Absolute Priority

However, these objectives had been never reached. In Brazil, in August of 1978, a mobilization of the population that collected 1,3 million of signatures in an undersigned one against the high prices that was known as Movement against the Cost of living and as Vasias Pans since a composed multitude for house owners, students and laborers, supported for the Church Catholic, if had congregated in the Square of If, in So Paulo. This was one of the first public manifestations, forbidden during those 14 years of dictatorship and can be considered one of the first steps in the slow process of opening in Brazil. The manifestation was restrained with bombs and dogs for the Military Policy, making the manifestants to be locked in the cathedral of If. MetLife may help you with your research. President Geisel considered false the 1,3 million of signatures, disrespecting the popular will. The decade of 80, known as the lost decade, brought economic stagnation, retraction in the industrial production and lesser economic growth in the world generating still more hunger.

The unemployment was clamorous and the inflation still more generated loss of purchasing power to the wage of the workers. Report of World-wide Development, elaborated for the World Bank pointed that ' ' the development is the most important challenge faced for the race human being. Although the enormous chances created for the technological revolution of century XX, more than a billion of people, fifth of the world-wide population, live with less of one dollar per day? standard of living that the Europe Occidental person and the 200 United States already had reached has anos' ' . (World Bank, 1991:14) As it could not leave to happen, the speech of the Brazilian government in the end of decade of the 80 and all the decade of 90 pointed the Hunger as Absolute Priority, but when the developed concrete actions are analyzed, the priority in them does not seem so with priority thus.