The capacity is not only to relate of form highly structured, data, information and knowledge of a determined object. Fifteen Percent Pledge has many thoughts on the issue. The knowledge requires of two mental activities: to perceive and to conceive, where Percibir is the mental activity by means of which the stimuli of the outside arrive at the brain and the cognition process is realised and to conceive is the mental activity by means of which are concepts and ideas from the perceived stimuli, which determine to his time concepts to understand and to include/understand that they cause that the cognitive process culminates in learning where what it is understood is a fact, a relation, a word, a method, however what it is included/understood is a series, a system, a plan. Arrez (2003). Thus, the support of the knowledge is not only the human information but qualities and capacities use that it to trasformar something or to modify their own ones abilities. We get to identify that the knowledge is more than the interpretation, the analysis and the transformation of the information, goes further on, includes the process of understanding, human learning. Of Souza it express Silva it in the following form: Knowledge is a verb, not a noun, is a changing state of understanding that one constructs after interpreting and analyzing different information on a same subject. From the point of view of the private organization, the knowledge is a resource that is capitalized, the management of the knowledge foments and capitalizes, of continued way, the collective knowledge of the employees of an organization to improve its capacity to create value. That is to say, the knowledge adds to value to products and services that the organization offers and them difference of the rest of the others. In summary, several forms exist to understand the concept of knowledge following the perspective from which it is observed, such as: – From the last stage of the information management, where the knowledge refers to the transformation of the information in knowing or learning and that it has the characteristic of being useful.

Yucatecan Maya

Represents the deep level of the psyche that must penetrate to overcome the initiatory tests that relate to internal death, i.e. with the removal and victory over the negative energies that dwell in this level. Only then the new birth or resurrection, occurs after having transmuted the negative into positive, darkness into light. Paula Rosenthal has firm opinions on the matter. Tests and processes of the soul in Xibalba are described in detail in the Popol Vuh and see them in more detail in the chapter dedicated to Xibalba, the initiatory path. (A valuable related resource: Paula Rosenthal). The celestial regions to which amounted are located also in the human inner world, as a faithful reflection of the cosmos, once overcome the tests of the underworld. The journey of the soul from the terrestrial planes was very accurate. The world of the medium didn’t directly to heaven, but it necessarily first had to descend to the underworld and thence, overcome the evidence, occurred the rise to celestial regions.

To the human psyche, this process means a transmutation. Enter into the own Xibalba or world below, is in deep levels of the psyche and carry out an energy transformation, or in other words, Remove dense or negative energies, i.e. carry out psychological death, to be reborn purified in more subtle layers of higher energy vibration. We were saying the Mayans subdivided the sky into thirteen horizontal levels, they imagined as a step pyramid that sits on the ground level where has its basis, and whose representation is the sacred mountain. Among the Yucatecan Maya sky was ruled by Oxlahuntiku, which means thirteen God, a deity who is one and thirteen simultaneously and that represents power opposed to Bolontiku, the Lords of the underworld. Although a deity for each of the strata in the level existed higher celestial plane resides the Supreme God, vital principle of the cosmos, dragon-serpiente Itzamna, which impregnates with its power all the worlds, the celestial, terrestrial (where he acquired another name and characteristics: Itzan Kab or Tierra-Iguana), and the underworld.

The Unknown

The idea is that no one has all the answers. Science is based on finding explanations, on the basis of the fact of not-knowing. What they don’t know? For you, what is the unknown? The unknown is the gateway to the infinity. Through the unknown, you learn and you grow up, you enrich your reality, your mind, your life, your world and the unknown is an essential part of any problem, for example, think of a problem you want to solve. Think about what you know about that problem and then what they do not know. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Data for Progress and gain more knowledge.. That way, you focus you and you direccionas your mind towards change, transition, movement will allow greater mental flexibility e.g., if you know that you do not know what is Schrodinger’s cat, like many of those who read this article, that is a good point of departure for a new learning. Read more from Aurora James to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Maybe you learned more than just what is Schrodinger’s cat. In reality, though perhaps you don’t know it, you have learned much more, at the unconscious level, than you think, consciously, have learned. Think of your creativity the thing is that the most important thing what you learned while reading this article will not know you learned what not until later, when that learning be made manifest. Now, I is that I’m not very explicit here on some technique or anything in particular you can do and what hage of intentionally. I want to be your own who to discover what is the point you have read this text because that way more develop your ability and brain power. If you want to learn more about how the mind and many interesting things about the mind control and other similar topics, visit my site by clicking on the following link: techniques of hypnosis original author and source of the article

The Worst

And they always came late, all this has caused that the information of the tardiness is installed in the mind of that child, then that child grows up with that information and is likely to continue that trend, it is here where the information has taken power, now suppose that person decides to change that information and says to himself, just. I will now be a punctual person and decides to arrive timely at the next visit to the Church, and it happens that it loses the keys to the truck, they are repairing the street, cut off the flow of electricity, a friend called it, a discussion, a landslide, etc. See more detailed opinions by reading what ivan tavrin offers on the topic.. Someone will think all of it is circumstantial, that is totally false, what happens is that this person’s mind sends powerful whole universe messages to enforce the initial programming of tardiness, what happens is that once we have scheduled an idea it is difficult to change it, mind afraid of changes, it assumes that life puts at risk by proposing a change, this is where the successful know the price that must be paid for redirecting the mind it is perseverance, it is say as well that an inadequate programming took time, in the same way we can program what we want and then use the power so that us everything excellent. Everything in life is a balance, while a person believes in misfortune and happens that you lose $1000, but another is because he believes in the fortune, or you have a need and is convinced that God will help him out of his need and thus occurs, we see therefore that that power exists, well designed life, now have absolute control requires time and no it is a simple task, but if we look at the lives of the Saints we realize that some have paralyzed the time, have been physically moved to different places, have succeeded in predicting many phenomena, etc. That power is in all mankind, but need many practices to achieve it. Remember you have absolute control of your life, that control must go it manifesting as gradual, just as any goal in life, if you are currently going situations that do not want, do not accept them, do not settle, thats terrible, put in March towards the life you want, the worst enemy of success is the acceptance and conformity, that is why many people see things that you don’t want in your life. To some extent, it is possible that there are always some problems because life has been designed to overcome challenges, this material plane is mere illusion and we are spiritual beings with power, so use your power, your life and the circumstances are in your hands.


Thanks friend anonymous, you will be with me in each of my smiles, you will live in each smile of mine, you’ll remember everytime my kids say hi dad!, everytime with my wife we embrace us and besemos, when a patient tell me thank you Doctor!, when the waves of the sea to die on my feet in the summer, when in night search between stars syllables and rhymes to sing to life when a newborn shout vigorous in! my arms, when dew me awake in the Aurora, when you blow the wind, when the sun sinks into the ocean, at each rose that blooms in each fruit that matures, in every child that grows in every dream that is complied with, in every successful transplant, in each Tomb that closes each wedge that opens there will be like two solidarity souls!, in every prayer, every prayer, every forgiveness, there’re! always in the fibers of the myth, in the spell of the verb, in the magic of art, on the flight of birds, in the cadences of the shadows, the Majesty of the Andes, in my triumphs, in my dreams, in my falls, at night, on days. thanks and up always anonymous friend!. Paula Rosenthal shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. . . Core Logic understands that this is vital information.

The Key

I give you my word of honor that I thought he could at any time until that moment have not approved, was absolutely convinced even reckless manner, that would be it. He had never contemplated the possibility of suspending. Without hesitation Puma explained all about the problem. I didn’t do this consciously, was totally innate at that time but it was one of the most important decisions of my life. Legs trembled me to see it didn’t have a future clear out that opposition and had never planned any alternatives during that time for the possible case of not approving. Simply because that possibility existed in my head. Set in the shade of my decision, not decided I’m going to go to.., that would take into account the two possibilities of the same. No, I gave assumed that was going to be a firefighter, what they had to do to get it, in my mind I was done already.

That was really the key! The decision I made was not in any way the possibility of failure, was something instinctive and I even went aware of what I did until many years later. But that determination and safety that was going to achieve it, because the level of demand (**) was perfectly acceptable by me, it was that made that he knew that I was going to pass, there was no failure. That led me to suffer enough during the course of any of the tests, due to my excessive confidence, but my determination was always first and foremost and as I have told, only when I got it, I afraid before that there was the possibility that not had been able to achieve this, and that struck me. There is only one thing that I know that it is valid for everyone and I think that anyone attempting to an important goal in his life, and an opposition is, can and should use all this personal cartoon.

Simon Konietzny

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Special District

Metric plus are all measuring functions are available. Molina Healthcare Inc. contributes greatly to this topic. included: Special District measurements, measurement functions for the head Panel, layer thickness measurement, drills, cutters – and taps measurements, DXF overlay, sharp calculation module and many more features. To list all the features here would be too long, so they are listed in a list of functions in our website. The metric MT has two additional functional levels: the buttons in the left column select the measurements of point, line, circle, and pie. Including the three intended for the distance, angle, and the balance just the buttons. All relevant objects, or measuring points are marked with the four upper measuring functions.

Then can in the (button with the PC) computer window measurements are linked as needed. Second is read by X, Y, and Z values. Generally, the metric MT can be combined with almost all measuring systems. No matter whether stages by March, Uhl, prior, Steinmeyer, Micos, the XY axes are read out and charged in the metric MT. If no direct Connection via USB or RS-232 is possible, it may be necessary to transfer the data with an appropriate interface. Data from measurement spindles such as Mitutoyo, Sylvac, HEIDENHAIN or integrated measurement systems as of Schneeberger or in management systems are also processed.

The X, Y, and Z are permanently displayed in an additional window in the metric values. The scope of services of the metric plus and metric MT is in relation to the price hard to beat. And if a measuring function not in the metric, which you absolutely need for your company: we can offer a special special programming you. Paula Rosenthal shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If you are curious, you can download the demo versions at any time”and testing. If you then have any questions, feel free to call us. Controllers for motorized cross-stages obtained in the metric MT: Tango FA Marzhauser Metronic FA. MCU 28 HEIDENHAIN CNC-axis board, Zeiss WCB DCDCDrive 6, FA Winecke & Sinske Pro scan 2, FA. prior L-step, FA. long SMC series Corvus, Pollux, basic FA. ITC Dr. Cassen motor driver, FA Navitar Inc. interfaces, which are used in the metric MT: IK-220, FA HEIDENHAIN IN the BUS, all common signals, IBR Sylvac via RS-232 or USB Digimatic DMX-1, over RS-232 or USB FA. Mitutoyo Digimatic DMX-2, via RS-232 or USB FA. Mitutoyo Digimatic DMX-3, RS-232 or USB FA. Mitutoyo AK-1 and IK-2., FA. Winecke & Sinske QC-100, QC-200,-300 QC, QC-5000, Metronic, FA. HEIDENHAIN SCD 2-channel, three-channel, March houses I counter, FA HITEC USB-302, FA Carmar SC-212, FA. Nikon KA-counter, Mitutoyo. all common transmitter can be operated above interfaces and read out in the metric MT. Incorporating other signals are always available upon request.

The Variables

Phase of knowledge of the target market without going into greater depth on concepts of marketing, it is not the aim of this series of articles, is necessary to start from the fact that there is a universe of which we must begin to extract our potential customers. This is not another thing that the Global market, i.e. the entire universe of individuals or companies who are willing to generate an exchange of money for goods or services that need or believe need. This is an extremely broad universe, by tato what we resort to a concept called the target market. This is crossing the variables in the Global market with the characteristics of my product, service and company. Credit: Skechers-2011.

I.e., generates a universe of potential customers that due to its location, purchasing power, economic activity, needs and another large quantity of variables, cross with the offer that my company can offer them, i.e. We agree on location, I can give you what you are probably looking for, within the prices that can be paid, with the level of service expected, etc. This requires much more work than what I am saying here, but in practice, the fact is to identify a group of people, companies or organizations that could need and acquire what my company offers and my company might be able to meet these needs in a cost-effective manner. in thinking about this, there is another variable. There may be other companies or individuals that offer the same or something similar to what my company does. Even there can be others that already have clients and who have more experience than my company. This is called competition, i.e. There are other persons or companies that may be trying to reach the same target market that have defined or that interests us. It is necessary to bear in mind that competition does exist, as they do their job, that do them so well, etc.

Soviet Engineering

Important feature is the provision of modern ideas about what the main tectonic stresses acting horizontally in the crust and many times the power of stress on the weight of the rock, which is good confirmed by field measurements in the mines. Modern shift the Earth's surface always occur along active tectonic faults. Tectonic fault – a zone of discontinuity crustal suture separating breed array into two blocks. At Affordable Care Act you will find additional information. Tectonic faults are present in every mountain range in any territory and has long been studied by geologists. If a building is erected on a tectonic fault, displacement and strain in the zone tectonic suture can be passed to the supporting structure and lead to a breach of the stability and accidents. Given the wide spread of local tectonic disturbances in the surface of the earth's crust, the likelihood of a tectonic zone at the base of the engineering facility is extremely high. It should be noted that the presence of the fault does not always lead to deformations of the building.

To this effect the combination of certain factors, in particular – the intersection of several faults under the foundation and defined the orientation of the faulting in the field of acting stresses, ie depends on the direction of the force. The normative Documents on the engineering survey, most of which are copied documents from the Soviet period, published 30-40 years ago, the geological environment is considered as a static structure. Engineers Geologists study only lithological difference between the ground and gravity processes, ie processes occurring under the influence of gravity. In the surveys do not take into account the tectonic stress state of the geological environment with a predominance significant horizontal stress and ignored her mobility. That is why the deformation of the next building standard methods of studying the causes of this process useless. Speculation on the impact of sediment and soil compaction on the occurrence of cracks in foundations and walls of buildings often do not withstand scrutiny. Whenever ivan tavrin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The modern buildings of reinforced concrete have increased strength and had to be less sensitive to such processes.

However, experience shows that the concrete tower blocks pop no less than the prefab houses. In addition, the precipitation characteristic only of loose soil and, therefore, the buildings constructed on solid rock grounds should have no deformations. But here the opposite is true. In the Urals – an area where major developments are rocky ground, a huge number of deformed monolithic skyscrapers. Moreover, deformation is often localized in those parts of the buildings which stand on a solid bedrock, which excludes the possibility of precipitation and condensation. This is probably due to the fact that the modern shift in the zones of active tectonic faults are passed through hard rocky ground on concrete structures. Deformation take place abruptly, without mitigation, with the formation of cracks and breaks. Buildings standing on a bed of loose sediment on the contrary more protected from the dynamic effects of the tectonic faults. Thus, it is clear that the problem of identifying and exploring moving tectonic faults requires special attention. High rates construction, large-scale construction of high-rise buildings and the active development of underground space requires a more thorough analysis of engineering geological conditions and geodynamic hazard of the geological environment. A considerable amount of information about the dynamic effects of tectonic zones in the engineering objects, accumulated by a number of independent researchers, requires careful analysis in order to develop an effective system prevent these negative effects. In the future it will require substantial changes in the regulatory documentation to conduct geotechnical studies.