Alpha And Omega

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the day that young Dionisio Garza Medina presented to the Council of administration of the Alfa Group the idea of sell tamales, flutes and yougurth, more than one turned to see him with question mark: and our purely industrial vocation?. Twenty years later, of which 16 has been President of the Council, the Sygma food company is one of the strongest of the Alfa Group, Yes, but before there is a history of competitiveness which is crowned with the withdrawal of Garza Medina. Son of Dionisio Garza Sada, Garza Medina received the responsibility of leading the destinies of the Alfa Group. His uncle, Bernardo Garza Sada was the encomienda of notifying the decision of the Board of Directors on November 2, 1993. He left on the way to three of his cousins, the current Mayor of Garza Garcia, Mauricio Fernandez Garza, Armando Garza Sada favourite to succeed him and Fernando Garza Delgado.

The Alfa Group is another: totally globalized and focused on four major divisions as Sygma in foods, Nemak, in the manufacture of engines, Alpek in petrochemical and Alestra telecommunications. Along the way, they desincorporaron to Hylsa, Star enterprise insigne. The Alfa Group was born after the death of Eugenio Garza Sada in 1973. Dionysius also faced the global crisis that broke out in September 2008 and the heavy loss of money in the derivatives market. Earlier, the Monterrey consortium under the baton of Bernardo Garza Sada had faced the crisis of 1982 with a controversial loan from Banobras, which ended liquidate penny to penny from 1982 to 1988. Bernardo Garza Sada, son of Don Roberto Garza Sada, Patriarch of this industry group recently died.

Dionisio stays at the forefront of the Presidency of the University of Monterrey and leaves behind 35 years of work in the Alfa Group of which 16 was President of the Council. The only blemish are losses in the derivatives market which he said have been over dimensioned. Retires with the interview he gave to a local environment where criticises the lack of competitiveness of Mexico in the ten years in the country. A theme that will serve us to another column this week. In short perhaps the sale of Alestra and the foundation of another company dedicated to natural gas, the new path of the Alfa Group under the command of another captain of enterprise that is believed will be Armando Garza Sada.