Andrea Autor

For the universe is not more difficult to give you a couple, a car or money than something of less value, what happens is that if you’re not receiving that is because of a course in the law of attraction you got no limiting beliefs, but surely the surpass ye with respect to the couple, the car, the money. Change our limiting beliefs is changing our limitations, opening doors, leave them behind to peace with the past and unlock new beliefs. How old you got, the thoughts that you have, to not let you fulfill your dreams has so much age as you, is an exercise journal release old beliefs to make affirmations that really we create, statements that validate our mind. I’m starting to create money, love my mind is powerful to create love and I’m starting to create love in my life. It is good to know our limiting beliefs in order to change them, I did a course with Loise there that helped me a lot to know my limiting beliefs and begin to change them. Make a list of what your parents, family, teachers, and society believes that you are bad in you: eg: Ya No sos capable of having a stable partner this list shows us our limiting beliefs, external claims that we receive from small, but the good thing is that we can change them by the BELIEFS which now ELEGIS have. Second list; I DECIDE TO BELIEVE THAT… I am able to tene a stable couple I am deserving of happiness full in my life I am the I am is very powerful this list is to begin to declare is to begin to draw the mental map of your new beliefs. Good, I hope tell me what they thought this experience, always remember that you can fulfill your dreams from changing your thoughts, and that no one tell you otherwise.