Andres Murillo

It is a basically sensory eroticism, whose purpose is pleasure. It differs Dario’s other romantic poets in the fact that his poetry lacks the literary character of the ideal lover (as it can be, for example, Laura de Petrarca). A single ideal beloved, many passed loved ones there but despite his attachment to the sensory, it passes through the poetry of Ruben Darius a powerful current of existential reflection on the meaning of life. His fatal, Cantos de vida y esperanza poem is known. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out UnitedHealth Group. The religiosity of Dario deviates from Catholic orthodoxy to seek refuge in the syncretic religiosity typical of the end of the century, in which intermingle Oriental influences, some a resurgence of paganism and, above all, various occult currents.(Wikipedia) 7 in Buenos Aires led a life of debauchery, always on the edge of their economic possibilities, and its excesses with alcohol were cause of that would have to receive medical care in several occasions (Wikipedia) in 1893, contracted marriage with Rosario Murillo. He is the brother of Rosario, a man without any scruples, Andres Murillo recounts Edelberto Torres; you know the intimate drama of his sister, who incapacitates her for being wife of any local punctilious gentleman. In addition, the case of Rosario has transcended to the public, and then Murillo conceived the plan of Ruben married his sister. Meet the half-hearted nature of the poet and the ennui that is reduced under the action of alcohol.

It lays out the plan to his sister and it accepts it. The sunset of one ill-fated day, Ruben is delivered innocent and honestly to the loving requiebros with Rosario, in a house opposite the Lake, district of Candelaria. Suddenly the brother-in-law, who draws a revolver and with insolent words threatens it to finalize it if not marries her sister. The poet, baffled and overwhelmed with fear, offers to do so.