The Emphasis

In this context the organizations if come across with new necessities, placing in question the traditional concepts or administrative models. The emphasis in the financial capital yielded space to the intellectual capital, that is, importance of the knowledge of the worker was perceived it, and more still, the importance of the knowledge in the company […]

Consumers Corporation

Z-Wave Alliance continues: Nokia spin-off as a new Member of Copenhagen, November 24, 2009 – the Z-Wave Alliance has a new Member: the Corporation there. The subsidiary of the telecommunications group Nokia is the development and market introduction of smart meter solutions advance, based on the ThereGate previously known as Nokia Home Control Center (HCC). […]

The Species

Now, the science of morals not defines it is good or evil; This task belongs to the Ethics which confronts the moral life not in a friendly way, but policy. Therefore, ethics defines standards, express judgments about what is good or bad and provides the reasons for these judgments, i.e. shows is so. Biology, in […]