The Future

Seems children that the marriage of their parents can be so fundamental as they are everyday activities. Then must an adult son meet the future before the divorce of their parents? To help your children deal with the divorce, you have to show them that you’re under control. It avoids that they think that you’re […]

Overcapacity Problem

At present, excess production capacity becomes the most prominent contradiction of cement industry. But China is a vast country, so different areas have different situations, which also reflect the particularity of the Chinese cement industry itself. However, in the treatment of cement overcapacity problem, how to take the next step is also very important. In […]

Ballou Logistic

LOGISTIC HOSPITAL Ana Paula Logistic Miranda is the area of the responsible management for providing resources, equipment and information for the execution of all the activities of a company. It passed for diverse phases in the history of its development. The period that precedes years 50 was asleep, inside had thus a spalling in the […]