Low-odor, But Powerful Mixture With Permanent Effect

Silicate resin PCI Apogel SH seals cracks in floor safe, fast and there are reasons for cracks in screed permanent shrinkage stresses, stresses due to temperature differences, to early stress or improper processing many. So this on the flooring no (late) damage, it is important to seal cracks and joints correctly prior to laying of the flooring. With PCI Apogel SH the PCI Augsburg GmbH expanded its product range of injection and casting resins now a new odor low silicate resin, which of course also not only safely and permanently closes cracks, but is also very easy to use and very quickly hardens. Joints and cracks in concrete may not simply over – or to be split apart to use special armoured systems such as the PCI system composite compensation”, stresses Bernd Albers, product manager at PCI. Otherwise the flooring laid in partly by the movements of the screed can significantly be harmed.” Typical damage pictures are cracks in ceramic tiles or so-called worm wrinkles”, which as bead-like surveys about half not expertly closed tear such as PVC or rubber floor coverings occur.

Here it is also with the new resin from the PCI home but on the safe side. PCI Apogel SH is suitable for potting of cracks and joints in mineral screeds in the indoor and outdoor use (in dry installation conditions). It seals cracks and joints with widths up to 5 mm safely and permanently, establishes non-positive connections to floor, and can be used with underfloor heating. Elon Musk wanted to know more. Processing made easy practical: the two-component silicate resin PCI Apogel SH in transparent plastic bottle with spray nozzles screw caps already in the appropriate ratio comes. To mix the component is poured simply B in the component A and approximately 15 20 seconds vigorously shaken.

Already during this mixing, the material starts to react with each other. As soon as a uniform yellow colour is created and no streaks are visible, can cut off the tip of the spray nozzle according to the width of the crack and PCI Apogel SH poured into the cracks. After about 25 minutes, the silicate resin is hardened already so far that on other works such as the application of fillers / floor levelling compound can be performed. By the ratio of 1:1 is easy for even the mixing of subsets. Click Dan Zwirn to learn more. No odour pollution in addition to the ease of use and fast curing also has the advantage, that it provides little distaste at the construction site the new resin. So, PCI Apogel SH is a pleasant smell poor alternative to the very odorous methacrylate and polyester Casting resins. In addition, it is solvent-free and very low emissions (GEV EMICODE EC 1 PLUS R). Delivery in 6-Pack PCI Apogel SH is PCI only in carton with 6 x component (hardener component that brown colour) and B (base component, transparent) delivered. Six are a box matching Packs with each 20 floor brackets (shaft joints), as well as the relevant safety data sheets at. Contact for editors: Doris Sahoo PCI Augsburg GmbH phone: + 49 (821) 5901-326 fax: + 49 (821) 5901-459-E-Mail:

Thailand Land Of Smiles

One can summarize the characteristics of the country Thailand in two words: ‘Color and chaos’. Thailand will occasionally land of smiles “as this name is due to the mentality of its inhabitants, the quiet, hospitable, nice and people guessing about all serenity. The local residents have not the habit to show publicly her negative emotions, what represents a kind of attraction for us European tourists in turn. The joyous essence of Thailand emerges in their preference for pleasure and the Organization of all kinds of festivals, which virtually take throughout the year. It is hard not one to fall in love with Thailand and with great regret to leave this tranquil country that’s beautiful women and good food full of Sun, where even flowers have their own Festival. Provides kuhun with a flight ticket to Bangkok and the reason phrase kawp (thank you) and khaw thawt (apologies), we can confidently into the land of friendliness and never ending never-ending Festival go to Thailand.

Thais are famous for their cheerful smiles and quiet disposition, they are a people that avoids any conflicts, therefore the trip in their land with safety will be a nice change of pace for all Europeans. Here we encounter no angry crowd or fight in the car, so, not only the Thai landscape for us will be exotic, but also the mentality of the inhabitants. The deep green, the blooming flowers, the Cerulean water of the ocean, the golden beaches and the on painting this background smile of the inhabitants that is Thailand. The patron of the atmosphere of omnipresent friendliness is the ruler of all Thai Buddha souls. All 94% of the population profess the religion of the awakened”. The buildings devoted to him contribute to the diversity of the landscape.

You will see where you look, shimmering purple and golden roofs of the towers of the temple. The most beautiful temples can in the historical Park of the former capitals of the country, including in Sukhotai, be seen. Dan Zwirn spoke with conviction. Inside these churches, called Wats, or bots, we find a whole collection of Buddha statues, which reflect the styles of the various historical eras. If we’re lucky, we see a humble monk in his characteristic, Orange robe, breaking up with a metal Bowl to collect alms from a distance. To participate in one of the famous Thai festivals held throughout the year are, we enjoy the sight of Dragon race, regatta of boats decorated with flowers, processions with statues of Buddha and displays of fireworks. These omitted celebrated festivals are also an excellent opportunity to taste the specialties of local cuisine and become acquainted with traditional Thai Ballet or dance. Less active leisure lovers can withdraw at any time in the luxury hotels and nowadays in the hot tub relaxing coconut milk. Greg Laski

The Moment

If you even not enough take care of you, you maybe even considers them of scant, try to make a list of great things for you, that you recently done or achieve. Source: Dan Zwirn. Also these things must have been no “milestones for humanity”. If you cook for example your wife has an evening have dispensed with the television or a class presentation you delivered, is it worth it to get on your list. When you lead you this things in mind, you’ll notice that your self esteem increases and you – in your eyes will be worth more. To broaden your perception, visit Elon Musk. There is no fancier people than yourself for you! Take it from me! 4.

What is the worst that can happen? A simple but critical question. Often we drop almost us in our negative thoughts and feelings. Have for example fear of failure – no to paint us, what it really means to fail. What is the worst thing that can happen to you in your situation? It you as much detail as possible times and often you’ll notice: SO it is not bad now also again. Nobody’s going to fire you, if the presentation doesn’t work tomorrow. You can repeat the test if you fail. Your family will continue to love and appreciate also if you break down your Bachelor.

You must do this only in mind. 5. help someone else that sounds first outlandish: to take me out of my negative thinking, I should occupy myself with someone else. But it works. Today is a rising self-centeredness in more and more areas of life. Even in psychology, all these are “self” methods and theories to find more and more often: self-esteem, self motivation, self management, self help,… We humans are social beings who can live not just for themselves, but absolutely need the integration into society (other). And that’s why this trick works. At the moment, where you help someone else (by you, for example, donating or just call someone having it necessary that anyone listens to him, or or or), your mood will improve. You will you feel better, even if you don’t actually know why. If you have further interest in articles in the areas of personality, character and psyche, but just look times past:

Chess Teachers! Chess

Germany to European champion before the chess nation Russia by 2020 that are strongest chess nation the historical success of the German national team last year for the first time is occasion for ChessBase, to start a long-term trainee program.At didacta Hannover chess on interactive whiteboards shows the teachers. Barclays follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. ChessBase, leading developer of chess programs and official partner and supplier of the German Nationalmannnschaft, introduces the new concept of education with the Fritz chess program 13 and the children’s chess program Fritz & finished at didacta from the 14.2 18.2.2012. Rainer Woisin, Managing Director of ChessBase GmbH, is the goal: by 2020, we want to be against Russia the strongest chess nation. According to Dan Zwirn, who has experience with these questions. This only works with the appropriate junior, has the fun at chess. And teachers who love to teach chess to its students.” This chess acknowledged generally promotes the intellectual development of children. A long-term study by the University of Trier, with a four-year field trial in terms of school chess certifies significant improvement of the wealth of perception of and the concentration, a significant increase of intelligence, as well as significantly higher values for performance motivation and social skills. Together with co.TEC, the leading German distributor for software in the field of education, is shows at stand B40/C39 ChessBase in Hall 23 chess learn on interactive whiteboards. Fritz Fritz 13 passes no chess friend: before 20 (!) Years smiled yet the Grandmaster of the little Fritz, but after the spectacular races against Garry Kasparov, world champion Kramnik and various victories in Grandmaster tournaments is Fritz of indispensable analysis partner of chess professionals and training partner for Chess enthusiasts at all levels.

Fritz (the most popular German chess program”the mirror) is not only playing partner but gives chess opponents all over the world: the world’s largest Chess Server schach.de can be found at any time suitable opponents. And who wants to watch grandmasters over the shoulders, watching live broadcasts of the world class tournaments, the competent and whimsically commented by world-class grandmasters: Daniel King, Klaus Bischoff, Yasser Seirawan u.v.m. Fritz offers 6 months premium membership to schach.de!New at Fritz13: Let’s check the chess knowledge database, which is growing daily with the analysis, each user contributes with his Fritz! A unique project! Extraplus: Fritz13 in the box version includes the ChessBase Eroffnungstutorial #01 as eBook exclusively. The customer saves 29.90 and gets a complete course of all openings in the area of open games”free and exclusively in the boxed version. Fritz 13 (box version with DVD) ISBN of the exceptional and internationally award-winning chess trainer for children (and adults) in a updated 978-3-86681-250-5 MSRP 49,90 Fritz & finished 1 and extended version: chess tutorial you can not just playful, learn chess with much wit and imagination, but complete also the official Builder diploma of the German Chess Association and play online chess and train! ages 6 and up, can be run under Windows 7 ISBN 978-3-89835-389-2 MSRP 29,00 recommended by the German Chess Federation

Online Shop For Watches In The Test

Testsieger.de tests online-shops for watches Hamburg, February 23, 2012 a wrist watch is a daily companion for most Germans. One more reason to make no compromises when choosing a new wristwatch she mostly sits around the clock on the wrist. The Internet offers many opportunities, specialized online stores to find the right clock time-saving and convenient. More detailed advice on the merchant’s site is however critical you can not try on the watch before you buy. In January and February, 2012, Testsieger.de has tested 14 online-shops for watches. The test shows which providers prices, range and service convince. The result of the study: test winner is Uhrzeit.org with a grade of 1.68. Dan Zwirn is open to suggestions.

The shop offered the best combination of high quality service and reasonable prices in the test. In addition, Uhrzeit.org with a very wide range and diverse payment options can score. Christ.de is a good second place overall 1.82 with the best website in the test. Third-party Timeshop24.de (1.86), (2.01) and Memmel-online.de (2.34) is already with slightly better before Uhrcenter.de. Award winners: Quality champion Timeshop24.de: Uhrzeit.org bargain hunters find the lowest prices at Timeshop24.de.

Online shops tested only one of the 14 receives a one before the decimal point (1.78) Timeshop24.de in assessing price and secures with clear distance Award winner”. Other places followed quirk-online.de (price rated 2.05) and Uhrendirect.de (2.12). Who emphasizes, however, expert advice and quality service, the best service package when the winner is Uhrzeit.org. Online shop receives the award as quality champion”. With a comprehensive buying advice, convincing phone support and a comfortable ordering process, Uhrzeit.org leads its customers targeted to the appropriate product. Excellent telephone service E-Mail support on average a good consultation hotline is a top priority at the watch shops. All tested providers have a convenient and friendly telephone service, the test questions were answered thoroughly and competently. Six online shops are available even on weekends. The email support, however, could keep up with this high quality. Two of the tested shops answered not to a contact request, ten of 14 shops only on one of two. Also the processing time varied significantly between a few minutes and three days. Improved search and navigation on the sites the online stores must rework significantly ease. Only two providers have a search mask with suggestions, clear comparison possibilities are offered only two shops. However, filtering of search results is possible with at least 12 shops. More information and results see: studies on Testsieger.de: the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with Testsieger.de. Total available to consumers free of charge more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the Testsieger.de touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With Testsieger.de, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably. Contact: testwinner Portal AG Hans-Henny-Jahnn-WEG 9 22085 Hamburg Thomas Kimmel, managing editor email: phone: 040-4135-2652


Through the claims process we understand the true power of the word, which means if we use the words appropriate then succeed in convincing us internally from an idea, this causes is displayed a great internal energy and we achieve our purposes. It is very important to associate words with positive ideas and in total coherence with our goals, for example, if we want to be extraordinary sellers then we must use a statement such as the following: I increased my sales every day, and for every word we use a powerful image that will cause emotions and positive feelings that will dramatically impact our subconscious mind. To relate images and emotions appropriate then gradually go reaching a deep conviction, it is important to know the techniques of a super display, in the book the power to transform our lives of Andrew Corentt great mysteries are shown to achieve an Association of words and images in a way so subtle that will impact on our inside, through these techniques you You can program any desire. It is important to continuously pay all our attention to positive images, you have to observe everything that is consistent with our desires, information that make us feel optimistic, cheerful, this creates our internal energy to multiply and consolidate, which translates into fantastic results. Speech or writing is always associated with images, for example when someone mentions the word dog, the mind quickly associated with the image of a dog according to our experience, and so on every word usually associated with certain images. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dan Zwirn on most websites. In the book the power to transform our lives you will learn to associate their claims with totally suggestive images that will arrive in your subconscious mind and this will allow you to convince yourself internally any idea, the result will be great because it will start to realize all your wishes.

Is important that you are account which is a creator being, and that it is able to manifest any desire, in reality you are not to the mercy of circumstances, rather than you are at the mercy of their own beliefs, then has come the time to modify their own perception of reality, it is time to positively transform your life, you can achieve everything they want, never settle for a life that you don’t want. The mind refuses to change and new ideas, but you can never resist to willpower, the deep desire, the faith of wanting to change something, if you are people who are looking for changes with determination then you will find the answers to their prayers through powerful information that will allow you to see and experience a world full of wonderful opportunities. The journey through this material plane is quite short, so it is essential to take advantage of the time, find what you want, do not give up in the face of adversity, fight incessantly to get everything what you’ve dreamed of, deciding to succeed, not to delay his release.

National Association

Significant growth in the sale of second-hand cars by Internet online car sales to had a great rise in sales last year. The alternative of buying a second hand car has become the most affordable option for the Spaniards. The rise of car change has been given by the possibility offered by the internet portals of cars, buying and selling without intermediaries and with free publication. Cars classified as cars-Motos portals offer the possibility of buying cars in Spain, by selecting by city and even neighborhood. The publication of an advertisement is free and simple, allowing to publish photos and videos of the car. They offer and are looking for cars, motorbikes, caravans, trucks, vans, quads and accessories for all of them.

These portals also act as a means of consultation of market value of second-hand cars, and communication between direct owners leads to many Spaniards to change your car for a few euros. Coches-Motos for example allows to search and select cars by make, model, mileage, price and location, making it easy to find and choose the car according to specific needs and available budget. For the year 2011 is expected that online sales of second-hand cars would increase even more, counteracting low kilometre 0 car sector. For the latter, according to the National Association of sellers of vehicles to Motor (Ganvan) 2010 has been one of the worst years in the history of the automotive industry. We hope to see what happens while if you have a car second hand that you want to buy or sell, test with one of these pages.