Amateur Football

In fact, football – vseplanetarny sport. But it is only at first glance it seems that he took the ball went into the yard and you're a footballer. In fact, everything is more complicated: it is on top for self-gratification rather kick a ball with street boys or play in the coinage, a little later in the majority there is a desire to play real football. And from that moment there is a huge problem, because football sports schools are well developed in capital and virtually absent in the regions. information. It is because of inaccessibility for the majority of children and adolescents opportunities to engage professionally with the time formed backyard amateur teams. For more specific information, check out Samantha Power. And it would seem all well, children are engaged in sports, do not hang out bestolku the yards, but in fact these teams fall apart in the first year or two of its existence.

The main reasons there are two: 1. The lack of dedicated facilities and playgrounds for games and training. 2. Lack of interest in amateur football by the municipalities. On the first cause of combat is virtually impossible. At the regional authorities have no money to build fields and centers for training football ordinary children, and all existing facilities or gyms rented for years to come by different companies for their employees. Add to your understanding with Phil Vasan. The second problem is easier to fight, because at times to organize a tournament or mini-championship allocate money any organizations and companies, and even the participants themselves at their own expense carry out the competition. And there are many examples: a team of 'Storm' from Volgograda'Vityaz 'from Samara,' Thunder 'in Kursk and many others. They interested in football, they want to play for ourselves, for health and pleasure, but the current policy and attitude of the authorities to these initiatives so far leaves much to be desired