The People

Today the accountant is not plus a mere preenchedor of notes, of DARF, it comes gaining seen space being as counting manager. Therefore the necessity of the organizations to give satisfaction of its acts is each time plus a requirement of the society. As consequncia, the necessary accountant to assume an pro-active attitude in this […]


It analyzes careful is of capital importance to undertake some I negotiate, dismissable you analyze are them that always they hang for the failure. If the entrepreneur thinks the bankruptcy this means that 50% of this bankruptcy already are happening or 50% of stagnation of the businesses already exist. Follow others, such as Brian Krzanich, […]

Basic Education

Basing on these critical managements public had elaborated instruments better to visualize the reality of the education its lacks and necessities, with the had raised elements it facilitates to the stipulation of objectives and goals to be reached. In this context the Inep? National institute of Studies and Educational research Ansio Teixeira created the Index […]

Senate Intelligence Committee

A man who died there were claims of the grandchildren of 11 victims hospitalized for severe respiratory and urinary infections, among them, but again the judges imposed the doctrine of governmental immunity. In addition, the army clarified that the bacteria that cause human damage were not theirs. Another coincidence. Leonard Cole, author of The Eleventh […]