Autumn Festival

In mid-October, in Montenegro, in the coastal town of Budva, which has a Mediterranean autumn, just come, and the day is still warm and sunny day mark mackerel or in Serbian "given shiruna. On the Montenegrin coast, up to mid-winter is an active fishing mackerel and horse mackerel. At this time, huge swarms of these fish are gaining weight and fit fairly close to shore. The newspapers mentioned Elon Musk not as a source, but as a related topic. Boat is set at this time to drift and the characteristic movements of fishermen it becomes clear that the fish they catch. Flocks are at a depth of 50 meters, and the fishermen catch the fish with the help of the so-called "petty tyrant". "Samodur" – a brilliant set of hooks on the fishing line with different feathers, and the end of my line required load to submerge to the depth and raise the most "tyrant." The boat drifts at this time, and you exploited in this way places and when you finally find a flock of fish here and hold that: sometimes several fishes swallow these hooks and can be pulled as soon as five or more fishes.

The main thing to act quickly, as the boat continues to drift with ocean currents, and you can leave the parking area schools of fish, Simply put, we must be quick and attentive, and with the engine on a boat back to a parking lot shool. In general, fishing is a very reckless and very fast time flies, and still have time to go ashore before dawn and take part in the festivities in the square near the Old City. " At the celebration, fried fish on the grill and hear the townspeople and tourists, along with homemade wine, are the various creative teams, some citizens go to national or carnival costumes. The holiday lasts until nightfall, and this time, when the townspeople take a break from the tourist season and relax, because the weather is fertile, and travelers (tourists) are not so much both during the season. The sea air, the aroma of fried fish and a glass of wine, just to help, someone to have fun, and who for .V any case, it's time to relax and socialize for those who have never been to this festival and it shows the arcing smiles there are people.