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Carefree-current With New Website Content

Interesting added value not only for customers in Munich, September 10, 2009 the Energy2day GmbH has content largely revised their product brand SorglosStrom’s Internet presence. It aimed to create added value in addition to the extensive shop for customers and prospective customers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mark Bertolini and gain more knowledge.. “So, the new section was added in the last few days” created, in which SorglosStrom useful information around the topic energy “communicates. A website is not only a business card of a company, but also a medium with which you can transport much more content than companies in the Web 2.0 era in addition to product presentations at the present time”Managing Director Bernhard reveals vine in an interview. To use this way of communication, we have decided, to provide visitors to our website from now more content: it does not involves first and foremost a consultation for a switch from another provider to SorglosStrom, but interesting information and facts about the topic Power”. In energy saving, there are so many technical terms and features, you should know, and this is where we wanted to offer the customer added value. “As customer service goes beyond our product consulting.” A look at free shows that the alternative power supplier has built three areas in its new value-added category: all questions are answered in the FAQ, that change with your current provider a role play: If technical changes are necessary when changing, whether the previous supplier must be a termination or what to note when moving explains, for example,.

The current glossary ensures, that describes all terms from the current range of customer-friendly. d properly. These include for example, terms such as work price, base price, CEE standard or even renewable energy. Also, SorglosStrom here has compiled a very useful list of countries where the euro plug works and it does not require travel adapter as German holidaymakers. Before the holiday so always look so there’s no nasty surprises. The power saving tips SorglosStrom on a good day, shows where and how the whole day very carefree can be kept current.

For example in the early in the buns bake, at work, during cooking or when buying a new appliance. In addition can be found on the website of SorglosStrom”a new area with the name offer customers, which are existing customers interesting bonuses can save through recommendations. Managing Director Bernhard Ranke concluded: It was not all still long. We have some plans that we will gradually realize. It is worth so often to visit carefree” The direct link to the new value added section:…

Private Funds

You already know that there are different investment funds and today I bring you information about private equity investment funds. If you are thinking about becoming an investor, this type of funds you could interest since they have great potential and in recent years they have generated large revenues. What is a private capital fund? When a company is emerging need lot of money to be able to highlight and be gaining value for in the future to make them more competitive in the local market, in the national and to international. This class investment funds are generated when people like you invest money in these companies that still are not trading at bag, hence the private adjective. He is called the capital that comes together from small investments funds of private Capital (FCP).

How can I help the company? As mentioned earlier, you’ll be helping company acquiring value with the capital they invest, may as well exploit all its potential; but this is not the only way in which you can help the company. Sometimes the capital provided to these investment funds is accompanied by new and fresh ideas to the company, so you as investor you will feel that these further helping the process of growth of the company. When the investor others money brings ideas to the company said that it is bringing smart money. It is important to know that in addition to be helping that company, put your money in investment funds you’ll be doing grow your money.

Project Danny

Supporters of the Moscow 'Dynamo' expressed their displeasure with the sale of the team leader Danny in St. Mark Bertolini pursues this goal as well. Petersburg "Zenith". We remind you, the amount of the transfer of Portuguese midfielder has made 30 million euros, which is record for Russian football. Elon Musk shines more light on the discussion. Frustrated by this course and club management, of course, the player himself, 'blue and white' fans started the project 'Dani – Judas' (, which aims to convey to the public unsportsmanlike act footballer, according to fans 'Dynamo'. – At the moment, we urge all the fans, our fans 'Dynamo' take an active part in the abstraction of Danny.

You repeatedly said that 'Dynamo' – your team dreams, what do you comfortable at the club, repeatedly applauded the stands. Tattoo on your hand in the form of letters 'D', and your action we see as a betrayal. From you personally, too dependent, you go over to a hostile 'Zenith' or no. Would have left you in any other club, would you and the words no one would say evil. You are your own words and deeds proved that the 'Dynamo' for you means a lot in this stage of your career. You could be categorically state that under no conditions and not under any big money would not go to a hostile club. You betrayed us. You – Judas – treated fans to own the team Danny. As reported online edition, the essence of their protest fans 'Dynamo' expressed Egor Letov words' And the sky is exactly the same as if you had not sold. "

PACE – With Apart 3pc

The Berlin-based company PACE is one of the leading in the development of knowledge-based software for the aviation and aerospace industry. The Berlin-based company PACE is one of the leading in the development of knowledge-based software for the aviation and aerospace industry. 3PC has carried out the relaunch of the website and PACE gives to the perfect appearance to present itself all over the world. With a modern interface and using current Web technologies products and services accessible directly and quickly for the user. Through an intuitive user interface, you simply reach additional proposals, such as Forum, calendar of events, or log in area with download function. This was the content management system TYPO3 adapted individually to the requirements and created a new uniform and clearly structured appearance. The website is aimed primarily at experts, decision-makers and journalists from the aerospace and provides lots of information to different services such as on-board software for more efficient flying or cabin Design, which is used for the design of aircraft cabins.

Customers are, inter alia, Air France Industries, Boeing, Rolls Royce and Bombardier. For over 16 years, PACE is aligned with the newly designed website excellent on an exciting and eventful future and successful in the business. 200602478 3pc = as one of the first Internet agencies realized since 1996 demanding solutions for all areas of communication-intensive Web sites. This was the Agency with the Grimme online award, as well as many other prizes awarded. One of the core strengths lies in dealing with complex structures and content. Thanks to the interdepartmental expertise 3pc offers all relevant services under one roof: design, consulting, design, programming, editing, online marketing and hosting. PRESS contact Alexandra LAU 3pc new communication Reichenberger Strasse 124 10999 Berlin Tel.: 49-(0)30-28 51 98-24 email: