Overcapacity Problem

At present, excess production capacity becomes the most prominent contradiction of cement industry. But China is a vast country, so different areas have different situations, which also reflect the particularity of the Chinese cement industry itself. However, in the treatment of cement overcapacity problem, how to take the next step is also very important. In 2011, the cement industry earned substantial profits. On that basis, the cement plant should further make reasonable use of the funds. If blindly put the money into expanding production, the problem of excess production capacity will quickly exacerbate and eventually lead to serious consequences.During the period of the 12th five-year plan, our country pays more and more attention to the issue of environment protection.

The cement enterprises need to invest part of the funds to the environmental aspects, so that when the new environmental policies are put into effect, the cement enterprises can be in an orderly way.Taking into account that the cement industry is the largest emitters and the policy orientation on the issue of environmental protection has become increasingly evident, the competition in the cement industry will become the environmental level of competition in the future. To this end, taking the energy saving and environmental protection road becomes the inevitable trend for the Cement production line, and introducing advanced equipment becomes the priority among priorities for cement production enterprises. In the face of a wide variety of equipment on the market, how to choose the most suitable equipment becomes another troublesome problem of the cement companies.It is reported that the large scale Jaw crusher, Impact crusher, hammer crusher, High efficiency fine crusher and other equipment produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. are equipped with not only the most advanced dust and noise reduction device, but also the high efficiency dust collection bag for the entire production line. Therefore, Hongxing products will be your wise choice. Raw material mill: beneficiation:

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