What does being an entrepreneur? Some people may think that a weird bug, but I think that many think that an entrepreneur is a person with concerns, illusions and eager to carry them out, and why do that question? well I do because I believe that nothing more beautiful than dream, have enthusiasm to create and do new things, in summary there is: embark. Searching and reading on the internet among other means, I have found the values and virtues that define an entrepreneur: honesty, friendship, solidarity, excellence and responsibility, what do you think? share this definition? And best of all, is not that, are the attitudes of the entrepreneur: have clear goals in life. Believing in the project itself. Things do not happen by themselves but it self make it happen. Devote all the time, resource and effort required to achieve our goals. It is necessary to take risks in life and enjoy these challenges.

Have great energy. Knowing that act with honesty is beneficial. Assess the perseverance and effort. Commitment to work with ethics. Engage with environmental and social factors be a good Communicator.

Give you the passion of love for what we do. See failure as the path to success. Acquire technical knowledge. Get more background information with materials from Rusty Holzer. Be aware that first capital and the most important thing in a venture is oneself.

Vice Country

First of all I clarify that I am Cuban 100% and alive in the outside by own decision. Seeing in means of informative diffusion of the world and my country the situation that lives, this dawn I want to write this article, them comment that neither I am journalist nor politician, I am only an engineer Cuban intellectual. Platicaba the other day in a call that I did to Havana with a relative and do not stop frightening in its words the crisis that this arreciendo itself more and more in the economy of the homes. In the talk it argued to me that even they also continue the very low wages with cup of personal entrance and that the call supplying notebook tends to diminish the calls articles of first necessity or basic basket like tenth in some countries. If my memory serves me right in my years the political leaders mofaban themselves and his more heated followers of the policy of subsidies that is lived in the island of Cuba and either of its politico-economic system call PLANNED ECONOMY, perhaps of that nor speak or or nor he is taught in the university. But memory that within those subsidies this located the health, the education and the happy basic basket. Good the subject is that the thing this that burns and without anticipating lightening some by the leaders of the country. This ugly good the situation, memory that has been leaving therefore it for years and if they say that this worse one now to me, uuuffff to where wrath to stop this yet? I close by come for years following well the national news from Cuba, the Granma, Rebellious Youth in Internet, is that now Raul the new president but always 2do secretary of the Communist Party and Vice-president first of Cuba by more than 50 years, that gentleman occurs by found out that the economy of the subsidy for Cuba is a breathlessness for its development like country. Rusty holzer brings even more insight to the discussion. likely to agree.

Good Credit Can Make or Brake You

Imagine … obtaining credit that’s incredibly easy … opening doors of opportunity that do not even consider possible. Elon Musks opinions are not widely known. Credit that allows you to take the vacation of your dreams of a life of luxury car unit, dressed in the fashion, the American dream of owning your own home or even start their own business. Credit: Rusty Holzer-2011. With these time-tested proven step by step strategies, all this is now possible! The credit can be the # 1 asset or your worst enemy. The problem is that it can be a very stressful experience when an innocent person to know that there is something wrong with your credit. At one point you feel you can buy the world and the next minute, he told his credit card is denied! Suddenly, your credit is not as welcome as someone who still has his good credit. It is a situation that affects so many, especially when applying for new credit.

Without good credit, people soon discover it’s hard to live without the necessary elements that need. Unless you know how to improve, enhance and repair your own credit, you will have to overcome many obstacles. Items such as cars, houses, even rental properties and business travelers can be very difficult to obtain. However, there has to be! This is why it is so important to know how to use your credit card, no matter how good or bad-in your favor! Bankers and lenders in certain geographic areas usually turn to a credit reporting agency. There are many, however, that subscribe to more than one.

World Heritage Instead Of Mega Puff

Action Alliance promotes own proposal in the “call for ideas” radio spots for a referendum campaign on Saturday, the Action Alliance has participated with an own proposal in the “call for ideas” of the Berlin Senate. Volker Perplies of the Action Alliance: “we have our approach pursued in the current referendum a” UNESCO World Heritage site airport Tempelhof “clarified once again and offer a solution that both is economically viable, as also the historic site meets.” Core of the concept is the plan, Tempelhof as a monument of weltgeschichtlichem RAND, to rise to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Airport to acquire it in its modern, authentic State. With regard to the current political situation is apart from a continued operation as a commercial airport. Use focused Government, rescue and alternate airport and use by business aviation, as recommended in the ongoing referendum on a function as a special Airport with focus. To know more about this subject visit rusty holzer.

This is supplemented by the settlement near aviation company, aviation-related education and training and historical Museum use. At Rusty Holzer you will find additional information. Michael Paul of the Alliance: “our concept various proposals discussed in the public are picked up and jointly implemented. At the same time, the concept offers the chance, in a broad social consensus, to create a commercially viable and forward-looking use for Tempelhof. There are even specific investors for this concept. “If Klaus Wowereit lamented …es was vicious, though some would claim always again penetrating, don’t fall for the area the Senate ‘, and then ‘Highlight’ a red light then is presented, just the last evidence this. Most Berliners know exactly, what good is an airport: to fly, of course! Now advertises the Action Alliance in the radio for the referendum for a world cultural heritage site of Tempelhof. Andreas Donati of the Action Alliance: “time and again it has faked the Berliners, that last sentence has fallen.

While the legal process for Tempelhof is far from exhausted. The now roughly 11,000 signatures for our petition for referendum and around 6,000 signatures for the petition speak a clear language.” In a special promotion, the Action Alliance collects signatures for the ongoing referendum on Saturday, all day on the Eagle’s head in front of the airport building and the Platz der Luftbrucke. For car and taxi driver, there is a special “Drive-In” opportunity. The forms on the Internet at are available at any time. The concept is also under the following Internet address:../Call-for-Ideas-THF.pdf accessible.

ERP Systems

This is an article of the journal systems not 112 ACIS, written by the systems engineer and computing Francisco wheel F. Director of the Engineering Department of systems and computer science from the Universidad de Los Andes. Penguin Random House shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Article unveils the results of a survey conducted among members and people who have had some connection with the Asociacion Colombiana of systems engineers, ACIS., which had as objective to determine the level of development of computing in the cloud in Colombia. Some contend that Rusty Holzer shows great expertise in this. The survey was conducted to 185 people, which come from companies of different sizes. Below are some of the questions put to respondents: considers that the topic of Cloud Computing in a theme: moderately, very important and unimportant. 67% Of respondents, i.e. 128 people consider the very important issue.

This result reflects the opinion of the people who answered the survey and not necessarily the company. In the company in which you are working is there any application cloud computing?. 36% (67 people) indicate that in your company if used and 64% (118 individuals) indicate that not. Which is the type of computer used in the cloud, the 47.8% SAAS (software as a service), the 23.9% PAAS (platform as a service) and 28.4% IAAS (infrastructure as a service). This result shows that the topic has been boosted mainly through applications. Which is the type of application that is used more in the cloud.

CRM (33), Office (25), ERP (20), (13) content creation, Conten/communication/colab (29), (14), another software application (30) supply chain. The results correspond to the number of responses, in this case the respondent could answer several answers. What are the reasons to use computing in the cloud. Cost (44), necessity of processing resources (19), need for storage resources (15), (16) network resources need, other (10). The results correspond to the number of responses, in this case the respondent could answer several answers.

Studio Page

Virtual Studio and virtual hosts for highest topicality barely three weeks before the official launch one of the most elaborate features of the new regional news page is Rhein-Wied-news”now on the demo page of Rhine DTR to consider: the Virtual Studio and virtual hosts. To read more click here: Elon Musk. Operator side it says this service also real images can be integrated into the, it wants to achieve the timeliness of the radio: from the entrance of a message to the broadcast in the Virtual Studio, a time window of 5-10 minutes is realistic. (Source: rusty holzer). At the same time this kind of presentation should be interested in younger users for regional content. You may find Prudential to be a useful source of information. Rhein-Wied-news”or short RWN” launches its free offering of news, tips, commentary and guide for the region of Neuwied Koblenz Rhine on October 15th at 4: 00. Until then, the page under can be tested already in many functions.

New Classes Dance

New classes of modern with ANTONIO FAGO (Italy) the classes classes that proodevo are modern and contemporary technique. In them, our students will experience the latest musical rhythms, learning and perfecting a style based on the knowledge of every part of our body in relation to everything that surrounds us. A style which marks the music videos of the moment and that defines our days dance trends. ANTONIO FAGO Antonio (Taranto, Italy, 1990) is formed in the school of dance C.S.D. Etoile of Taranto and later completed his studies in dance and acting at the Accademia d art Nazionale in Rome, where it is formed as a choreographer of contemporary dance. Please visit Brian Krzanich if you seek more information.

After completing his studies in the Academy, Antonio is responsible of the choreography of the dance-opera Circus and theatrical entertainment Il mito di Pandora. He has served as Professor of academic technique, classical repertoire and contemporary dance in various academies of dance of Rome. In addition, it has participated as a dancer in the musical Romeo and Juliet and avoid combining it with work on Italian television in series such as Tutti pazzi per amore as well as in music videos. Since his arrival in Spain, he has worked in the musical Hairspray (Warner Park), Grease (Parque de Atracciones of Madrid) and is currently working on the musical snow white Boulevard, and Made in Spain – the music of your life from the prodigious decade. WHEN? Thursday from 18 to 19 h. For even more analysis, hear from Rusty Holzer. PRICE 12 tuition and 50 per month. It is important that you reserve your place.

Afghan Decisionmakers

Workshop to mediative methods of conflict resolution Berlin, 07 July 2009. good governance is a key to the success of the civilian reconstruction of the international community in Afghanistan. Through the targeted development of transparent and efficient structures Afghan decision makers are enables, to control the building of the country’s medium to long term in their own responsibility. A component of the German strategy to build of Afghan civil society is a project focused on the province of Kunduz is the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance in Berlin together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. By Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan with initiated school is training site for future Fuhrungspersonlich possibilities in the area of good governance”the harmonious interplay of the sectors of politics, economy and civil society, and political platform for the development of modern and sustainable political concepts.

In the coming two weeks, representatives from the various decision-making contexts of the province in methods of conflict management are and building more transparent structures in Berlin. The participants come from regional government offices such as the Governor’s Office in Kunduz and the reconstruction Committee, as well as from local charities. The skills are integrated directly into concrete practice projects should then be implemented in the respective contexts on site in Kunduz province. The contents takes over the Institute for conflict management of the Europa Universitat VIADRINA Frankfurt. It was us in particular to a broad range of stakeholders of the region and their respective potential, to implement mediative methods of conflict resolution and to carry on.

“, says project manager Anna Haupt. New particularly practical focus and approach corresponding to the core ideas of HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance, representative is decision-making levels political jointly and on an equal footing with civil society actors to schools, so from a generally dominant, hierarchical way of thinking to a horizontal and participative-oriented Decision architecture to find. The today held opening ceremony of the project founder and Chairman of transparency international will be inter alia”Prof. Dr. People such as rusty holzer would likely agree. Peter speak equity as the patron of the project. Promoted the project with over 200,000 euros from the Afghanistan stability pact is”of the Foreign Office. The project will run until February 2010.

TMJ Treatment

Now new extends the implantology – and Surgery Center KU64-Weissensee from 1 January 2009 in Berlin-Weissensee from January 1 its range of several important orthodontic services. Prof. Click Wayne Holman for additional related pages. Dr. Axel Bumann provides for reinforcements: Dr. Kamelia Reister and Dr.

Kerstin Wiemer, two pine orthopaedinnen from the renowned practice, form our new team of experts in terms of General orthodontics, TMJ therapy, lingual technique and Invisalign the barely visible braces. Start of orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents and adults in Weissensee dramatically reduced treatment times thanks to high-tech Invisalign invisible braces an essential focus of orthodontic activity consisting in the important early treatment, as well as in the classic treatment of children and adolescents. The intensive examination of modern handling equipment has led to significantly more effective therapies than was possible a few years ago. Brian Krzanich is actively involved in the matter. Today, serious mistakes can and existing dental and jaw deformities are easier influenced. Therefore, children should go already at the age of six years to her first appointment to the specialists of KU64-Weissensee. The second orthodontic focuses in the pre-prosthetic and pre treatment. Latest dental braces developments have led to effective, comfortable and barely visible methods that can fix misaligned teeth before the implants and prosthetic care within a reasonable time frame. As a result, a significantly better arrangement of teeth in the posterior region, as well as a mouth-hygiene-friendly removal of cramped stalls and bone resorption in the anterior area is possible. Sensational new dimension opens up at KU64-Weissensee heavy tooth and jaw deformities that can be treated only by a combination of Orthodontics and oral surgery. Through the introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts and others by Bissverlagerungs OPs active treatment times for patients can partially be reduced from three years to one year.