ARD Film

The film ‘ until nothing remains ‘ is a public discrimination against of the members of the Scientology religion and contains the other numerous, in fact untrue information like ARD wants to believe with her film make, that this was an authentic history and thus the Church of Scientology public discriminate. The movie has but little to do with reality. 2 years ago, the Scientology Church had published a cinematically documented reply as had over one million visitors so far on the Internet. It is pointed out by means of documents, interviews and background information, what were the real events of the story, the film will be based on the supposedly and runs like this in the TV movie into its opposite. The film is on the Scientology channel on you tube under no more remains film-scientology. The Scientology Church has summarized the untrue information of the television film in detail and documented.

Although the ARD film as authentic history”was advertised and is again,. felt the filmmakers right at the beginning of the opening credits of the film obliged to emphasize that the film just does not purport to reflect what is happening in every respect authentic”. The introductory statement indicates that the film is a result of imagination and seal its makers, also are aware that the film without this note would be legally untenable. Deposit probably was aware of this deviation from the truth the TV station SWR beginning of 2010 out of concern about legal consequences before broadcasting the film equal to several so-called protection works”at a District Court leave to prevent a judicial prohibition by affected parties. In it, the transmitter had stressed that it is a FICTIONAL story which fall under the freedom of art. It is the discriminatory on this ARD film that he Church and its members served intentionally false stereotypes and prejudices against the Scientology.