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Many forms exist to divulge the product: radios, television, billboard, magazine, direct mail, Internet, pamphlets, posters, etc., however nor always all function of correct form, therefore the company must make a good analysis to verify which propaganda brings more success for the company. The promotion also is called mix of promotion, that it is formed by some instruments. According to Certo and Peter (1993) and Kotler and Armstrong (1998), they are they: Propaganda: this is the essential form for the sales in mass, this propaganda includes billboard, spreading in printed matters, electronic media, etc.; Personal sales: this is the form where the salesman has a direct communication with the purchaser, in intention to carry through the sales. This is the best form of if communicating; Promotion of sales: it treats to motivate the customers to carry through purchases by means of short term, some tools as, catalogues, toasts and promotions of the product, drawings, etc.; Advertising: it is an instrument of promotion used of gratuitous form (relatively low price to other instruments of communication), of impersonal presentation of goods and services; Public relations: they consist of activities that develop relations with the diverse public of the organization with intention to construct a good image of the company and to hinder any favorable rumor, histories the same one (KOTLER and ARMSTRONG, 2003). When the manager understands the importance and places in practical all the techniques and information contained in the mix of the marketing, is evident to get a valuation of the product, to place it in evidence, to attract the consumer, to fix the mark, to get profit and to obtain many other advantages.

The author Snake (1992), in them presents in its clear graph in summary and the main elements that involve the mix of the marketing: Figure 1: Made up of marketing Source: Snake (1992, P. 43). 4 METHODOLOGY the research procedures that had been used for the accomplishment of this work of conclusion of course, that has as purpose the viability of implantation of the mix of the marketing in the GAC FRUITS, in view of one better service in the company and, over all for its customers, searched to develop it by means of concepts and definitions of marketing and mix of the marketing, identifying the form with which is dealt these services currently in the company and having defined then, one new way for the same one. .


Book new releases – since the beginning of the year on the market has the key to a successful business plan one then in hands; If you know like bankers and investors think. These provide the necessary capital then, if they know what products and services the markets be served in future by the company’s founder. The biggest challenge in the creation of the business concept is to put a complex issue to the point and give the chances of success. It is not the business plan is programmed for success. You should be wary to copy plans to Exchange data or as all-knowing salvation for the ideal plan to see sources in the Internet. From experience – founder would do themselves no favor, is itself only cheat and be debunked by experts quickly as dreamers. But what must a business plan look like? What is this? What should stay away? How is success plausible planned and documented? Activities, strategies, resources, the required demand for raw materials and Supplies, and trade goods, expertise, financial resources, staff and partner are to name a few manageable and to bring their intrinsic value in the future companies in a consistent reference. The result is a paper that convinces,-a guide and manual for individual success. If you would like to know more then you should visit Brian Krzanich.

The third volume of “Business plan and opportunities” of the new existence founder cycle “The safe way to the successful company” is based on the Advisory, solid and extensive experience of many decades in the market and will offer help to help themselves the founders. He focuses on content, sources, formats, derived benefits and synergies that once in the business plan into plugged lead not only to a visually beautiful assembled demonstration copy, but create a workable tool and controlling instrument for the Etablierungs – and corporate construction founder. The business plan as a description is therefore not the aim, but the summary of information that stimulate the entrepreneur for self-reflection and already in the Lay the Foundation for a continuous improvement process start-up. This work includes both explanatory and descriptive parts, like many patterns that can be created using standard word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs and deepened. Many suggestions and tips support the entrepreneur himself with his concept Bank talks or excretions before larger auditoriums to establish and enforce. The work complete evaluations, success controls and opportunities for improvements. They provide a comprehensive basis, to work and to be better motivated founder.

In the third, completely revised and now this issue can find many innovations incorporated. Modern market exploring, observing competition, investment requirements planning and financing were taken into account. For more detail information, – mainly within the blue business series with all bibliographic Information, the detailed table of contents under uv5100.htm. P.S. This band is also part of the “existence founder cycle – the safe way to the successful companies” that book fair LITERA 2008 was reissued on the international in Linz/Austria with a 2nd place as best foreign title in the category of business and law, awarded with the wirtschaftsLITERAturpreis and now 2013 updated.