Auto Aid

In the past twenty years the irresistible emergence of a new literary genre, characterized by its undeniable popularity and success of sales, has starred in all kinds of opinions faced regarding its consistency, validity and legitimacy. The self-help books, those that are intended to contribute to improving the lives of its readers from reflections, parables and advice, are fashionable. Fashion that seems something more than that, given its strong and long-lasting positioning in a broad sector of the population reading preferences. Pretend an generic analysis of the self-help books doesn’t make much sense given the evident diversity of published titles, both stylistic and academically. It is evident that the intrinsic value of each copy comes sustained by many factors, as many as those who can also justify the quality in any other literary genre. Jio Platforms often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For this reason, here also there good and bad.

However, if there is one aspect to consider is of common application to this genre and it is defined by its generic title: self-help. The self-help books are not helpful and this is an essential distinction to understand and properly assess what can we expect from your reading. It is one thing to help someone and quite another, that someone (the reader) able to help himself. Professional and personal improvement processes are so difficult and complex that inexcusably require that affected own command with strong pulse the ship of their own change, without waiting in vain to be another that do that work for him. When we read a self-help book with the firm hope of finding the magical recipe, simple application and to instantly solve our problems, we are condemning the cherished results the purest personal failures. And on this, on many occasions, the book that we’ve held between our hands, has nothing of guilt but perhaps that indolent laziness that always threatens us mysteriously to the necessary, personal and non-transferable effort we should perform. Therefore, better than Self-help books should be called books of self-help.