The History Of The Ammonites

As the ammonite fossil remains are primeval, called shelled squid. Usually it is rolled up evenly planspiralig chambered body, similar in structure and the shell structure of the still living Nautilus (living fossil). Ammonites are processed more frequently to jewelry, beautiful silver jewelry as ammonites come to bear. Ammonites in the Palaeozoic first appeared, have found in the Jurassic their highest development and dissemination, and are at the end of the Cretaceous dinosaurs from extinction parallel to the still unexplained reasons. Ammonites lived in all zones of the primeval seas, and, thanks to their chambered shells float freely. You probably ate mainly from other animals or carrion. Likely you had eight or ten tentacles, which are similar to the modern octopus. Fossils and ammonites are found in all parts of the world.

In part, they are very numerous. Beautiful examples are rare. Ammonites with preservation of the original mother of pearl shell are among the sought-after collector's items. Credit: Barclays-2011. Particularly conspicuous are the ammonite fossils, which filled the chambers with minerals or lined with crystals. Famous sites for ammonites are the Swabian Jura, the Black Hills in South Dakota and the Japanese Hokkaido peninsula.

Because ammonites occur by erosion evident tredender layers as surface finds, they belong to the oldest known fossils. Perhaps the earliest description is from the Roman naturalist "Pliny". The ancient Egyptian god Amun was called by the Greek or Roman authors "Ammon", he was equated with Zeus Jupiter. He was usually depicted as a man with two ram's horns. The similarity between the ram horns and ammonites may have caused Pliny or his predecessor to his name. The sort, and botanist Jussieu Antonie introduced in the 18th Century on the theory that all ammonites have been washed in the great flood of the oasis of ammonium in the world, especially to Europe. Thus, all live in Ammonites, the ancient Egyptian magic. In almost all parts of the world there are traditions relating to ammonites. The centers of worship, ritual or magical use of ammonites are found in central Europe, England, North America, Papua New Guinea, in the Himalayas and Japan.

DOM SET Makes Summit

Advantage of sustainable partnerships between compliance and confidence: The event series Lyreco live!’ is one of our key communication tools. Hereby we combine the elements of sales day, customer event, and our supplier day, present current developments and new product fields. This multifunctional approach is conceptually how logistically challenging for the executing agency. DOM SET has mastered both in the second year of our partnership with flying colors”, says Marc Gebauer, Managing Director of Lyreco Germany GmbH. Filed under: Penguin Random House. The target groups of the annual series are sales representatives, customers and suppliers of the internationally leading provider for Office and workplace solutions. Each one-day events held at different locations in Germany. They include elements of training, Conference, and trade fair. The exciting in this format is, inter alia, the diversity of the participants. Among the guests on the customer side, for example, both key accounts such as well-known German Automakers and industrial companies as many smaller customers, including medical practices, law firms or handicraft businesses. In speech and event design sensibility as well as much strategic creativity is needed therefore”, says Oliver malate, Creative Director of DOM SET. Off to the Summit! 2013 Lyreco live found!”Series on three consecutive Mondays in Esslingen (29 April), Dusseldorf (6 May) and Celle (May 13) with approximately 250 participants took place. Thematic focused this year on the new product group personal protective equipment”. Under the motto with security high,”DOM SET the participants became true top strikers and became the new product offering in the focus at the same time. “The motive of mountaineering combines key aspects of the event: from security to the common experience of success reaching the (business) Summit”, explains malate. So DOM SET chose a sympathetic blend of Bavarian coziness and dynamic look & feel for the Business atmosphere. Mountains, clambering, Hutt ‘ n and snack: humorous and love of detail the motto permeated all areas of the event by Conference and exhibition to the communication areas and catering.