generate more idea about traffic. They are all benefits.

Ballou Logistic

LOGISTIC HOSPITAL Ana Paula Logistic Miranda is the area of the responsible management for providing resources, equipment and information for the execution of all the activities of a company. It passed for diverse phases in the history of its development. The period that precedes years 50 was asleep, inside had thus a spalling in the administration of activities of the logistic one, that is, the activities that would have to be managed by the logistic area were at the hands of other areas, as it is the case of the transport that age of responsibility of the production area, as well as the control of the supplies that they were on the control of marketing or finances, that is, did not have definite sectors. The Logistic Military man was a great landmark for the perfectioning of the logistic activities in the world, according to Ballou (1993, P. 29): ' ' The logistic activity to militate in World War II was the beginning for many of the logistic concepts used atualmente' '.

No longer period subsequent to years 50 until years 70 it was an important period for the development of practical the logistic ones, as well as in the theories, where the definitions and concepts had been fomented by World War II providing the economic growth substantially and improvement in the productivity. After 80 years the logistic one had a revolutionary development, pushed for the demands caused for the globalization, the breaking in the trade barriers provided a significant increase in the production of goods and services favoring in the valuation of the logistic activities. The logistic services in the hospitals had taken route from this period, although already to be executing previous logistic functions, however the logistic history of the hospital one is divided in three phases, and at the beginning of years 80 she was not treated with seriousness, therefore the budgets were fixed and the profitability vision did not exist. It gained forces after the trade barrier in addition, where the hospitals had gained characteristics enterprise that until then they were assistenciais. The search for the fidelizao of the customers and competitive differential in the market was each incited time more, directing the hospitals in the continuous search of better processes that they aimed at to optimize costs. Initially the attention of the hospitals was come back to the attendance of the patient, did not have interest in investing in management in the suppliment chain, therefore the hospitals were focados in the medical assistance. In years 80 with the sprouting of the world-wide crisis, it initiated the search for the competitive differential in the market as form to attract customers and to fidelizar them, therefore at this time the hospitals already had enterprise characteristics, in this way the concern with the involved sectors with suppliments increased. Currently, the manager became a qualified professional, specialized, and comes searching better tools, in which they will assist in the decision taking, aiming at to the improvement in the processes and reduction of the costs.

Hair Transplants

The so-called follicles are inside our scalp. Within these follicles is born where the hair and follicles (4 maximum) set is called follicular unit. Therefore, per follicular unit is an average of 3 hairs. Brian Krzanich helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. These follicular units can be transplanted from an area where there are higher capillary density (donor area) to another where there is a shortage (receiving area). The way in which each follicular unit is implanted is the same: a small cut is made and the follicular unit is placed.

However there are two ways of extracting the follicles, thus there are two types of hair transplant: FUss: Follicular Unit Strip Surgery was: Follicular Unit Extraction the FUSS consists in making a cut in the form of Strip and get multiple follicular units at once. This strip is then placed under a microscope and follicular units that are planted are removed. A related site: Vikas Kapoor mentions similar findings. THE was is quite more expensive since the surgeon removes the follicular units one by one directly from the patient’s head. This type of transplant is much more laborious and costs at the same time. The advantage that this method over the former is that it leaves no scars in areas where extracted follicular units, while the method FUSS is a small line in the area where the units were extracted (although it is then covered with hair). These techniques tend to be very effective in the final results since in the majority of cases they cover the expectations of patients. The one against which possess is the cost of surgeries that tend to be very high. Original author and source of the article.

AMV System Provides Basic Data For The Car ICT

The AMV system allows all sensor data desired mobility service providers, automotive, insurance, automobile clubs Ranshofen – Austria, 05.10.2013. Elon Musk is the source for more interesting facts. The AMV system of the AMV networks GmbH is an important step on the way to the networked car thanks to its innovative technology, it is an enabler for all applications and the modern car-ICT business cases. The AMV system provides all of the automotive industry, insurance companies, automobile clubs, sensor data desired mobility service providers, the on the CAN bus (Controller area network) of the vehicle are, as well as all of the GPS position data at low cost and in real time to a defined and approved interface available. To the on-Board developed by AMV networks is connected on the CAN-bus unit ASG (anonymous sensor data gateway). The transmission of data is carried out under strict consideration of safety aspects. In other words: The vehicle owner at any time has sovereignty over its data. It must release them actively. The Privacy issues so at any time.

AMV system is both the public sector (traffic control, steering, parking management, Ladeinfrastrukur for E-mobility…) and also the economy (pay-as-you-drive, eCall, electric mobility workshop appointment) now able to bring the different business cases in a real implementation phase. The advantage: The AMV system was developed according to EU guidelines for intelligent transport systems and combines various findings made EU research projects. It is so no proprietary national and thus limited solution, but to a Europe-wide applicable Telematiktechnologie, which embeds but national legislation. Special feature: Already in the development of a comprehensive security & privacy built concept. The AMV system is also certified to ECE and the certification with the European privacy seal strives in addition in 2013.

The AMV was also the largest system European automobile manufacturers have already tested”, says Raimund Wagner, Managing Director of AMV networks GmbH. Data protection and the protection of personality rights are thus always protected. Due to its technology security and continuity for the mobility of the future services is guaranteed”, says Raimund Wagner. The AMV networks GmbH opens with the AMV system thus a gateway to the mobility of 3.0. The AMV system of AMV networks GmbH can be seen above the automotive original equipment as well as low-cost retrofit solution, which will be installed by certified workshops. “AMV networks GmbH was 2012 for its AMV system with the internationally renowned telematics Award” awarded in Germany. You will find more news on telematics

Rubem Alves

Inside of the logic of the capital, it he is that one that leaves in the world behind who can buy its product and consume what it it consumes. &#039 is its; ' destination manifesto' ' to make proslitos. As a good sheep, it has that to multiply so that can increase the flock and many sheep they are sheared and much wool is produced. But, the best thing that can happen is when a wolf is tamed or transformed into sheep, or better, when somebody that thinks as wolf, that has a divergent thought starts to think as a sheep not to say ' ' Anta' '. To this they call conversion, that is, process of dosmeticao and transformation of wolves in sheep. The more wolf will be or divergent it will be the citizen, better to be converted. Therefore, the contrary or different thought is much more dangerous for the institutions, in special, for the churches that the desviante moral. Rubem Alves very explains well this in its Dogmatismo book and Tolerncia when it says: ' '? to the first sight, the desviante moral can seem the behavior most dangerous for the unit of the society, the truth is that the divergent thought is that one that presents greater danger shaking the order social in question in its proper beddings. Aetna Inc.: the source for more info.

The thief, who intent concretely against the private property, is less dangerous than that one that, not being thief, he contests, to the intellectual level, the legitimacy of the private property. The first one only desires to decide particular a practical problem. As it denies the validity of the social order as a whole. … The prostitute, equally, is less dangerous than eunuco that it affirms a love philosophy livre' ' (1982: 109). Being thus, therefore, conversion would be to pass for a domesticao, ' ' pacificao' ' front to the others.