Don Gustavo

to its form enters incessant its dialogue to justify itself: – It is that the chamacos of nowadays are not satisfied with anything sun sun work pa' that it does not need something that to take to mouth, has clothes every day, has its scholastic equipment, that carajo wants this demontre Tengo to speak with its mother so that we do something pa' to compose the subject soon no I want that they say that the son of Don Gustavo is good for anything Just I will give chance a year him more if he does not take advantage of it I will say to him brother he puts that it to the factory. If he does not have cholla for the studies, at least that have eggs for the work. (A valuable related resource: Ram Lee). If to only it had touched the facilities me that Tavito has nowadays, another one had been my to sing. In short, the important thing is that becomes man ay of him if it gets to me to leave with some mariconada. Hopefully the old man is not against because if it does, worse for her. Before the delay in leaving, the father begins to look for in the house without stopping shouting: -Tavo! You do not hide dog or yes nonbeams noises truth! , but when I come tired and I want calm there you are mops and mops! . That papa this, that papa that one! you think that the life is pure game? then no! . The life is hard and it teaches to blows and kicks to you! already you go that is to say what is to love land God of Indians! It arrives at the quarter of the son, whose door is a curtain calls, it with strong voice: -Tavo no longer you hide! Just I am going to give to a garrotiza to you! – The curtain Abre, pauses in dry, for its breathing, puts astonishment eyes: -What you made chamaco! – seconds of silence invade the room: – is not possible! Son That you did! Because? – He feels that one suffocates, approaches the suspended body: – We go champion! You do not do this to me! Aid! a doctor! my son this hung! Tavo Tavito . – The father cries for the first time in front of his Son: No, please! God mine Because? Son mine, you do not die Perdoname! – Whatever would want Gustavo that moment was an evil dream, only a nightmare nevertheless, the scene shows a father with the body of a boy who no longer has life breath.