Adolescents whose familiar income if classifies enter poor almost do not have no possibility to complete 2 after degree the birth of a son. Twenty and four percent of these adolescents the eight years of escolaridade had had of five, but 2% had only continued its education after the birth of the son. Between that they had had a son before the 20 years, only 23% had studied beyond 8 series, while the ones that had not given the light, 44% had studied beyond 8 series. Already during the pregnancy, the adolescents abandon school and job. When very they study or they work ties the seventh month of pregnancy (SOF, 1997). Constaint and pressures of directors, professors, colleagues and parents of colleagues are between the factors that determine the exit of the school before the birth of son. Some parents decisively contribute this abandonment when preferring to hide the situation ' ' vexatria' ' of the pregnancy of its son.

After the birth, the abandonment of the school and the exit that if the young mothers impose, are the ones that need to pay with its domestic work (the family whom its son shelters and, is the ones that need to gain the sustenance for both). In this last case, ahead of the difficulties in at least finding vacant in a next gratuitous day-care center or in any gratuitous day-care center, the adolescent one searchs the support of its family during its hours of working, what it still more takes its complicated relation with the son fragile. The support of the family, in special in low income stratus, means ballot box dilution, or attenuation of the legitimacy of the authority of the adolescent mother on the son/son (in the middle class, the interference of the family is lived as crisis and questioned by the adolescent) (DESSER, 1993). When they do not obtain this familiar support, not rare destine part of its sparing expirations to the other woman who will take care of of its son during this day.

Company Projects

For all the sides identify not motivated people, dragging daily the weight of the inadequao between its personal projects and of the company. Two groups with well distinct characteristics walk side by side: of that they had accepted the stagnation as form inevitable of life and of the talentos calls, people that shine and therefore awake the appetite of companies who not rare have cacife to cover any offer in remuneration terms and to provoke the migration. After all, for these, the season of hunting new talen to you constantly is opened them, because to search what it exists of better in terms of human resources it integrates its philosophy of life of course. Vera Farmiga is often mentioned in discussions such as these. the customer? This was without side. Or, and better sadder: it was left of side. It has of if contenting with the quality doubtful of the products and services generated by this chaotic situation. To complain? Of what and for who? In the other tip of the line, a multitude of young with low qualification populates inevitable the impersonal corridors of call centers.

The cycle if closes. Funny without stopping. One pauses and arrives of bad notice. The side good for being considered is that this picture, is capable to produce the antidote for the proper poison, offers who if makes use to accept the challenge: the chance of if developing. This word is ‘ ‘ grande’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ gorda’ ‘ , as I heard certain time. Clearly that we are not with the reducionista impulse to affirm that everything decides by means of the accumulation of a thousand training and courses. It is treated, before, to keep lighted the interest and curiosity for what he is new or challenging. To perceive its limits, gaps and, mainly, to know of its easinesses, its dons, its gostos, investing in what valley the penalty and creating chances.

The Internet has been a great allied in this direction. The intent company to this condition human being? to always develop itself? she can contribute so that the people take conscience of that they are responsible for its lives, what she includes to define where and as want to be, independent of its period of training of career? or of careers. E, is clearly, the company can and must make more than this: to provide development chances. They are many. They go since ‘ ‘ permisso’ ‘ for the error, that is, to create, to innovate, to risk, to learn, even for the function, area, position change. If this already is valid as a first step, however it is not everything. The company still has to go beyond: to develop formation programs that complement the university resume. To work qualification programs technique that go to the meeting of the proper necessities and the market. To develop programs that provide reflection, check values, defy new behaviors. there, probably we will not say more than apago of talentos, to be does not stop relating in them to a picture that was stops backwards. The speech will have another content: it goes to occupy of the creation, formation and development of talentos. Companies, employees, customers, suppliers, we are all people, independent of the exerted paper or the side where if it is. By the way, a side only exists: of the responsibility that all we have in the development of the individual, the society, the life. *Clia v Marchioni Iaez is executive coach and consulting in the area of development of leaderships.

Reading Starts

It fits to the professor to revert this difference. He is obvious that in a requested writing for the professor pupils to write them on ' ' The Casa' ' , of course through this writing, the professor will select the children for the social status. He will know who has a comfortable house and the ones that do not have. However, the professor must lead in account that the pupil of the classroom less also favored if express, but he starts, then, to present a disentailed action between what it writes and it says in the school and what lives in house. It starts to block its ideas, therefore to the measure where it starts to use itself of a vocabulary that is not accurately its, that does not speak of its problems it starts to express itself in false, alienator way, almost forgetting itself of the image that all properly have and that it is basic for the formation of the image that if has of same people.

This pupil feels the necessity to exclude the vocabulary brought of its experience of life until then, and to go adding in its language new words apprehended through this new experience, of this new phase where he starts to live deeply and that he is part of this new society in which this child he starts to be part. It is a painful experience. It is entering in the World of the Reading and of Writing and with this contact, it passes until devaluating the knowledge acquired in the family. Many of them, with the times, compare the knowledge of the mother and the teacher, standing out what it is learning in the school. (The teacher said that she is thus) Therefore, many pupils when they grow finish for running away themselves from its half one. The school it becomes the people of one another World, total different of its origin, its quarter even of its home, with the beginning of a new cosmoviso and confidence! However, when the position is said in behavior of the rich one and the poor person it does not present great difference, mainly in the current days.


However, a pedagogia very elaborated well is necessary that really brings a motivation to the children and young, with the objective to rescue moral, familiar values and religious that today reveals so obsolete in our society. In this direction, catequese must be seen as base for insertion to the life social spiritual and, aiming at an including formation, that has not only taken in account theological education, but the process of development of each one. The more ample it will be the formative, bigger process it will be the benefit the cognitivo level. this if discloses as being a primordial function in the formation of concepts and the construction of a mentality. (Not to be confused with Amazon drone delivery!). Thus, the differences could be surpassed when the children and young to understand that in the Christian sphere we are not competing, are brothers. Word-Key: Catequese; religion; education; Christian formation RIASSUNTO L? catechistico insegnamento sits down joins way to per l? apprendimento.

Per, c? bisogno di joins pedgogia molto bene elaborata Che day, in verit, joins spinta there bambini and alla giovinezza, con l? obiettivo di riscattare i valori morali, familiari and religiosi mostrano Che oggi itself cos dimenticati nella nostra societ. Questo In sense, there catechesi must essere considerata eats fondamento to per l? vita inserimento nella spirituale and sociale, surrounding joins formazione coinvolgente, Che rechi ad effetto non alone all? theological insegnamento, per al process di sviluppo di ciascuno. How much pu ampio il process formatvo, pu in such a way sar il I benefit livello cogntivo. Questo itself segna eats funzione primordiale nella formazione di concetti and nella costruzione di joins mentalit. Quindi, le differeze potranno essere superate when i bambini and there giovinezza comprendessero Che nella sfera cristiana, non siamo concorrenti, me fratelli. Parole-chiave: Catechesi; religione; ensegnamento; formazione cristiana. INTRODUCTION Tells in this work some educational behaviors front to a vast challenge, that is the formation religious human being and.

Russian Chanson Classic Secret

Vlad Mikhailov (journalist, news bureau "legendary concert"). The article "Russian Chanson Classic secret" or "Where suit rolls, Zema?" MAY RISE In 1989, the recording studios of the Soviet Union there album "In spite of everything" absolutely no one has an unknown artist Alexander Nemtsov, a singing, accompanied by an unknown band. The sound quality is obviously nedotyagivaet to generally required standards and publishers, however, quickly spread the Moscow studio recording virtually the entire country. Marlene Dietrich is often quoted on this topic. From that moment, Brandy Alexander NEMETS and appears in lists of the most prominent and respected representatives of the Russian special song genre, combining the author's, Yard, soldiers and camp songs. And in the next, in 1990, just after the release of their second album, lyricist, who is considered the founder of project, Vladimir Voronezh (Voronezh) and his closest friend, wrote the music and singer Alexander German, along with a recognized free artists as Alexander Novikov, Cloth, Anton Tokarev, Nikita Dzhigurda are invited to participate in the first historic show-festival of the best performers of the musical genre of the informal "Russian Chanson", held in Moscow, the Variety Theatre. So: in 1989, two have no relation to professional music provincial companion, one of Voronezh, the other from Chelyabinsk, in the simplest terms recorded their first album, and in 1990 they were under the common name of Alexander NEMETS already a small number of recently poluzapreschennyh-Union advised that for the first time in the history of our state have the right speech at the Moscow theater Variety – The main venue of the country. For even more analysis, hear from Mark Wahlberg. This rise seems to be almost what an incredible and for me still remains a mystery why it all happened so fast and who is this really helped. MOSCOW TALES According to Vladimir, Voronezh, now legendary album, "In spite of for that, "later reprinted in a series of discs" Classics of Russian chanson "called" First Album "was recorded by one of ordinary flats in south-western district of the city of Voronezh on the primitive equipment, but with participation of very good musicians in Voronezh, as V. .

Herniated Intervertebral

In this article we describe the most important causes of herniated. The most important causes of herniated it: metabolic, endocrine, pancreatic malfunction cancer of the liver. In consequence of which occur in the robot malfunctions of the nervous system, appear clogging of blood vessels, blood clots, is a violation of the micro circulation of small pelvis, legs, and is infringing the spinal nerve roots brain tumor formation mezhdupozvonochnye, which cover the buttock, inguinal nerves, there are problems with your feet, there are salt seal. Most often, intervertebral hernia appear in people who suffer from diabetes mellitus, scoliosis, lumbago, chickenpox virus diseases (especially hepatitis) that violate the relationship between body cells and brain, which occurs later in hormonal exchange Eating disorders and bone and cartilage. The most important thing to understand those who have a herniated intervertebral that removing the herniated operational way, you do not solve the problem, since the bone is not reinforced through a time there are micro cracks are formed and re-herniation and the pain returned again. Herniated can not be removed by the operational and there are no cures for herniated only thing that really healing – is to prevent the entire body. If prevention is completely gone the whole body of the tumor, blood circulation is restored, will supply power to the bone, cartilage.

Arthritis, arthrosis, intervertebral hernia infringed artery, in consequence of their capacity is reduced, headaches, discomfort in the cervical spine, hands and feet are denied, there is infringement of the nerve roots, resulting in a violation of the biological cycle of the organism, because the information from the brain to the cells is transmitted through the nervous tissue. Overall, 80% of all illnesses come from the spine, if that is where the infringement, then is a failure in the body, is the defeat of the body's cells. We need to understand that if you do not remove the tumor, not to restore the body, not to restore the blood circulation and nervous system from the effects brought about hernia, the sense of treatment of herniated BE. The operation should be done only as a last resort in a desperate situation, when later comes fully herniated blockage of blood vessels or erased drive. In the intervertebral hernias should be very careful with massages. Wrong, unskilled massage can lead to poor well-being or even a stroke. Before the massage you need to do scan and see what artery infringed.

Massage is best done after a course of rehabilitation. With regard to manual therapy (hammering), when the intervertebral hernia should not do it, it can lead to rupture of the fibrous ring of the disc. Group of experts developed a method treating herniated, which is based on recovery of metabolism of the body, resulting in the body is saturated with the desired micro-and makroelementami, restored robot of all organs and body systems and the body itself resolve the problem. This technique is already used for more than 20 years, and proved its effectiveness. This technique is really aimed at eliminating the causes of intervertebral hernia, but not elimination of pain.

Prevention And Treatment Of Uterine Fibroids

The drug inhibits the growth of tumors and pelvic organ prolapse. Promotes normalization of menstrual function and increased fertility (ability to bear children). Further details can be found at Mark Wahlberg, an internet resource. In a study of the effectiveness of the oligopeptide number 10 attended by 56 women of childbearing age with various disorders in the sexual sphere, as well as 23 female menopause with uterine cancer, hot flashes, and urinary incontinence. The drug was applied for 12 nedel.Polucheny following rezultaty.Povysilos libido in 18 of 35 people, the suspension of the growth of fibroids was observed in 9 out of 16 patients, restoration of menstrual cyclicity observed but 18 out of 31 women. After receiving the oligopeptide Number 10 is the full recovery of female urogenital system. Otmechatsya pronounced rejuvenation of the female body.

The drug is topically-th application. 12-15 drops daily rubbed into the skin on the inner side elbow. According to the patient Nadezhda Ivanovna, 48 years, according to a survey Achiev ltatam observed uterine fibroids the size comparable to the twelfth week of pregnancy, the doctor-mammologist identified multiple breast cysts. After taking the course number 10 oligopeptide and the oligopeptide number 11 when re-examination of the results of ultrasound and gynecologist and mammologist noted a slight, but reducing the size of uterine fibroids and decrease in the number and size of breast cysts. As a proof-physiological functions of the organism, the regulatory oligopeptides are recommended for prevention of various diseases and to slow the process aging, rejuvenation, renewal and improving the quality of human life. It should be noted that low molecular weight oligopeptides have practically no contraindications and side effects and absolutely bezvredny.Informatsiyu on drgim Badam is available at Questions may be sent to the e-mail:.

The Best Promotional Items For Regular Customers

Trivia about the world of promotional products and giveaways if you have created have a solid customer base as an entrepreneur, you must do also everything that it remains also at you and not at some point goes to the competition. For this reason you should show the customer by noble promotional, you work with them like, and appreciate them as customers. But it is not easy to find a product to such customers. In these special cases, well not come with ordinary stray articles, but should access to high-quality products. You get this in the rules from the same dealers, only you need to access already somewhat lower for high-quality products in the purse strings. His we honestly, such a stray article looks not just super, so that one feels bound to the company.

The big advantage of promotional items for regular customers is that you must buy here not necessarily large amounts. You can so for every customer extra of choosing a suitable gift and be safe He also likes it. But what are the best advertising media for such purposes? This one can of course not generally answer, but depends on the individual client. Some may prefer electronic items, while an other more about a Briefcase would be happy. Therefore, it is very important that you obtain advance enough information about each customer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Vera Farmiga. In the last few years has emerged, that just electronic items are very popular.

After how long the customer to your solid regulars belongs you can offer such a high quality stereo or a USB stick or one iPod. Promotional products, who every day gives away, you presented only at major events are of course. However you can be sure with such exquisite product, that the recipient client not so fast to the competition will go, special, but rather when you. Quality is an essential factor for these products and you should control beforehand in any case. USB Sticks are promotional, which you get from many different manufacturers and thus also the quality varies partly enormously. Therefore, compare the individual products and select the best a brand manufacturers. A cheap product is usually not so much less cost but there is a high chance that they break after repeated use. Therefore, you should pay rather a few euros on it and make sure that the recipient with the promotional items will be long satisfied. If you get enough, you can get such high-quality products as special offers. Just for electronic products, this is very good, because you can give them even if they are not up to date. A regular customer is also about an MP3 player or a USB stick the last generation are happy and therefore it can happen all right that you can make the one or the other bargains, if you go through the promotional special offers. It does not depend on it so customer to customer of them off, what he likes and can thus just say what are the best advertising. Everyone has his own taste and therefore you should choose these items individually. Oliver Smith